The Land of Nod.


I was at a party recently for a good friend’s 50th, most if not all my old mates are 50 now or just over, me being the pup at a young  and spritely 48, it was great seeing everyone together after so long,  it reminds me how quickly time goes, and how much people change…or don’t, living in the land of Nod.

Amongst my buddies was a chap who I’ve known of, and he’s known of me for over 30 years, we’ve always Nodded, said ‘hi, how’s it goin’, the obligatory yet sincere greetings to people we kind of Know, know of. We’ve never had a beer together, any real conversations but I had some respect for him, I knew as a younger man he was respected, a bit of a handful if pushed, now.. a heart attack on hold.

Chatting after a few beers I was saying how I’m going for a career change, his response was: ” you’ve never stuck at anything in your life”…It didn’t sink in what he’d just said, I reminded him I’ve been a brickie since 1992…”But you’ve never worked on site”…I did think that a bit odd, where does he get his perceptions from? I told him I’d lost count of the sites I’d worked on…It was left at that from what I can remember and I went to the bar, slowly it started to niggle me but I left it alone, it was a mate’s party.

If he had any acumen at all, as he knows me so well, he would be taking into consideration the doctors at both the NHS and BUPA  said my days in the trade were over, I’d be on epidurals and pain relief for years to come if not for ever;  to throw out the tablets and stop spinal injections, to get back to fitness, to go self employed and get back on the trowel, bricklaying and plastering, is, I feel, classed as ‘sticking to something‘, maybe he was accounting for the last time I was homeless for almost 18 months, after losing a house thanks to a poison dwarf of en ex wife, and won my battles to get housed after all and sundry said I couldn’t get a flat; also I class as ‘sticking to something’

This chap doesn’t Know me, he thinks he does, as with all our lives there are those who know us and know what’s best for us; they gossip and criticise, pass judgement on our lives, all meant for the best of course, and always in our absence. I should be more like them; work all the hours I’m told to, weekends included, and allow myself a couple of weeks per year to ‘Holiday’, I know of one such ‘builder’ who takes a couple of days PER YEAR off as a holiday with his children ….he’ll swear money and ego are not his gods, while driving around in a two seat sports car with a private plate, wearing a peak cap and a duffle coat…. Mushroom’s: kept in the dark and fed faeces.


They live in the Land of Nod, they have NO D, No Sun;  when we Nod our head, when we Nod off, we lose sight of the sun…  D is the diameter and the radius, the sun on the Horizon, the Egyptian ‘T’, a DeNTaL,

These people don’t shine, they bring darkness.


When we Nod, do we not Bow? does one Bow to the crown?  As a Bow is used in Archery, is not the Royal Arch degree the knowledge of the great year, the procession of the equinoxes; the Zodiac?… a simple Nod, with so much encoded, right in front of those who live in the land of Nod…mushrooms.


I No longer enjoy the building game and have thought it over the last 2 or 3 years, considering injuries carried and the general wear and tear, combined with my loss of interest that a change is afoot. I have had so many laughs and learnt so much in the trade, I’ve done bypasses and bridges, sewage works to sea defences, harbour repairs to deep excavations, I can build a house or a warehouse from footings to chimney pot so I have no regrets…on the contrary.

The whole point of being self employed, apart from recovering from a back injury and 5 years off work, was to keep off the sites; hard, heavy work, long hours and travelling daily, the hypocrisy and beaurocracy, the chase chase chase of the money, man I want this and that, I want, I want… you will need a Mort gage, and a nice shiny car, burn’t into the brain of the mushroom,  the whole thing was not for me anymore, and taxed? A serf in Britain who works 12 months is taxed beyond most peoples comprehension; from January to July/August, every penny goes to the tax man, Every Penny; the serf is permitted the remaining months to live the dream they are indeed in.


So tell a man at a party, or any location of your choice, that tax is by consent and he’s being robbed, or, his big powerful shiny car isn’t his, Of course it is he’ll say….don’t tax it then and see how long it stays yours!….hit them with the Mort gage frauds and fiat currency; silence with a red face , first they laugh, then, if you persist and  they don’t shut down, they get angry…. indeed his taxes are contributing, not just to the most heinous of war crimes seen on this planet, or any other planet I’m aware of, they are not only voting for it, they are paying for it with their hard earned fiat…sorry…cash… to de story our very own existence!


If they respond, as I’ve heard first hand in my local pub; “they can bomb who they like as long as it isn’t here” or when I asked a female, for she is neither a lady or a woman, if she was bothered with the half a million dead Iraqi children?  she shook her head. Reminding them that the jew K pays the EU £33 million smackaroos PER DAY and all by their consent, or aquiescence would be more accurate, usually causes the brain to freeze, they start to silently and inwardly simmer, bring in that the EU is a direct result of Treason and the TV they’re glued to has lied to them since the 70’s about just that, well,  Now your just into boring politics….the same politics that are by design, genociding the very heart of Britain, our people, laws and customs.


