VIP child-abuse and the missing religion

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We’ve all heard about the disgusting Muslim child-grooming rings in Rotherham.

Filthy Pakistani men groomed vulnerable white girls to be abused because they saw them as easy targets.

The exposure of these rings in the media was rightly seen as a victory against these sick perverts.

Vile paedophile priests in the Catholic church have also been raping children for decades and only now is the true extent of the abuse being revealed.

Children’s lives have been totally ruined because of the actions of these despicable creatures who appear to use their religious beliefs as a cover for their crimes but they’ll all get what’s due to them, whether in this life or the next.

What’s quite strange though is the fact that whilst Muslims and Christians are vilified in the media and courts for their paedophile crimes, we never hear much about the one remaining monotheistic faith, Judaism.

Whilst it’s entirely possible…

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John Cant Lie, Lend Him Your Ears.





Mossad Agent/Author Reveals ISIS is Israeli Secret Intelligence Service on C-SPAN

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Beheading Folly’s


James Wright Foley was first ‘kidnapped’ in 2011 and held for 44 days until his release on 18th May.


His kidnapping helped as always by the jewish media (all media), spiralled libya into regional and tribal wars that persist to this day, if you have a propa ganda we see that the NATO became Al Ciada’s air force, Libya was a sovereign nation without a central bank and had attacked no-one, just don’t mention Lockerbie, at least that’s what they want you to forget, along with this be heading bs.


Folly was again miraculously kidnapped in 2012 on November 22nd, that date should ring some bells, he….huhum….was executed on August 19th 2014, 636 days later.

The sum of 1-3 is 6.

Foley, with the E and O remaining silent encodes 666, allow the E and O and we have 66666,  just sayin’

The beheading video was ridiculous, so much so that the Met Police threaten you with being a terrorist  if you so much as watched it, of course that’s a red rag to a bull and well they must know it, downloading and aping it were named as terrorist activity too so they will, as always have been logging who’s interested in their masters games, a games that started with Lee Rigby’s bloodless ‘partial’ beheading in Woolwich, London on May 22nd 2013, (33).

Was Lee Rigby real or ceremonial in a masonic kinda way?

L is the 12th letter and Odin, the number 3, E is the 5th which would give us 13 (M) or 22, (11:11) E also sums to 15 which is 0 and has the right to remain silent, so we have L (3);


2 9 7 2 9 ……Do U C?

11  7  11 = 11

L is 3, RIGBY is 11 either way you look…………….33

The attack was on 22/5/2013………………………….33

The Royal Arsenal has much history, using the Isisian codes we can cypher the S to C as they are both at 3…..what do we get?

A R C E N A L……..1 2 3 (5 or 15) 14 1 3 …… or ROYAL ARC 3.141 …..Royal Arch and Pi!


NO blood on the path after the beheading, Not a scratch on the post from the impact

Grey men, two grey hoodies, one in white trainers are all over this set. Say cheese. remember white trainers for the video at the end of this blog.


How many times we shoot him dave? shut up steve and get the blood packs…..lively.


Giz a go on ya gun mate while we wait for the paramdics….Oi how come Menezes dint get this treatment?

I have many now removed photos of the Woolwich psyop, and i could go on for ever, all you have to do is look.

Despite the jewish media frenzy to ramp up the ‘hate the Muslims’ brainwashing on the british public, common sense prevailed as Jewish Cameron had to bow down to a NO vote for bombing the shite out of Syria, though Norwich’s Chloe Smith and Simon Wright , both friends of Israel both voted yes, bomb the brown people on August 29th 2013,(SeveN) the vote was 99 (66) days after the Rigby psyop. It was a 285 votes to 272 victory, 9 11 with a 13 majority, isn’t that where you find the truth? 285 and 272 sum to 15 and 11, the number of asymetrical and symetrical glyphs that form the English alphabet….OK? The 13 majority is the M, ivi, benevolence in Westminster?

Britain it seemed grew some balls for a moment, small ones granted but in doing so it pissed off Israel.

“With me, you have a Prime Minister whose belief in Israel is unbreakable and whose commitment to Israel’s security is non-negotiable. I will always stand by the Jewish people. And it is humbling to be here tonight and to be called a friend.”

Naughty David Cameron

Nothing happened at all in terms of false flags for defying the talmudic plan, very odd historically speaking, and now the really poor productions of fake beheadings, though still used to brainwash the majority appear to be he throws of a desperate and disorganized bunch of idiots.

