Occult Numerology for the Coincidence Theorist

I just want to briefly sum up the numerology used by the jewish masonic/setianist illuminati and sayanim in the false flag attacks of just the last ten years, mainly for the people who know me and can’t get their heads round some stuff.

( added ,Sept 9th 2011, writers head was frazzled in Nov/Dec 2010 with the findings of the Isisan Codes at The IIluminatus Observer and understandings of ‘occult’ numerology has changed significantly, this does not effect however the coincidences regarding the numbers here, these are the stats given via the MSM, so go ask them šŸ™‚ )

Back to Sept 2010

I will not post links as this can divert concentration and influence perception, if you want to research an area, and you must,pleaseĀ  make a note and check it out for yourself, there is a ton of info available on these events.

At the end i will post a couple of links as they are days old and so have little research material available.

Keeping it simple stupid, this phenomena is nothing new, and remember ‘occult’ simply means hidden

you should be able to see coincidence is not an option, and in fact they are openly telling each other and us who see it.

September 11th 2001 [9/11/3]

254th day of the year [11], 111 days left,

11 years to the day since Bush senior’s New World Order speech,

11 years and 101 [11] days until the winter solstice of 21/12/2012 [11] , which is at 11:11 gmt,

Flight AA11 [11,11] apparently hits north tower 93rd floor, 81 pasengers [9], and 11 crew,

FLight UA175 [22,13] apparently hits south tower 77th floor, 56 passengers [11] and 9 crew,

remember both towers were condemned due to asbestos, and miraculously insured just before ,against collapse due to terrorist attack

7 is the number of occult perection, 7 and repetition/multiples of are very influential in the London bombings as we see later on, it is the revenge of Cain and Lamech, the triple 7’s are the pagan trinity, Crowley wrote a book ‘777’

Flight AA77 [11,77] apparently hits the pentagon, 58 passengers [13], and 6 crew,

Rumsfeld admitted the day before he’d lost $2.3 trillion, what part of the pentagon was hit?FLight UA93 [22,12 [3] ] apparently crashes in shankesville, 38 passengers,[11] and 7 crew,on 9/11, bush announces 11 day national mourning,

11 days later on the 22nd congress is presented with the patriot act,

3/11/02, 88 floodlights shine as a memorial for 33 days, from 6:30 [9] until….yep 11 o clock,

Building 7 was also the salomon brothers building, very relevant, also it’s worth noting the GIza plateau modelĀ  stood in the WTC complex, re: revelations 9:11.

This was a Masonic ritual and an attack on God, religious or not, you have to realise they worship the complete opposite of God, they are psychopathic and evil beyond most’s comprehension.

Keep it simple stupid, quis bono? why are the freemasons infiltrating We Are Change? why do the zionists back the likes of Alex Jones? what are they hiding/attacking/ridiculing?

911 days later they gave us

MADRID BOMBINGS 11/03/2004 [11]

911 days after 9/11,

191 killed [11], and 1800 injured [9],

Atocha station, train no: 21431, 3 blasts @ 7:38 [7,11],

Elpojo del tio Raimundo st, train no: 21435, 2 blasts @ 7:38 [7,11],

Santa Eugenia st, train no: 21713, 1 blast @ 7:38 [7,11],

Calle Tellez st, train no:17305, 4 blasts @ 7:39 [7,3*13],

Silverstein, the WTC owner and benefactor from the insurance of the 9/11 attacks, buys sears tower, 110 story building.

911 hours after theseĀ  bombings, an attack on sears tower is thwarted.

444 later they gave us

LONDON BOMBINGS 07/07/2005 [777]

Blairs popularity was fading and Israel is pissed at the uk for a gas deal with egypt, not to mention the agenda, Blair is a fabian, a 33 degree mason and high in the illuminati, hence his blatant psychopathic traits go unmentioned in the zionist controlled uk politics and media.

