History’s Greatest Lie?

History’s Greatest Lie?

The Crown.

” I myself bearing witness in the house of the Knights Templars”

King John, May 15th 1213.

This was to be my first article for QW magazine,that remains to be seen so I’ll post it here anyway, I was told it was in need of something for history, science and film reviews, at the moment the science article can wait because there’s a pile of information that needs to be under a massive spotlight, but I will cover the other two with this article and it effects every man woman and child on the planet.

I would wager 99% of people don’t have the foggiest idea, though as a reader and researcher you may well have a better understanding than me, there are other articles written on the subject but this is my understanding and attempt to link some stuff together, but we have to go back nearly 800 years and then come forward to the Wizard of Oz, sound odd?.

The main perception of ‘how things work’ by the above 99% are we elect leaders, who run our countries, our schools educate our children, our police uphold the law and keep the peace via the ‘legal system’,(which will take us to the Wizard of Oz), the military is for our protection from invading armies and only fights in righteous wars, whatever they are, the banks are there to look after our money, and we all go to work to earn money for ourselves and our families and the taxes we pay from that help maintain the above, but we know different, if we go back 797 years, 2 months and at the time of writing 20 days.

You are in the city of London in 1213 over a thousand years after Londinium was trashed by the Iceni tribe led by Boudicca in an attempt to rid Britain of the Roman invaders, and the King John Charter has been signed on today May 15th.

In 1185 the Knight Templars consecrated the Round church, the first part of the Templar’s control base, the Temple Church, the second ‘chancery’ part will not be built for another 27 years in 1240, but both the Round and the Chancery, are modelled on the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

Today you would be standing between Fleet Street and Victoria embankment at the Thames, and Today in 2010, as back in 1213, is where you will find the ‘crown’, this IS the ‘crown’,The Temple Church of the Knights Templar, the grand wizards of deception, not the Monarch, not the Queen, not her fancy Jewels on her head, nor any of her predecessors.        

In fact recent evidence has uncovered proof that Edward iv was a bastard, and not the rightful heir, so not only are the British Monarchy not British as they would have the masses believe, they are not even the rightful successors to the throne, but that’s another story for another issue.

The temple church at Chancery Lane is the Crown, and for simplicity, from this point on we will just say the crown and know what it’s referring to, and it controls the ‘legal systems’, certainly of the commonwealth countries and almost the entire planet by proxy, it controls the money, the gold and mineral wealth, the Armies, it controls you, your puppet government, the media’s, everything, but enough is enough, the time to stand is now, they know it and are terrified, OF YOU, and so they should be, because you have the power to stop this insanity, and that’s exactly what it is.

To cut the potential boredom factor, a brief description of the crown is this, it comprises the four inns of court at Temple Bar, the Inner Temple, Middle Temple, Lincolns Inn and Greys Inn, these are elite secret societies (elite being the euphamism of the millennia, but people understand the connection so we’ll continue to use it) and a law unto themselves.

Canada and Britain is controlled by the legal and financial system of the Inner Temple, America is controlled by the Middle Temple’s legal and banking system, and by proxy beyond via the Crown’s many tentacles such as the Crown Agents , founded in 1833 to run the admin of the crown’s empire, and serve as bankers to governments, colonial authorities and heads of state, to run supply routes for arms, drugs, people and viruses.

These routes have been described by MI5 and MI6 whistleblowers as the snake lines, these few should give an idea as to the crown agents influence.

Barclays Bank,British Telecom,Unilever, Securicor, Aga Khan Foundation, International Busines leader forum,

The latter used to be the Prince of Wales Business Leader Forum, and is huge,and it’s no coincidence charlie boy is the current head of another of the crown’s tentacles, The Club of the Isles, part of the Windsor/ black nobility network, a vast and powerful, if not all ecompassing group of companies, here’s a few I wrote down a while back so they will have changed or more likely merged here and there, N.M Rothschilds Bank,Barclays Bank,Lloyds Bank,HSBC Bank,National Westminster Bank, Barings Bank, Hambros Bank, Lloyds Insurance Market, Schroders Bank, British Petroleum, Shell and Royal Dutch Petroleum, S.G Warburg, Lazard Brothers, J.P.Morgan and CO, HSBS (heroin stained bank of china), General Electric, Glaxo Smithkline, Reuters, Holdings, Lohnro, General Electric, need I go on.

