Red Ice Radio – Rebekah Roth – Hour 1 – 9/11: Methodical Illusion

Red Ice Radio – Rebekah Roth – Hour 1 – 9/11: Methodical Illusion.

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BBC Top Gear: Clarkson and 750 million Vs Cohen and Harman,


I often winge about mainstream media, especially the BBC, and with good reason, but for many years Top Gear is pretty much the only show I watch and never miss, and yes I get the repeats on Dave when I need to switch off and chill out. The show has an estimated 750 million viewers A DAY!

….So why is it so bad? ….because a jew and a jewess said so…..why? …Clarkson said “Teacher” in place of Nigger when he did the eenie meenie thing on the show whilst deciding between two cars. This was on the second take mind, so the producers okayed the joke, nobody in the audience minded, which by the way has an 18 year waiting list evidencing the shows success, but no….the lies of two people, both jews….are trying to shut down one of the few remaining shows on British jewish owned tv that has heterosexual white British males in its show, and for something that wasn’t even said, and no I’m not a homophobe, there is an agenda that has been ridiculed yet is now accepted by the vigilant researcher, indeed it is blatant; and as for saying nigger? used to make me laugh when Eddie Murphy or Richard Prior or any black actor or comedian for that matter used it, if they’re not offended why should a jew be? let alone 750 million viewers.


You’ll note however Cohen and Harman, the two sicko’s as we’ll see later, never complained when swear words are used, or pictures of cock and balls are drawn whilst burning rubber on the tarmac before the 9 O’clock watershed, oh no, perversion,and sexualisation is most definately acceptable in the eyes of the talmudic Kohenim, the elite jewish priest class of which BBC’s Danny Cohen can be traced to, and Harriet Harman; paedophile protector and sayanim through and through,  feminist and advocate for reducing the age of consent, and proven liar regarding her links to the Paedophile Information Exchange; a very sick and dangerous thing, I cannot type women, she is …..inhuman.


danny cohen Jew Cohen wants to protect the reputation of the BBC! ….is this guy serious? the same anti white, diversity and immigration loving jew (no diversity or mass immigration for Israel though Cohen?….you cock) who wanted to do a Jimmy Savile tribute show…AFTER  the facts about him had emerged? of course; in a typical jewish apathetical, if not psychopathological manner, Cohen didn’t get the email…..I kid you not…even if he had….the sick talmudic twat would have still considered running the show:


The beeb, lest we forget are guilty on several counts of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, not to mention misprision of treason and covering up for paedophiles within their ranks; are doing their damnedest to cover for their hypocrisy and outright lies regarding the end of Clarkson and Top Gear, but do  a little digging and all becomes clear, it is the jew Cohen who has the hump, and the sick jewess Harman, not the millions of indigenous Brits or the other 750 million daily viewers worldwide.

cohenguiltycohenbbc2He didn’t say it you  Noahide nobheads:

harman2I’m really struggling to keep it polite here, these people disgust me to my core and sicken my very soul, they are hypocrites of the highest order and no words can describe how revolting they really are….just a quick look at this fucking parasite Harman and even the most submerged should see at least a glimmer of truth; feel the awakening  stirring their body:

harman5gsGreed and deception is common practice when tricking the goy, ugly pig of a person and cousin to the other jew; you know the one who ‘runs’ the UK corporation; David Cameron, who is also coincidentally cousins to her Maj.

harmancousinsMore alarming to the layman; Harman is the niece of Lord Longford, due diligence will show you how degenerate and disgusting that little man was.

harmanlongford longfordA penchant for peados and pederasts runs in the blood of these sayanim, it is not an indegenous British trait, yes there are extraneous variables in any society, but it is prevalent in the jewish talmud, saying ‘Teacher’ though….tut tut Jeremy, how could you?!

Of course they try to deny, and lie in the process, but being not so bright as the white race, another established fact that makes them self hating and so hateful of the goy,  as saner and more intelligent, we only have to watch and wait for the lies to catch up and bite ‘em in their fat, spotty, apathetic arses:

harmanliesharmanletterPsychopath is not a word I ever use lightly, the grin, the eyes, the words that spew from this sick excuse for a human should be clear to any who care for our freedoms; our laws and customs, our heritage and ancestry, that this sick pig has no right to judge Jeremy Clarkson or represent the views of millions of indegenous Brits.

harmansick1harmanchildpicsWhilst researching,  the news that they had compared JC to Savile really boiled my blood, in hindsight however it reveals more than perhaps they would’ve liked, is Clarkson about to make a little noise?

jcsavileClarkson and Savile?…..from a BBC exec? …….the  good reader will be aware of the psychological phenomena of Projection!……I smell a rat, and I’ll give odds JC is causing a stir, the BBC is closing ranks and using smoke to divert, yeah they’re saying it’s over a plate of cold food, JC got violent, bla, bla… i’ll bet it’s Cohen or one of his minions trying to stir the shite, I may be wrong, we may never know; one thing is clear, conspiracy nuts are being proven right in many areas, the paedo/pederast network in the medias, police, parliament and royalty being one big pile of faeces that is slowly but surely hitting the fan.