He has put 100 year secrecy acts on the Dunblane massacre and 70 years on Dr David Kelly, trying to hide the peadophile network and lies regarding WMD and his zionist and jesuit backers /string pullers.

188th day of the year, and 177 days left,

3 simultaneous blasts at 8:49 [ 11 minutes to 9, 9/11]

4 alleged bombers, the Israeii owned cctv wasn’t working that day,

52 killed [7] and 700 injured [7] remember Lamech and Cain?

If we add the murdered MI5 aids [bombers] there were 56 killed [11]

Aldergate bomb, train no: 204 [6]

Edgware bomb, train no: 216 [9]

Russell Square bomb, train no: 311 [ 3*11=33 ]

Tavistock Square bomb @ 9:47 [9,11]Ā  no: 30 bus, registration LXO3 BUF,

Tavistock is very significant, the building is originally the house of theosophy, Madame Blavatsky, Lucis trust etc, researching will bring you to the zeitgeist movement of today, maybe now we see why the masons need to be infiltrating groups like we are change, some chapters of which align with zeitgeist.

Play with the bus numbers and you will get 666 encoding.

21 days [777] after the attacks, London had a failed bombing attempt,

Resulting in the death of Jean Charles de menezes age 27 [9]

On the scene, undercover officer hotel 3Ā  in his statement ‘heard 2 armed officers fire 11 shots over a 30 second period at 3 second intervals,Ā  no shit sherlock, they may as well have worn masonic aprons over their Regiment blacks, rumours abound over the SAS in this, but there is evidence of an ex SBS

The CPS and IPCC find no charges to be brought against the killers of De Menezes, but they did find the MET police were guilty of not providing for the health safety and welfare of Jean Charles De Menezes under the health and safety at work act 1974,(3) sections…..wait for it…3[1] and 33[1]..=11,333, again i say


As with 9/11 London has it’s symbology aswell, the blasts were in known occult areas, and a high Arab populus for one of the blasts.

If the bombers are the perps, how did they get the bomb under the train of the Edgware blast, they were rucksack bombs weren’t they?

As with 9/11. london has some fictional victims, ….they simply do not and did not exist… research vicsims, quis bono? maybe we see why the freemasons need to lead the ‘truth’ movement, hey Craig?…Luke?

I’m going to end with


Numerous attacks have occured here as the spook world tries to gain control of the nation for the global agenda.

But the most notable are 11/7/06, 7 bombs detonate over a period of 11 minutes, [ do i need to keep doing the brackets thingy]

209 killed [?] 700 injured [?]

again on 26/11/2008 [???] an attack ran until 29/11/2008 [???]

Killing 173 [?] injuring 308 [?]

On the 6th may 2010 [11,3] 33 highest masonic degree, the trilateral commission met in Ireland, the UK Rigged elections took place and a court found the so called mastermind of the Mumbai attacks guilty and sentenced him to 5 DEATH sentences.

You’ve read the above, I can’t put it any clearer, the medias are completely controlled as are the politicians, police, military and schools as a whole, but not individually,

we are making an impact via the net, and they know it, they are terrified of us, we outweigh them in mass, sincerity, empathy, honour, and in every way that is good and decent, these are scum of the lowest kind.

And if you think they’ll stop, if it won’t effect you, if there’s nothing you can do,

check out the latest COINCIDENCES
You’ll note [ if you look ] the news reports 126 crew [?] and 11 missing. coincidence of course. would be interesting to see a list of the ‘victims’ from a research point of view, complete sympathies to the families who have lost loved ones.

This shindig started on Hitlers b day

And on the 11th June 2010 [11,6,3] 9/11

Iluminati puppet and zionist Cameron lets slip a freudian corker, or does he?


DEMOS writes the speeches of ALL politicians in the lib,lab,con


Read more: http://www.myspace.com/icenirising/blog#ixzz0zQHosp6z


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10 Responses to Occult Numerology for the Coincidence Theorist

  1. Entropic says:

    Good work. Keep it up.