When you look at the above you’ll get the picture, in doing research you’ll be walking the Yellow Brick road, the money, and it seems apparent that the crown owns everything via the Inner and Middle churches for the system that is Rome.                                        

You would have to be a grand wizard to show that the Vatican hasn’t had it’s ring kissed over the millennia by tyrants and dictators, and to agree to reduce paedophilia to an ‘acceptable level’ would make anyone question it’s belief system

The Vatican city has an age of consent of 14, previously 12 , for what reason?, being the tamest of questions, the only inhabitants of the Vatican have sworn to celebacy, this is what anyone would find if they look,, christian, catholic, muslim, jew, it’s irrelevant.

Another vital and global tentacle is the City Livery Companies, again part of the Windsor/Black Nobility network, they are the front for merchant groups such as Engineers, Butchers, Fishmongers, Goldsmiths, and Airline Pilots and Navigators, the latter being controlled by Prince Philip.

Research leading to a book by the late author Peter Jones, titled ‘ the Obedience of Australia,’ exposes the names within these companies, and Philip’s little role will give you an idea who is behind our restriction to travel, the chemtrail phenomena, now admitted as being ‘Geo-engineering’, and with links to Easy Jet being funded by the Warburg Bank, being part of the Rothschild’s empire and unequivocally shown to have funded the Nazi war machine, of course Hitler new better than to bomb his bankers in Switzerland, and Philip along with his whole family were supporters of the nazi’s, funny how Buckingham Palace was never bombed either.

Coincidence of course, that members of Philip’s family were high ranknig SS, Philip’s sister Sophie even named her child Karl Adolf after Hitler, chuck in the name Prescott Bush and the rabbit hole deepens but we don’t have time to go there, suffice it to say the last trial for treason in the UK was involved with the retrieval of documentation linking the House of Windsor with the Nazi’s.

‘The Cambridge Five’ being Burgess, Blunt, Maclean, Philby and rumours of Nathaniel Meyer Victor Rothschild being the fifth traitor, the current Treason allegations in the UK being pursued by Albert Burgess, Britains bravest policeman and myself among others, I’m told it’s on the desk of….ironically…the ‘crown prosecution Service’.

America is and has never been free, nor any country in the common wealth, we’re led to believe we’re free via Hollywood and the mainstream news network and brain numbing TV, the definition of words like ‘state’ and ‘Capitol’ as in hill, Washington DC, binded together nicely with the symbolic tributes to paganism at the three independent city ‘states’ of London ( financial ), Washington ( military ) and the Vatican ( spiritual ), show us that American ‘states’ are merely crown colonies.

The Declaration of independance signatories were temple bar attourneys , (esq) who have pledged allegience to the crown, the grand wizards of deception, the Knights Templar and Knights of Malta working for the Roman/Jesuit empire.

The ‘Club of Rome’ was founded mainly to bring down America’s middle classes and industry, headed by alleged paedophile and Bilderberg chair, CEO of Coca Cola Ettienne D’avignion, who with Facebook are promoting the ‘chip’, but I digress again, as King John said as we jump back to May 15th 1213 and the signing of the King John Charter .

‘ I myself bearing witness in the house of the Knights Templar’.

John, by the grace of God king of England, lord of Ireland, Duke of Normandy,
“By this charter attested by our golden seal we wish it to be known to you all that…we offer and freely yield to God and to SS Peter and Paul…and to the Holy Roman Church our mother, and to our lord Pope Innocent III and his Catholic successors, the whole kingdom of England and the whole kingdom of Ireland with all their rights and appurtenences for the remission of our sins and the sins of our whole family…. And now, receiving back these kingdoms from God and the Roman Church, and holding them as a feudatory vassal…we have pledged and sworn our fealty hencefort to our lord aforesaid, Pope Innocent III…and we bind in perpetuity our successors and legitimate heirs that without question they must similarly render fealty and acknowledge homage to the Supreme Pontiff holding office at the time…
…in lieu of all service and payment which we should render for them [the fiefs], the Roman Church is to receive annually…one thousand marks sterling….”

John was a cowardly shite to say the least,it runs in the inbred families to this day, the psychopath gene is kept strong.

Two years down the line we get Runnymede…yey.

The signing of the Magna Carta in 1215, although Pope Inocent 3 nullified it, it gives us article 61, the right to Lawful Rebellion, which is not just our right but our duty and it is this method when employed en masse that will destroy completely the illusions of control bombarded on us daily, and take back our power and our freedoms from the crown as is rightfully and Lawfully (not legally) the case.

But it will require an indefatigable pursuit of the aforementioned freedoms under a barrage of obstacles , walls and disinformation , built to prevent the return of sovereignty both as individuals and as nations, thrown at us from the crown, their grand wizards and Zionist sponsored likes of Alex Jones and the masonic run WAC NYC to name but two.