It has been, and still is a lonely road at times, there is however light at the end of the tunnel, some MP’s are even growing kahunas:

ukip pieWeaponisation of words is an essential tactic of the ‘elites'; conspiracy theorist, extremist, racist, homophobe, all are subliminally and openly portrayed, over decades in some cases in the medias, to cause the desired reaction from the masses. Currently, racist, ant-semite and extremist are the buzzwords… the world IS waking to the insanity of Israel and the jewish question, they are scared, very scared, and so they should be, bringing me back to Cohen: Cohen is Kohenim, a sort of aristocrat in the world of the jew. A jewish priestclass that is loyal to Israel, and only to Israel, whatever he does at the BBC, will benefit Israel and the jewish people in one way or another, it may be blatant, it may be discreet, exoteric or esoteric, but if he acts, he acts for Israel…..simple, that in mind, how the feck can Brits sit by and do or say nothing when a Cohen sits so high in any of our institutions? because you’re racist, you’re an anti semite if you speak of it, the words are already weaponised for your ears only, just as conspiracy theory was done 50 or so years ago via the jews in hollywood, JFK, DIANA, 911, 7/7, BOSTON BOMBINGS, SANDY HOOK, DUNBLANE, on and on all conspiracy theories, now blatant false flags and mind war psyops to any who has the fight left in them to look for just an hour, the only conspiracy theories are the official accounts put forward by the psychopaths we ‘vote’ into ‘power’….I say we….you….you select… don’t elect…..then moan for another four years until the next one;

kohen                                                      BE AFRAID

miliband                                                   BE VERY AFRAID

The Brits have been disarmed; if you consent that is, Me, Myself? I do not understand the firearms act, I do not seize it, grasp it, comprehend it, stand under it; works for the income tax act and the road traffic act so hey..why? I hear you say:  research Trotsky and the Bolshevicks; it’s not taught by ‘teachers’ in schools, the poor jews are feeling persecuted again, so badly they are calling to be armed:


This is the mentality of Cohen and his ilk, but question it and you’re a racist and anti semite, shouldn’t we ‘strike to shield the reputation of the BBC’ and sack Cohen, Harman and any who stand as friends of Israel!?

timesofisraeltimesofisrael1timesofisrael2 Which is worse; saying “teacher” or calling for the nuclear destruction and total genocide of two nations?……….Cohen…..your innate  insanity will be your downfall, what better way to upset millions of Brits and get them looking at the Jewish Question!?

Best buddies with Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters being a massive and powerful voice for Palestine, there is more to this than meets the eye, as always.


Jeremy Clarkson, love him or hate him, as presenter of Top Gear, he is the boy in all of us,  as the man off set; I reckon he is more of a man than many give credit for, whether top gear is axed or not, whether he is replaced or not, he is potentially very dangerous for the beeb, and may well be the catalyst we so badly need, stay tuned.










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Red Ice Radio – Dennis Fetcho – Hour 1 – Secrets of the Hidden Kosher Mark & The Rabbinical Tax – YouTube

Red Ice Radio – Dennis Fetcho – Hour 1 – Secrets of the Hidden Kosher Mark & The Rabbinical Tax – YouTube.

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Happy Pi Day.


Da Vinci code the last supperjpg

“Woe to you O earth and sea, for the Devil sends the Beast with wrath, because he knows the time is short.  Let him who hath understanding reckon the Number of the Beast, for it is a human number.  Its number is six-hundred and sixty-six.”

Rev 13:18…4+9=13=M=Pi

666 = Pi

Happy Pi day.

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UK: Indigenous White Antisemitism Soaring In Britain


Apart from the usury, white genocide, false flags, paedophilia and general psychopathy, There must be at least 6 million reasons to repatriate the jews, after all; Israel supports repatriation.