I feel that the ball was already rolling, through the royal arch degree ritual murder that was the film set at Woolwich, made by the same bunch of idiots.


Two different people

They’ve started bombing Syria,

Folly worked for Global post

Folly worked for Global post


Folly ALSO worked for USAID

Folly ALSO worked for USAID

Whadya know

Whadya know


Then we had Sotloff, a jewish Israeli…….of course, only this time they bottled it on the video, fading to black before the ‘cuts’….too late numbnuts , you were rumbled at Folly…….


sotloff 2

sotloanAnd Haines?




You’ll note the CCN at the top of the image, if you’re up to speed you’ll know CNN were rumbled by conspiracy nutjobs to have used crisis actors in Sandy Hook and The Boston Marathon pysop.


Digressing, back to Haines.


Same Guy?


Possibly the same guy in the pictures and  they might actually ‘behead’ someone for authenticity now they know they’re rumbled, all I do know is in researching Henning I found clips where he leaves camera shot almost as soon as he sees he’s being filmed, bit odd I thought, due dilligence will take you to it if you look, I have it downloaded just in case.

Henning is also bustin some signals yo

hennsnenns1How very…….Thelemic?…..we also know who Isis is, to the jews she is the enemy as she exposes their half truths so aptly they should chose her as the en a me, n a me, (never give your name to plod by the way, it’s not just consent, it’s fraud). Israeli secret intelligence service being MOSSAD is another clue.

mossadBut this blogger’s a nutjob batfink conspiracy nut, i mean ………Isisian codes?


The next, John Cantlie……..I know……… to wait for it………..Iluminate us as to the real identity of ISIS……well if he cant lie then hey……lets keep bombing brown people…….Cameron said so Britain…….you OK with that?


Note the ”every Englishmens duty” quote highlighted, that’s a military maxim, not a journo’s

cantliecantlie2November 22nd…….The jews need war…… ball or else

jfk468At Pi….frame 314, do u c ?…….Jackie was jewish ya know…….yeah yeah anti-semite bs……read the talmud and some real history  then get back to me.

Digressing again sorry…..or am I….The Royal arch degree dueguard/oath/punishment is the brains exposed to the scorching meridian sun, the masonic infiltration by the sayanim who now have politicians, police and princes blackmailed thanks to Savile, Geller et al right back to the 70’s , means they have done and will do exactly what they’re told.

What Britain needs is what Russia is now doing, it’s called a purge, this madness has to stop.

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9-11, the Ultimate Illuminatus Code

I won’t bore you with the details, I havn’t been being lazy on the blog front but i’m not in control of my pc at present, all passwords fail and i’ve been on it for a week now to no avail. I’m saving the hard drives and binning it,

I’ve forgotten more than i can remember regarding the Mossad, CIA, MI5 hit that was 911, you can read and watch infinite material on the net should you wish. And as with JFK, they’ll be happy for you to do so for the next 60 years, when i say they, i mean the setianist, jewish embedded now globally in all apects of our lives. What they don’t want to many to wake to is this………from Fetch’s early days…..understand clear…..CR YS TAL

Ten, and not nine.
Ten, and not eleven.

X not IX
X not XI



If there is an “emergency”, dial 9-11.

The Mythological Foundation of the Deconstruction of Mankind

There is a tale that eminates primarily from Jewish mythology, although parallels can be found in many cultures. The myth in question is that of “Adam and Eve” and the expulsion from the “Garden”. The myth goes something like this:

And the Lord God said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.” So the Lord God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken. After he drove the man out, he placed on the east side of the Garden of Eden cherubim and a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life. Genesis 3:22-24

This story has a close parallel to the Popul Vuh of the Mayans, the story most likely eminating from the same priest line that was behind the story of “ADM and EVE”. In the Popul Vuh we read,

“Then the Creator and the Maker asked them: “What do you think of your condition? Do you not see? Do you not hear? Are not your speech and manner of walking good? Look, then! Contemplate the world, look [and see] if the mountains and the valleys appear! Try, then, to see!” they said to [the four first men].

“And immediately they [the four first men] began to see all that was in the world. Then they gave thanks to the Creator and the Maker: “We really give you thanks, two and three times! We have been created, we have been given a mouth and a face, we speak, we hear, we think, and walk; we feel perfectly, and we know what is far and what is near. We also see the large and the small in the sky and on earth. We give you thanks, then, for having created us, oh, Creator and Maker! for having given us being, oh, our grandmother! oh, our grandfather!” they said, giving thanks for their creation and formation.

“They were able to know all, and they examined the four corners, the four points of the arch of the sky and the round face of the earth.