The Illuminati families, the true power elite have orchestrated revolutions and rebellions throughout history, and they are desperately trying to win this one, they are placing their minions and puppets to lead the waking ignorant, to anger, arouse and stir the masses as they have many times before. The internet is bursting with world war 3 this and that, ww3 has been raging since ww2 ended when the top nazi scientists and criminally insane bypassed the Knight of Malta founded Hague courts to found NASA and the U.S intelligence establishments, America was founded …to fall, Problem,Reaction, Solution.

This is an information war, a war for your mind and spirituality, which slowly but surely with fabian stealth are being removed, along with our liberties and freedoms by the already in place puppet governments, military industrialists and Mainstream corporate medias.

Trying to keep it simple, the ‘legal’ systems in place are controlled by the crown temple, so the courts, judiciary, police, governments and their agencies/employees, the whole shindig operates by deceiving, they use a language we all ‘understand’ because it sounds like English .

It is called ‘legelese’, the language of the law society, it binds with your consent, the human being…you….flesh and blood, with your fictional person…created for you at birth via your birth certificate, and consent is all it is.

Your fictional person is your MR, MRS, MISS, your name in full caps as in all your bills, licenses, passports etc, and different versions of, MR JOHN SMITH, MR J Smith, MR SMITH, MR Smith , JOHN SMITH and will always put to you as such, both verbally by any of the above or in writing. When a copper or magistrate says ”do you understand?”…and you say ” yes”…in legalese it means you ‘stand under’ them, you gave them consent and didn’t even realise, sneaky heh? And it’s just one word.

Looking at Blacks Law dictionary, which you can get online for free, you’ll see how feckin devious they are, and there are many sites to get good solid information from such as www.tpuc.org and www.fmotl.com and obviosly www.lawfulrebellion.org .

You’ll find a book to explain it all simply and clearly ”Freedom is more than just a seven letter word” by Veronica: Chapman, under ten quid from Amazon.

Other greats are the Anti-Terrorist, Winston Shrout, the great Rob Menard to name just a few who I have learnt from, but learning never ends as we know only too well and I’m a humble beginner compared to many.

So you now know you have a person, this person is controlled with your consent, by Statutes and Acts, looking in the books mentioned you’ll see that a statute is ‘ a legislative rule of society given the force of law by consent of the governed’ ….are you a member of any society? Did you join?.. the force of law with consent? well you do consent but only in ignorance, as we all did, no shame in ignorance, it’s stupidity that is harder to forgive, after knowing these in your face lies and treasonous acts and people doing nothing, I used to find hard to accept, now I just accept it, it’s how it is, some people can and will never see it, some see it and don’t care, some see it but think there’s nothing they can do, some just think it’s conspiracy bullshit but the interesting ones for me are the peeps you can actually see switch off, you can see it in their eyes, not even a glimpse of cognitive dissonance because the mind blocks it immediately.

Talking of seeing we get back on the road to Oz, because this crown we talk of operates within the ‘see’ of Rome, see what I did there?…..clever huh……ok…sorry, the see of Rome is how far Rome can see, it’s boundaries, jurisdiction, it’s kingdom, you’ll get it trust me, but this not to be confused with the’ Law of the Sea’ which is also very relevant and known as ‘admiralty Law’ , basically this legelese deception is completely under Admiralty Law, and your person ‘understands’ it, all the lingo comes from it, when you’re born you pass through your mothers ‘berth canal’ , your given a ‘berth certificate’ the spelling is out by one letter but it’s still English/Legelese trickery, and this is just the first of many ‘applications’ you’ll submit to.

When you want a license for something you …’submit’ an application, and back it comes in full caps, you’ve handed ‘ owner….ship’ over to the state, you’re only the registered keeper, of your car, even your children, your getting it now I can see, but fear not, these are all called ‘adhesion contracts’, meaning you consented unkowingly and are easily reconciled but you need to get some knowledge under your belt, in the meantime just say no, no contract, it’ll all fall into place don’t worry.

If you break a statute and you ‘understand’ /’ consent’, you’ll end up in court where you enter the ‘dock’, where they’ll need you to acknowledge your person before you can be dealt with, nothing can come off or go onto a ship while in dock until it’s papers are checked. It’s now recorded on camera that not entering the dock, not consenting and standing in Common Law Jurisdiction, birth certificate in hand, wipes the floor with their statutes and admiralty law.