Originally posted on endzog:

Definition of ‘antisemitism.’ Antisemitism broadly means opposition to the Jewish agenda for world Talmudic domination and the enslavement of the Goyim (non-Jews or cattle). It occurs naturally after a time in any nation which initially welcomes the Jews, and is a direct response to Jewish crimes; fractional reserve banksterism and usury seizing the nation’s economy, the deliberate spread of vice and immorality among the people consequent upon the Jews seizing control of all means of communication in particular the press. Jews have been expelled 109 times from 84 nations, all of whom initially welcomed them and many of which did not know of each other’s existence since 240 AD. And in all cases for the same crimes. Antisemitism among indigenous people in Great Britain is rising in direct relation to the rise in the immigrant population brought in by the Jews to genocide them with higher birth-rates, and with anti-white…

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Russell Brand, The KISS.

                                      Keep It Simple Stupid

Narcisisstic wonker

Narcisisstic wonker

Brand made it to the Holy Wood big time due to his talent for being a cock.


If and when he can keep his brains in his trousers, he’s been voted worst dressed celeb thingy, I C black and white, with a noose and one leg!


enteredappWe’ve already seen him shake hands with her Maj;



Brand is  very friendly with the inbreds.


Quite Interestingly; Brand shares some very unsavoury friends with links to the peadophile / pederast sympathisers:


Brand wants a revolution, he invited a panel to discuss the idea around his book launch; members of the panel were:

Stephen Fry and Peter Tatchell among others; Stephen Fry is jewish, he wrote a play about a man’s love for a boy; as for Tatchell….

03927-stephenfrypeter tatchell

The debate was cancelled due to Laurence Easemans political views, to find out who rules over you, simply ask who may not criticise. Laurence Easeman debates usury and the jewish question. Obviously the jewish cultural marxists used the ‘Nazi’ tag for such an event, much like they use the Holohoax when required.

_49854677_pobcowellpaBrand partied with closet gay Cowell, Cowell bailed peadophile King with £50.000 of his own cash back in the day. More recently Cowell donated £100.000 to the child killers; the Israeli Defence Forces. Simon Cowell is about as low as they come. Much like his close pal Max Clifford he thinks he is to big to fall, but we know his time will come, sooner than later.

cowellCowell is scum, he owns the X-Factor; The X Factor is said to be  Royal Arch degree mind control,  it is out there if you wish to look.


tatchellPeado/pederast supporter Tatchell in front of a very Royal Arch, and it aint a religious thing, he was placed there by his handlers, Tatchell’s an atheist:

tatcell atheist

Brand also has the X factor

brand_x_with_russell_brand_ver3Adding and multiplying the times on the clocks we see  the 66 66.

3:20=5 or 23 or 6….. 4:20=6 or 24 or 8…. and on…..the total of these sums to:

45 for the first column, 153 for the second and 66 for the last…4+5=9….1+5+3=9, sIX’s are IX’s and vice versa…

45 is the sum of THE digits, the sum of 1-45 =1035 (153 with the 0 silent)

153 is a very interesting number indeed, suitably for Brand it is a narcissistic number, 153 is also the sum of 1-17, Quite interesting as the cypher shifts at Q, the 17th letter. Sum 1-153 and we see 11519….this cyphers 6666

66 is the sum of 1-11, as snake eyes it must concur. Sum  1-66 and we get 2211, again, 6’s

When totalled, the columns seem to confirm the cypher, for example 3:20 on the clock is 5…23….or 6 as 3*2, so 5+23+6=34….and 7 as 3+4….do this with all the clocks and they total 264 and 48.

264=12 and 48=12…24….Confirming the 24th letter and the Xfactor, which agrees with the 6/28 FX logo is the bottom left…..6 is obvious….2+8=10 is Pi as the diameter and the circumfrence, and F as we know being in column 6, then X as the 24th giving 2+4=6….so 666 either side of Pi, to round it off nicely 12 and 12 is 3+3 and 264+48=312 which is 6 and 33 which is what made me look at this in the first place.


Is Brand monarch mind controlled or signalling like his ex Katie Perry, that he’d like to ”join the iluminati”?  Icke is pretty much accepted as an MI5/6 plant amongst serious researchers in the tangled web that is the ‘truth industry’, and with a dirty secret in my opinion, here they are at the Groucho club, where Fry and Liam Gallagher, among other admirers of Savile frequent.

A website for paedophilia was found linked to the Groucho club.