My point? I suppose after years of ‘sticking to‘ research that would send insane the likes of said man at said party, I’m used to the ridicule behind my back by those who live in the dark and know nothing of me, simply because of that, they know nothing of me, still they know what’s best for not just me; but humanity, and that’s fine, they’ve always roamed the Earth and always will, let them stab you in the back,  at least you know you’re in front of them, deep down, so do they, the few that truly know me; know without hesitation or doubt, outnumbered a thousand to one I’d stand firm by their side, Mort gage…no thanks…Mort for my beliefs…in a heart beat; lose the fear…we’re a long time underground.

I’ve never liked mushrooms.

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Jeremy Corbyn: 911…

In politics, nothing happens by accident, if it happens you can bet it was planned that way: F.D.Roosevelt

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Refugee Crisis Or Political Ploy? – YouTube

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Hunting the English.


Channel 4 today announced at its Upfront 2015 event for the advertising industry that it has commissioned Hunted (wt), from Shine TV, producers of hit Channel 4 series The Island with Bear Grylls. The new series will dramatically explore the scale of Britain’s surveillance state’s all-seeing gaze.

Here in Britain, a new ‘reality’ tv show is being shown where; to keep it simple, it shows it to be a near impossibility to go ‘off grid’ as CH4 say. It is a series where members of the public, who see Britain for what it really is:

“ Ricky believes we are a tip-toe away from totalitarianism in the UK, claiming that George Orwell’s book 1984 was “supposed to be a warning – not an instruction manual”.

SHINESurprised?…All medias are owned and run by jews, the world is waking to the jewish question and boy are they getting worried, 109 countries from memory have booted out these destroyers of cultures, and they want us to run?

I think not…that is something the Brits do not do…I’ll agree we have some history that is not to be boasted of, as is true of all nations historically, and yes we’ve been duped into wars…by who?…the chosen ones!

Our trusting nature is abused by those who represent these parasites, the crypto jews and sayanim in Parliament, His tory should show us politicians can never be trusted yet we hand them time and time again the benefit of the doubt, fooled by the folly that is politics, duped and deluded by the whores, war criminals and traitors of the mainstream medias.


The country love Bear Grylls, yet he is a proven liar and fraud, look at who his father’s, and his business partners are, he never flew over Eve’s rest in a flying machine, he never broke his back in a parachuting accident in Zambia or wherever he said; the Regiment weren’t their when he claimed it happened, he is the only other civilian, along with a photographer to share the green beret of the royal marines apart from?……Savile! Gryls is linked to the global angels of whom Ester Rantzen is also involved, the jewess who knew all about Savile’s antics along with most if not all the BBC.

grylls angels

Now his bosses want the waking Brits, those who are seeing behind what Cameron described in his speech as 911 being a jewish plot, and the London Bombings being staged….to be afraid of the surveillance state, to warn us if we go on the run, or go off grid that we cannot escape; run? you wish Murdoch, you and your chipping norton nonces will be shown by History for what you are.

Spot the difference: Staged Dave?


The best defence is an offence, make noise people, Britain and Europe is being invaded by 10’s of millions of ‘refugees’, Diversity and Multi-culturalism is good because the jews say it is, yet they keep Israel free from all except the chosen, murdering and genociding the real rightful owners of the land of Palestine.

Mainstream media are using the Psychological fear pawn to try and stop those who see…from doing…this is going to increase on the TV   teaching you nationalism, patriotism, white pride etc are racist, nazi, white supremacist remarks, one of the many tactics of the 77th Brigade and GCHQ.



They also have their online activists we must be eternally vigilant for:


That said; there is some good stuff to learn from it all, I for one do not have a smart phone, I am as best I can be; off grid, I pay no tax, I put no money into my bank, I do not ‘drive’, and I make as much noise as i can with the resources I have, I talk to people, I even had police approach me a while back to say they get it….so there is a flip side to the Hunted….and Shine tv…but run?  go f..k your chosen selves.



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Red Ice Radio – Kevin MacDonald, Tim Murdock & John Friend – Invasion of Europe

Source: Red Ice Radio – Kevin MacDonald, Tim Murdock & John Friend – Invasion of Europe

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Happy Autu MN Equinox to All

peaceTo he who said to me: “What’s the point? my voice will have no effect”  I say: Back to your gods; money and ego.

That the jews have always hated the English is no surprise to those who see,  the need to Destory our culture, our customs, indeed our very way of life is Crystal.

The Noahide nutters and their crypto supporters and sayanim simpletons are drowned, submerged in cognitive dissonance, if not just plain insane and apathetic; which is more likely if history is to show us.