A court is in fact a ship, a company operating for profit, nothing whatsoever to do with justice it’s all about money, only a Court deJure is about Justice and these days are few and far between.

A Court De Facto, your common garden Magistrate court is purely about getting you to consent to your ‘person’ and give them your money, an illusion as John Harris’ amazing work explains.

Money brings us to banks,….. two sides of a river that control the flow of a current….currency, and control is what they do, by the trillions, when will we say no more? £69 billion of your money was spent on two wars last year by the UK Corporation, both of which we consented to by the age old tactic of False flag attacks, then build a wall of tears with the bought, payed for and hence controlled media of the time, and install minions to watch and lead if necessary, any rebellious peasants, ‘useless eaters’ as philip saxo coberg gotha calls us, which is what we see in the aforementioned Alex Jones and WAC NYC et al, not to mention the mainstream media, though I predict the two will soon merge , they have the same masters, sponsors and the like.

The city of London is one of the three independent city states of the inbred bloodline elite and controls the finances via the crown for the families behind the jesuit old world order, there’s nothing new about it, the other two being Washington ( Military) and the Vatican ( spiritual) contradiction in terms being a euphamism as it’s satanic to the hilt, is it a coincidence that the penis of osiris sits at all three of these cities, and outside at least 10 of these families residences? Of course it is.

The families in question are not the names the likes of Jones , Rudkowski blurt out willy nilly, they are the Saturnalian brotherhood, the real 13 bloodlines but we can’t go into that here, they control the Jesuit General, the black pope who pulls the strings of the paedophile loving Ratzinger, who via his grand wizards the knights templar, their crown temple in Chancery and your consent, own your person, also known as your Strawman, but by taking control of him/her, your strawman, by removing your consent, reclaiming your sovereignty and power we can end this insanity and hold the psychopathic traitors accountable, or at least get on the yellow brick road ….strawman? Yellow brick road? …we’re off to see the wizard.

There are plenty of ways to understand this film and they need to be taken on board, ship talk again, sorry, but there is a significant esoteric meaning to this film, who’s maker was a theosophist, it was also used by the disgusting Tavistock institute and other mk ultra, monarch,mind control programming groups along with other well known films, especially disney films, but for this writing I need to stick with the relevant meanings, nothing is kept from us.

It is always hidden in plain sight and has been for I don’t know how long, but as this film is from the 1930’s , taken from a book dating back to 1900, and even the likes of Charlie Chaplain tried to tell us something was seriously wrong, we can hardly say we weren’t warned.

Dorothy’s first encounter on the road to Oz was the strawman, you’ve met already , he’s your person,

“Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking. Of course, I am not bright about doing things, ”and in his classic song, “If I only had a Brain,” the Scarecrow/Straw Man sings, “I’d unravel every riddle for every ‘individuadle’ in trouble or in pain.”

In light of what we’ve learnt we can translate it as; Once one discovers that his strawman exists, all political and legal mysteries, complexities and conditions are resolved or understood and we can take legal title (control) to our ‘Strawman’, we become the ‘authorized representative’ of the ‘Strawman’ to accept and discharge ALL commercial affairs, and do they hate that….so I love it.

The second encounter on the yellow brick road was the TIN man, also identified as tax payer indentification number in the states, the Tin Man was a hollow man of metal, a vessel, a vehicle, newly created commercial code words for the straw man. Just like the Scarecrow, the tin man had no brain and no heart, both were “artificial persons.”

One of the definitions of tin is counterfeit, the tin man also represented the mechanical and apathetic aspect of commerce and commercial law.

The heartless Tin Man also carried an axe, in the words of the Tin Man, expressing relief after Dorothy had oiled his rusty points and parts said,

“ I’ve held that axe up for ages.”

The symbol for fascism is the “fasces,” a bundle of rods with an axe bound up in the middle and its blade projecting, the fasces is found on the reverse side of the American Mercury-head Dime. In Roman deity ‘Mercury’ was the God of Commerce, it can also be found on the wall behind, and on each side of, the speaker’s podium in the US Senate ,each gilded fasces is approximately six feet in height, and at the base of the US Senate are two crossed fasces.

The third character that Dorothy met was the Cowardly Lion, or “King of Beasts” and as the most feared of all animals in the jungle, was lacking in ‘courage.’ The Lion is symbolic of the once fearless people, who have since lost their courage by fabian stealth and controlled media indoctrination, but always have and still do hold the true power.