Dirty and dellusional

Dirty and dellusional

Remember the clocks, 153 was between 6 and 66, 153 is the sum of 17; where the cypher shifts…Q

flight attQ begins the angram of satan, inside Q we see ‘OF A’ ; O is the 15th letter/number and has the right to remain silent, though it is 6 as 1+5….Fand V are at column 6 in the cypher and A is at 1, turn the die and under a 1 is a 6…so inside the Q leading satan of QANTAS we see 666….SSHHH.


brandpoofOwen Bedall, the author of Qantas confessions , with Brand, is your gaydar beeping? Bedall is  pals with Kylie, and jewish so called musician Lilly Allen among others; Allens father Keith did the banned film about the death of Diana, it was a diversion from the knowledge Diana had regarding the Buckingham palace/ Westminster/BBC paedo/pederast rings, Diana was also about to be an ambassador for Palestine.

allenshhkylie sshh                           Too much?….women don’t like younger boys?

cheryl-cole_glamour-6jan14_insta_b_639x426                                       Cheryl Cole judged who had the X factor

PICEDITOR-SMHAs for Brand and the company he keeps, the simple way to test his true colours, which to most is obviously the rainbow stripes of the cultural marxist LGBT, and lowering the age of consent to the talmudic ideal; is to ask them who was behind 911

His Queer Qantas buddies are clear on that:

confessions911                                                  ISRAEL DID 911

LGBT and the jewish cultural marxists are genociding the white indigenous British people, and the european whites, mass immigration and the breaking doen of our cultures and customs. Political correctness has everyone in fear of being racist or homophobic, Icenirising like diversity:

the-only-diversity-i-like1                              Guns? are you mad? ….do some research!

555687_533410003363953_2016727456_n1Brits were disarmed by paedophile protector, traitor and war criminal Blair; with the lie that is Dunblane, we the people have the right to keep and bear arms under the Magna Carta and English common law, the firearms act is just that, an act that you consent to, Thats not to say all and sundry should have firearms.


Standing under common law is about responsibilty, not soley about rebellion;


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▶ 911 False Flag – American Traitors & Mossad – Where are the Oath Keepers? – Ken O’Keefe – YouTube

Keep plugging away, the Army’s 77th are coming.

The truth doesn’t fear investigation, and a whether wearing a tie, a keyboard, an assault rifle or a syringe and sports holdall…..we fear no Man.

As for the 77th? …..way behind and way outnumbered, way kup.

Oh, and apologies for the appearance of Masonic handled Jew, Fraudkowski, every rose has it’s thorn.

▶ 911 False Flag – American Traitors & Mossad – Where are the Oath Keepers? – Ken O’Keefe – YouTube.

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The Endgame – Full White Genocide documentary

The Brit ish Army’s Sol dyers are soon to take to the keyboards, the 77th take their lead from Israels assault on Gaza in Cast Lead, the genocidal war crime of 2008/9, where: The Israel Defence Forces have pioneered state military engagement with social media, with dedicated teams operating since Operation Cast Lead, its war in Gaza in 2008-9. The IDF is active on 30 platforms – including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram – in six languages. “It enables us to engage with an audience we otherwise wouldn’t reach,” said an Israeli army spokesman

Israel did 9/11, Israel did 7/7, will Israel lead the 77th?


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Naked Man Falls While Escaping From Buckingham Palace Window


I’m going to risk saying after watching over in slo mo: this appears to be not fake as the MSM are apparently saying, but a deliberate jump, not a fall, if you watch closely, he appears to touch the window gently with his left foot, as if to  gain a little momentum, then he swings his right leg out  to make the swing increase; at the same time he lets go with both hands.

One sock on and a rope maybe a little Entered Apprentice play? after he falls he is reborn; dunno, he may see a softer landing below him than we know of and swings out to clear the other stonework, though I can’t see it being fake.

Either way you Look, nothing should surprise.

Update 5ht March 2015: Yep,told ya;

Originally posted on daily europa:

The video appears to show a naked man attempting to escape from an upper window at Buckingham Palace using sheets tied together. He is seen attempting to climb down and then falling.


View original

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Immigrants are responsible for 98% of serious crime in the UK

Originally posted on daily europa:

This is a rough percentage but I’m sure detailed figures would show around 98% of serious crime – such as theft, robbery, fraud and violent crime in the UK is committed by immigrants and their descendants.


Without rotten apples in our society crime would drastically fall. Likewise far fewer true British would be lead astray or inspired to commit similar crime.

Europeans have fought hard to build our societies, millions of Europeans fought and died for what we believe in. Up until the early 20th century we were finally building our safe and prosperous nations.

European nations in particular have fought the hardest, lost and gained the most in our struggle for what we believed in. At the same time we have learnt the most, perhaps too much in some ways being overly compassionate and tolerant now.

We understand what it is to lose everything but have the quality to…

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