But throw a little light on the darkness of the talmudic terror facing the indigenous people of the British Isles, and it will dazzle the lies of the jews, hypnotized and indoctrinated by the Chabad Lubavitch lycanthrope lunatics.

That Rabid and Rabbi share similarities is by design?

There is little doubt that Jewish scribes ripped off the Flood story from the Gilgamesh tale and turned it into their own.  How it was altered or edited provides insightful keys to the way in which “esoteric” and “metaphysical” or “spiritual” channels are established and for what purpose such channels may exist.

Reverse the word.
(SH) E (M+A=)N GLI (SH) = English and the Letter G is “the Greatest of them All” who crossed the Abyss and met with Utnapishtim who saved mankind through coming to know the Secrets of the Gods.
UTNAPISHTIM reverses to form MITHS IP ANT U, or the not so cryptic code of Myths, Pi, and You, the very real truth to the larger Construct.
NOAH is a duplicity word. 
Does it mean NO A and H (meaning to remove Pi and hence the Word)?
Or does it mean KNOW A and H (and hence Pi and hence the Word?)”
A has a value of 1
U has a value of 5
T has a value of 4
U has a value of 5
M has a value of 13
N has a value of 14Since we know we need to return everything back to “the Word”, we may leave MN as 1314 as Pi as the Word. This is the Gematria component, sans the “adding up” of the Letters.This reveals the following:AUTU(1314)

Since we know that the marking points are the Solstices and the Equinoxes, and these are marked further by major holidays of May Day/Beltaine and Holloween, we can see that the formula becomes self evident – IF WE USE NOTARICON!!!

AUTU(1314) = (15)TO1314 = (1+5=6) TO MN = 6 TO MN (1314)

The use of the Letter TU to represent the word TO is a NOTARICON component.

The AU shows that the letter placement is a 1 and 5 respective, and since we know that it is 6 weeks to the Letters MN, in that G represents the AU-TU-MN equinox, we can show that A+U = 1+5 = 6 weeks TO MN.

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European Preservation – YouTube

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The REAL Face of controlled European Islamification 2015 (Please Share) – YouTube

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Keelan Balderson …77th Brigade/GCHQ?


Its been said by some that Balderson of is a shill, a paid disinformation operative working for the agenda of the jewish elites destroying Britain…a Sayanim.

Since Cameron’s recent speeches regarding ‘conspiracy theorists’, and the implementation of the British Army’s 77th Brigade; Britains bloggers appear to be going silent;


Icenirising has been watching Balderson for some time, he lives in Spalding, Lincolnshire with his parents.

Aside from his website, he is a wrestling ‘pundit’;


Balderson has appeared several times on the Corbett Report, Corbett is on record as saying his website is his full time job…his career.


In a tweet to Balderson in 2013, after his site was quiet for sometime, Icenirising tweeted him, his response confirmed he was in it for the money;


Balderson now claims false flags such as Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon bombings were not False Flags, and that crisis actors are not real;


He claims he is the only one in the world who is on the ball, and everyone else is on a wild goose chase.


The above picture is from a video of himself being interviewed… himself.


“Crisis actors are a baaad conspiracy theory”

Balderson is spouting the narrative of the 77th brigade and GCHQ….The uk government’s traitorous lapdogs.


Balderson has never covered the 77th brigade in any of his posts, nor comments in multiple chat rooms and forums;


Balderson is very likely jewish, although he dodges the question, he is a crypto jew or at the very least: Sayanim.

The Boston bombings were real according to Balderson, even the blood, as for the now infamous ‘wheelchair shot’…..yep…real too;



Balderson has now roped in a naive boy to join him in his podcasts, the boy is Sam Brooks,  an egocentric ‘gamer’ and wrestling pundit with Balderson;


Brooks is Jewish;


In a recent podcast with Brooks, they both claim the holocaust was real…..What do you see?

Balderson is brave behind his keyboard, he is offensive to others who are trying to fight, he is critical on matters he has no experience in; he is showing his ignor ance, his paymasters will not be happy….nor will the good men and women of Britain when they see his ilk…..and that time is nigh….his ego and bank balance will pale in comparison….Brooks….you are a fool over your head.

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Christopher Spivey?

What do you see?

Look at the mole to the side of the nose, the width of the mouth, the eyes,

I am not the only one who says the guy writing his ‘work’ is not the pawn behind the face,


The Spiv on the right is from endzogs post and I have used it here as the good reader will know….to me and others….it is not the man pre sented at court on the left?

Will the real Spivey please stand up….if at all possible…we need a Subjet Access Request! or has Spiv been spooked and replaced?…..time will tell.

I am not the only one left with the strong sense that Chris Spivey is not presenting his own work.

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