There are lots of talkers and typers out there, mousepad revolutionaries, just listen to Alex Jones, and others who get arrested at protests etc, end up in court , why did they consent, ‘understand’ the system? for ratings is why , and because of this type of fearmongery and enforcing of the illusion, people are scared of the corporate system and local revenue collectors ,Police and judges in their so called courtrooms of justice , ships we now know them as, and have been dealing with your Strawman strictly under the laws of Commerce, admiralty law, they are just like the Tin Man, heartless!

So we see one of the hidden in plain sight meanings of three of the films characters, what of the Wizard himself and Toto the dog who was the first to pull the curtain and reveal the fraudulent Oz, ( for ounces gold ) we followed the road to Oz, followed the money.

Toto is from the latin totus and means totally, altogether, so in toto we can reveal the con behind the curtain, and the wizard himself?, well he tells us aswell, remember nothing is hidden, the Wizard was represented by the traveling mystic, Professor Marvel, Dorothy encountered when she ran away with Toto, he boasted that he was “Acclaimed By The Crowned Heads of Europe , Past, Present and Future,” and the good professor lectured Dorothy of the priests of Isis and Osiris and the days of the pharaohs, sound familiar?, that yellow brick road leads to Rome methinks, and the pagan brotherhood behind the jesuit old world order.

But we’re forgetting the witch, remember how she covered the land with poppies? Opium, drugging the travellers except the strawman and the tin man, the fictional persons were not effected, when they cried for help the witch covered them with a blanket of snow, cocaine, drugs have always been and still are the favourite choice of the black nobility for controlling the masses, East India Trading Company should ring some bells, not to mention the contemporary club of the Isles, and the Golden Dawn who keep the drugs flowing into society via the military conquests of the middle east through the ‘snake lines’, remember last year when the nice new rifle scopes for the forces in Afghanistan were issued with knight templar crusades quotation references on them, and lest we forget Blackwater, now Xe, mercenary thugs with knight templar call signs.

Also important is that the Witch was in a round medieval tower, symboloic of the Round Temple in Chancery and the Templar practice of witchcraft, dressed in black to symbolise Saturn, also icon of the knights Templar, also Bifrons aka Baphomet is their idol, the goat of Mendes, but that’s enough into the esoteric and symbolic meanings of the film, although there are a lot more but

I hope I’ve made a point clearly enough for others to at least start getting the bit between their teeth, all the information is in front of our eyes, even before the internet, the Zionist controlled music and film industries have been telling us for decades as this film shows, and that’s without the theosophical interpretations.

More dangerous perhaps than the Janus types of Prison Planet et al is the Zeitgeist , Venus Project movement, now proven beyond question as far as I’m concerened to be linked to the UN and Bloodline Elite’s, still others are yet to see this, even some ‘awake and enlightened We Are Change Chapters link up with these snakes in the grass….offer a starving animal poisoned food and it’ll eat it, regardless of the consequences.

We are under attack from an enemy within, and peaceful, Lawful rebellion I believe is the way to stop it and take back our power, freedom and control, to end the illusion of money and the current genocide programs and crusades, and that’s exactly what they are.

I”ve followed the yellow brick road, seen the wizard for the cowardly little shite he is, his so called warrior knights of Malta and Templar are protectors of paedophilia, satanic worship, genocide, theft, deception, human trafficking, drug trafficking, virus trafficking and all from the shadows but under your nose,COWARDS AND TRAITORS, have you had enough? I have and it’s them who are scared, not I, History’s Greatest Lie? ….I believe you would struggle to find a bigger one.

Don’t walk along the path, walk where none have trod and leave a trail.


So you choose, between the historical and contemporary methods of control or freedom, freedom under our control, not the Illuminati’s version



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5 Responses to History’s Greatest Lie?

  1. Mitch says:

    Wow, great article!

    It took a long time to get through it, but it was a fantastic read.

    Thanks for this, I’ve been sharing it all morning!

  2. vanessa says:

    Hi, this is a really good article. I have researched a lot of what you have written and agree with you. I have one question that I have never quite understood the answer. If I go to court and reply “no” to “do you understand” what would you say if they said, what don’t you understand. Because if I ever did, and I hope I would not, have to go to court, I would like to know how to proceed the case under myself.


  3. prasutagus says:

    To understand means you stand under them, you consent to be goverened, a ward of the court, a child in need of their direction, i highly recommend watching some anti-terrorist clips on youtube, John Harris, Rob Menard etc.
    Don’t worry yourself about that which isn’t there, first they’d have to identify your person, which you’re not, hand them your birth cert, be calm, there are videos you can watch of freemen in court defeating the magistrates and it’s great to watch.

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