“But the Creator and the Maker did not hear this with pleasure. “It is not well what our creatures, our works say; they know all, the large and the small,” they said. And so the Forefathers held counsel again. “What shall we do with them now? Let their sight reach only to that which is near; let them see only a little of the face of the earth! It is not well what they say. Perchance, are they not by nature simple creatures of our making? Must they also be gods? And if they do not reproduce and multiply when it will dawn, when the sun rises? And what if they do not multiply?” So they spoke.

“Let us check a little their desires, because it is not well what we see. Must they perchance be the equals of ourselves, their Makers, who can see afar, who know all and see all?”
Thus spoke the Heart of Heaven, Huracán, Chipi-Caculhá, Raxa-Caculhá, Tepeu, Gucumatz, the Forefathers, Xpiyacoc, Xmucané, the Creator and the Maker. Thus they spoke, and immediately they changed the nature of their works, of their creatures.

“Then the Heart of Heaven blew mist into their eyes, which clouded their sight as when a mirror is breathed upon. Their eyes were covered and they could see only what was close, only that was clear to them.

“In this way the wisdom and all the knowledge of the four men, the origin and beginning [of the Quiché race], were destroyed.”

- Source, Popul Vuh

These two myths are critical to gaining an apperception of the conceptual, or an understanding of the Construct as designed and held to be truth with the highest of levels in the Initiatory System.

The Apperception of the Conceptual and “9-11″




The mythological construct shows that “mankind” has been “removed” from some state of pre-eminent knowledge, so much so that people are only able to “see near” and “not far”. They are not able to view the totality of reality and their eyes are as covered in a fog or a myst. Some have clearer vision than others, while others are so deficient mentally that they are mentally retarded. So much can be said on this subject, but we must move along.

The Book of Formation is literally what it says: a Book of Formation.

Here is how it works.

If Adam and Eve have been expelled from the Garden, and there is a flaming sword and cherub guarding the way to the Garden of Eden, there still must be some code left within the Occult world that captures the essence of just what was being inferred in some manner of understanding such as to serve as a guide to the “Illuminatus”, both Osirian and Setian, to bring themselves back to the Garden of Eden.

Surprise, surprise! The “number” for “the Garden of Eden” is…


Here is how the apperception of the conceptual works. Since we know that Adam and Eve have been “removed” from the Garden of Eden, their condition is dire, and hence there is an “emergency”. Dial 9-11 to find your way back. Since Adam and Eve have been removed from the “Garden of Eden”, it can be said that they have “emerged”, and hence there “emergence” is noted, and this “emergence” creates the “emergency”. Dial 9-11 to return to the Garden of Eden.

The “knowledge” is what has been “removed”. The Cherub and Flaming Sword guards the Garden of Eden in the East, while in the Popul Vuh, the clues are less clear: “Let their sight reach only to that which is near; let them see only a little of the face of the earth! It is not well what they say. Perchance, are they not by nature simple creatures of our making? Must they also be gods?

In each case, the knowledge is being guarded, one through the Cherub and the Flaming Sword, while the latter through a “deconstruction”, wherein “the eyesight” allows them only to “see a little face of the Earth”. The designs have been changed.

Here is the practical aspect of what is being said.

The Illuminatus are “the gods”, while the “profane” are those whose sight is being deliberately marred. The mechanism of this “marring” are your own beliefs predicated on formulas controlled wholly by the Illuminatus. For instance, if we write out the glyph “A”, this is an example of what when it is said to “let their sight reach to only that which is near”. If we give you what is far, perhaps we share the philosophics in the following pictures:

By showing the Letter A set against the Sun as a formative archetype, what we are doing is allowing you to get a glimpse into the deeper philosophy, which is akin to “seeing far” as opposed to seeing a “letter A” and being satisfied that you are seeing a “letter A”.

To be able to come to understand the totality of the construct within the Letter A would be akin to “seeing far” and “becoming likened unto the gods”, for the gods are themselves considered to be as “the letters”, and so to come to an ability to see the Letters is akin to becoming as “the gods”, a subset of knowledge wholly removed from humanity by the Initiated Systems, or “the Illuminatus”.

The idea is to control the Key to return to the Garden of Eden.

Dial 9-11.

9-11 and the Book of Formation

Just as we can point to Adam (ADM) and EVE (Pi and 666) as being present at the very beginning of the Construct, which may be inferred as being present at the “foundation” of all things, then too we can point to a document called “the Sepher Yetzirah” as a primary source to seek to understand the nature of the Construct.

