What Kind of Man?

What kind of man?

  • Says he’s awake, but does nothing?
  • Says he’s awake to the veil of politics…cos he learnt it at school?
  • Says he knew about 911 cos he bought some Alex Jones DVD’s?
  • Hasn’t found the time in 5 years to research 7/7, 911, etc etc?
  • Hasn’t researched anything relating to the Jewish question and the holohoax, but preaches to his kids…”its the jews”?
    • After being showed how easy it is to stop paying tax….continues to pay tax?
    • After being showed how to eliminate debt….continues to pay huge loans?
    • After being shown how his mortgage is fraudulent….doesn’t even look into it?
  • Takes cash from customers and keeps the VAT?
    • Lies to old age pensioners who trust him?
    • Lies to customers to hide his mistakes?
    • Ignores for months the calls of those he knows he can deceive?
    • belittles others around him to make himself look big?
    • Jumps into a skip to retrieve a dead 5 year old 9v battery?
    • Is duplicitous with those who deem him a friend?
    • Smiles to peoples faces then hisses behind their backs?
    • Bows down to those he sees as alpha, and bullies those below him?
    • Has fell out with everyone he’s ever worked with?
  • Has never had friends?
  • Has X-Factor, Britains Got Talent etc on his TV?
  • Says he likes the Gallagher bros after he’s made aware of the Saville paedo network?




  • In 5 years hasn’t even begun to look at the construct, the codes and cyphers of the illuminatus…yet still claims to be awake?
  • Sees the treason and does nothing?
  • sees the chemtrails and does nothing?
    • Is silent when questioned on any of the above?

Answer: Not a man, not even close….a pathetic coward and a liar, a betrayer of trust and friendship….20 years ago he’d have met his nemesis in me….today? I could bankrupt him with one email, not my style…lesson learned…rise above and move on.



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Chris Spivey, Yawn. | Iceni Rising

Source: Chris Spivey, Yawn. | Iceni Rising

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Hitler’s Secret Weather Machine.

Rational thought everyone…..logic, reason, common sense, today equals anti semitism….out of 50,000 DEATH CAMP SURVIVORS interviewed for Spielberg’s The Last Days, the Chosen ones for the film are ALL proven to be liars.

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Hitlers Hidden Aquarium

I did honestly laugh tears in this, farcical insult to the intelligence of all not yet lobotomised by the status quo, a sharks tooth?!*#?^^ and a remains from a christian graveyard constituting the remains of 900.000 gassed jews?!#*….yeah yeah…

You’re just saying that because I’m white; I, as I know others, shed many a tear in researching some areas, but this was for me, the best fun ever had in making a video.


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White Genocide; David Cameron and Free Speech.

Video No: 2 from my blogging hiatus; Honestly  I’ve been wary for some time of the white genocide meme, was it a scheme? I kept asking, and searching, looking for conflicting evidence, statistics…Lies, damn lies and statistics I know, If a hypothesis tested comes out positive, I cant remember if that’s even the right way of saying it, it doesn’t mean it’s proof; no such thing as proof in science, and the extraneous variables regarding Racism, white flight, its voices, and a multitude of others  would be mind boggling, for me at least.

But with everything else: enough objective research and seeing that which is now very visible, it’s very hard to not concur. I have been fooled in the past with various prominent voices/movements I’ll agree, but when committed to this scrap as I appear to be, to expect to come out of it unscathed is naive, I’m sure I’ll be fooled again at some point. it’s not the dog in the fight and I’ve always known there would be injuries, my own personal losses in my ‘legal/lawful’ duals has left me blooded, and it’s clear justice will not, at least presently, be mine, they simply cannot let me win, c’est la vie; a battle lost…at least presently…

I’ve been homeless 4 times in my life through various reasons, I’ve been in prison twice, well it would come out at some point, yes I was a very naughty boy in my youth, 15 months youth custody when I was 20, I engineered a successful escape and have the scar to prove it too….honest, he he, then 3 months in 1991.

There…said it, I never talk of those days except if asked, which it isn’t, we move on and that was 25 years ago, I am now 48, However: The attacks if ever they come from the powers that be will center round my past I’m sure, so you heard it here first folks, (now watch the numbers drop)… my point; I fit their profile for neo nazi, ex criminal, conspiracy theorist, white supremecist general all round bad guy, but you see I see, the information on this blog shows I see, so how can we not see…nazi….we are with the allies…all eyes if we see, are we not? ..and their profiling comes from the jewish Frankfurt school/Tavistick founded schools of Psychology:  Cognitve, psychoanalytical, Behaviorism, Gestalt  and  another I can’t remember…not just a brickie and a pretty face, in the ninetes I studied Psychology O level and A level, general and child psychology as a mature student….and got A’s….yeah I did….at school I drew cartoons on all my exam papers…sorry Mum.

So bring it on MR Cameron, Leopards do change their spots, and heat and pressure make diamonds….I’ve lived with psychopaths and killers,…and I see you sir…Crystal….Take you me for a sponge?

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911 and the ‘War on Terror’ ; Killing Cognitive Dissonance.

Good to be back, and thank you for visiting in the 7 or 8 weeks away from the net…well all my accounts anyway.

I’ve been deep into research and  I suppose ‘revision’, I’ve dug deep into the old and the new to the best of my ability, the official versions and documentations, the medias, ‘politicians’, the Police’s ludicrous diver sions, the alternative media and it’s prominent voices , you know from whence I come.

Though I never ‘revised’ at school, ( pats himself on the back)  it’s evident to me I havn’t stopped research and revision since Diana was killed, I was looking into some stuff prior to that, but not regular, deep research perhaps,  I wrote my first essay on my first pc in 2001, a really ancient one even by 2001 standards, it had windows 95 and that was my total knowledge regarding computers back then. It was about the 911 attacks and went along the lines of fooling all the people some of the time…I knew nothing other than it just didn’t seem real, the essay went walkies, I wish I had it now, if only for a laugh.


Thermate…DEW’s….Khalezovs nukes…Planes…missiles,,,,

None of these alone conclusively suffice.

The official narative…please!

The result?….14 years of confusion while ongoing psyops pummel the mind of the masses….this has to change….and Cameron concurs.

I had my first worldwide ban for a copyright claim on this film, it seem Robert Zimerman’s peeps won’t let me play Jokerman over the Charlie Hebdo scenes near the end, but you can now hear what needs to be heard, and the lack of  background music helps to be fair, so I’ve not re-edited it.

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Obama Admits: ‘We’re Training ISIL’ – ISIS HOAX – WOW! – YouTube

Obama Admits: ‘We’re Training ISIL’ – ISIS HOAX – WOW! – YouTube.

I cried with laughter, literally, this thick twat just reads what he’s told just like any other politician at the top of their ladder which is just a punch and judy show for grown ups.

To me I see a very very important step ahead, for this to let slip shows benevolent forces at work, at last.

Enjoy….very very funny

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7/7 Repost: Fair questions for Any British M.P.

7/7 Repost: Fair questions for Any British M.P..

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▶ John Mann MP on CSA – YouTube

▶ John Mann MP on CSA – YouTube.

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▶ Lady in the Pink Swim Suit Proves the Tunisian Shooting Hoax – YouTube

▶ Lady in the Pink Swim Suit Proves the Tunisian Shooting Hoax – YouTube.

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