  2. Rob says:

    You need to check out this Illuminati code page:


    There’s just too many coincidences for it not to be real..

  3. Juliano says:

    Great blog!!! Very glad to tumble on it. The reason I did was that at the forum The Shroomery, a member there just doesn’t or will not get it. He reckons he is totally logical, and uses all those fancy words to try and undermine what your saying like ‘that’s a FALLACY–strawman [and other fancy latin fukin terms] SIR’ to try and make out you are a ‘conspiracy nut job’ . YET what his toxic ‘education’ has done for him–as it is intended to do for ALL children forced into its buildings–is to suppress the deeper mind which will see what the self-appointed elite are doing–which is maintaining their toxic mythic matrix which is occult or hidden. it IS hidden because a huge part of it as just said is the controlling of our bodies and consciousnesses. A BIG reason they for generations in the civilization had banned psychedelics for their ‘slaves’! A good book about that is Shamanism and the Drug Propaganda, by Dan Russell. because psychedelics are the Sacred Medicine that can inspire us to see completely through their psychological and physical prison.

    I want to also reply to the comment which linked to another article. I was straightaway put off when it claims that this secret society is as old as mankind. That straightaway disenfrachnsizes us, bgecause it makesout that this is a given. But from my perspective that is a lie–a disempowering lie, because it is rather the patriarchy behind this solar occultist elite male-dominated cult. I very recommend this great book which has provided me the groundwork for what I continue to explore–it is called Return of the Dark/Light Mother or new Age Armageddon? Towards a Feminist Vision of the Future, by Monica Sjoo.
    For example in your blog it says this:

    “Tavistock is very significant, the building is originally the house of theosophy, Madame Blavatsky, Lucis trust etc, researching will bring you to the zeitgeist movement of today, maybe now we see why the masons need to be infiltrating groups like we are change, some chapters of which align with zeitgeist.”

    YES, Sjoo will reveal to you in great depth how their New Age differs fundamentally from an authentic understanding of Goddess mythology which the patriarchs on all levels have tried to suppress. I cannot explain how important this is to understand, because as far as I am aware no other reesearchers into this seem aware, and fall into two camps—either literalist Christians who demonize ANYthing that doesn’t abide by their belief, or the New Agers who believe nature is illusory, and leaders like David Icke are like useful idiots for the elite by making their followers paranoid of nature, even of death and possible experiences one may have.

    In Sjoo’s other book which she did with Barbara Mor, they talk about the early solar cultic magicians suppressing the Goddess–it is titled The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth.
    One can see this pattern, for example look what the Church did to coopt Paganism–which the ‘common people’ or ‘countrydwellers’ were into—they would build their churches on their sacred sites full of energy, and gradually and smeakily substitute their off-earth saints for the nature spirits/faeries which pagan peoples had said prayers to. Now THAT is known, but the more ancioent takeover of the Goddess lunar mythology by the solar militaristic brotherhoods is not mwentioned, and a big part of that is how the elite will HIDE this knowledge through various means. With their use of Goddess symbolism the Christians particulary can then paint ALL past paganism with one demonizing brush like they are famous for.

  4. Juliano says:

    I just want to make the point again. So considering what I have said, this occult elite is very much *NOT* ‘older than ‘mankind”. I think is arises from a mindset which has chosen to cut itself off from the deeper parts fromm itself which it then objectifies and scapegoats. A good example is the Babylonian Enuma Elish, the myth of the ‘god-king’, Marduk’s savage attack and murder of the Great Goddess Tiamat. This is the first writ down myth which reveals the patriarchal fear and need to control the Goddess/Nature/Woman/Feelings/’Chaos’. So when one looks at this obsessive magick of theirs with its numbers can we not see this in action continuuing? And of course their love for sadism and blood and power.

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  7. facebook says:

    Good day! I simply would like to give you a big thumbs
    up for the excellent info you have here on this post.
    I will be coming back to your blog for more soon.

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