Again. A word of caution. The Illuminatus System is imbedded into the profane Jewish Kabballah. One cannot assume that such a profane system is actually taken seriously within the Occult save for those systems predicated soley on Setian metaphysics (Jewish systems): Osirian systems were far more pragmatic and rational when viewing Setian systems and kept everything in perspective. It is wise if you are able to maintain such a balance, for deception is everywhere, and confusion even more so.

The Sepher Yetzirah has many translations. I utilize the one highlighted as it is clear in the strength of the primary foundation.

Section 1. In thirty-two mysterious Paths of Wisdom did Jah, the Jehovah of hosts, the God of Israel, the Living Elohim, the King of ages, the merciful and gracious God, the Exalted One, the Dweller in eternity, most high and holy–engrave his name by the three Sepharim –Numbers, Letters, and Sounds.(8)

The key here is that the Illuminatus System is based on “Numbers, Letters, and Sounds.” This is critical and you cannot assume as is oft taught profanely that this refers only to established “gematria alphabets” as Greek and Hebrew. Hebrew gematria is actually antecedent to the Greek, and it is the Greek from which our “western traditions” stem. That is being generous.

That A is the letter A and that the the Letter A is a Number is just the beginning. It is also a “sound”, in so much as the philosophical construction of the Illuminatus is concerned, a sound that can be modified by either a long or a short “Ahh”. Each point can have a number, each corner a secret to be pried open and revealed.

This is the story of Odin and the Runes.

But the Sepher Yetzirah is the Book of Foundation. It provides us with the root code to build the Philosophers Stone.

“Ten is the number of the ineffable Sephiroth, ten and not nine, ten and not eleven. Understand this wisdom, and be wise by the perception. Search out concerning it, restore the Word to its creator, and replace Him who formed it upon his throne.”

Ten, and not nine.
Ten, and not eleven.

X not IX
X not XI



This is the Gateway to the Garden of Eden, for if you can solve for the nature of 9-11, IXXI, and if you understood that the Isisian Codes are clear and to the point, then you would have understood that the Word FIVE is located at the “position 6″ for a reason.

The Pentacle (5 Pointed Star) is to be set into the Hexagon.

But IXXI is the FOUNDATION. It is the Ultimate Occult Code that represents the paths to the Garden of Eden.

In a Setian world, it is designed to sow chaos and an apocolyptic scenario.

More on this later.

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Beheading Hoaxes, How Stupid Can They Be?

Youtube have removed the Disgusting footage as they put it of the Foley beheading hoax, you see, people are starting to think, to look, and it appears they can see the bs of the jewish owned and run mainstream medias, politicians and police.

Foley and now Sotloff follow Lee Rigby in the insane fearmongery planned and executed by the jewish owned medias and their minions, the security services, and aforementioned plod and perverts in westminster. To me though it shows they stink of fear, they are bricking it because now matter how much they try and ban this and block that, they cannot, will not stop it.

Once the light is shining, the darkness is over, these are the desperate throws of the apathetic greedy little perverts and psychos who are behind all this madness, sit back and enjoy their demise, lose the fear and laugh as these scum expose themselves more and more.

You see jewtube can block all it likes, trutube on the other hand…….

The yellow bellied plod at the Met are even threatening it’s a terror offence to …….WATCH the video…..these are not men……certainly not British men….these are cowards….power hungry yes men with no brains, no friends and no love in their hearts…..scum and trained in tel aviv more than likely, as was the prick running the Lee Rigby psyop…..

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The Legend of 9/11, 13 Years On

Back from hols, catching up with stuff and getting back into the swing, pc is playing up but i think its me, nothing major, until then here’s to reblogging Grizzom.

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Chris Spivey, Yawn.


updated from the beach….as you do.

Originally posted on Iceni Rising:


For those who’ve been in this ‘game’ for more than a few years will know what the ‘yawn’ means.

You see we’ve seen it all before, those who remember actor Charlie Veitch, paid BBC scumbag and coward extraordinaire, he was arrested  a few times and oh how his followers sobbed, and attacked with vigour any who questioned him.

Same with jew Luke Rudkowski of we are change infamy, several arrests and as with Veitch, ratings soared, donations flooded in all the time the ‘followers’ oblivious to any facts as they are not up to independant thought, you see people need to be led, if it sorta fits what they think they know well then that’ll do.

Spivey has done some good work on his Woolwich posts, but when mainstream jewish media rags like the Sun newspaper give him some ink time then you should really sit back and think unlike…

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