Sedition and Treason in the UK

Although it’s becoming cliche and somewhat of a mute point in respects to the acts of treason,  the following  brief statement is felt should be made clear.

The Norwich UK chapter of We Are Change are no longer affiliated with the masonic run NY chapter though their recent sovereignty statement seems to be signalling change in some respects, it is still regarded by the Norwich Chapter that not all freemasons are bad but………”the very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society, and we are as a people, inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and secret proceedings”

Sedition and Treason (updated 31-01-2011)

As representative of, we are Change  Norwich chapter and The British Constitution Group, today, 4/1/2010(=8)WACNorwich, with help from Albert Burgess,(BBC5.TV) reported the crimes of sedition and treason at Bethel Street police station, Public Enquiry Officer,( Roger,wouldn’t let me speak to a holder of the office of constable)and woodcock road station, Officer 1044 Francis Norwich police, both stations refused to report or act in any way in relation to the 1972 act by Heath and Hurd.
I have recordings and will be publishing when put together
Failure to report allegations of the crime of treason could make the above mentioned guilty of the crime of misprison of treason, the p.e.o at bethel street made light of the fact, the officer 1044 at woodcock road was also made aware of this and was not at all concerened, perhaps his job and mortgage are more important than his oath as holder of office of constable.
As far as I’m concerened, they are cowards.
Update 23/01/10
Last night, 22/01/10, Inspector Mark Haddow contacted me as I’ve reported Officer 1044 Francis for serious neglect of duty in failing to take my allegations of serious crime regarding the 4th of january, a Police Discipline Code Offence and my presenting the governments own FCO 30/1048, clear and unequivocal evidence of sedition and treason.
Inspector Haddow has agreed that treason is the highest crime in the land and has requested a copy of the FCO 30/1048 which he has asked me to leave for him at Woodcock road station today, I will also leave him a copy of the crime report from the website showing the crimes of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Copies will also be given to BBC Forum Norwich, ITV and the EDP,( yeah I know, pointless ) but we will do all we can with the resources available, are you reading this Chloe Smith? I promise you will be one day, the election campaign of 2010 will stick in your memory like the lies you hide, we remain positive about Inspector Haddow, a true patriot we will find, maybe it’s him.
Update 29/01/10
Inspector Haddow contacted me after going over the evidence, FCO 30/1048, and has decided as it involves matters of national security, it is to be handed to special branch, a D.I Michael Britton/Britain, I confess I didn’t ask for the correct spelling, but the name seems ironic to say the least,I await therefore contact from the aforementioned D.I and look forward to them placing the guilty in handcuffs, seeing a smile on the face of Britains bravest policeman, Albert Burgess, and ridding this country of the remaining behind the scenes traitors, for there are many.
Update 01/02/2010 (6)
Today, WACNorwich entered BBC in the forum, presented the FCO 30 1048 and was allowed to speak to a reporter, this is a first,we’ve been ridiculed or ignored by ALL msm up to now, the lady was polite and all ears, she has taken the evidence and my contact details and is passing it on to her editor, no doubt common purpose will stop it in the BBC, as they will in the police.Brian Gerrish of has shown the fascist and paedophile elements in common purpose, over 400 in the BBC alone.
All exchanges are video and voice recorded and in a safe place until our new site is up and running soon.
Update 5/2/2010
I have just heard from Inspector Haddow who has informed me special Branch have handed it to the legal divison and scotland yard, circles, round in , running  springs to mind or am I being cynical?
anyhoo, the clips have been uploaded to youtube and liveleak to back up what we’re saying and as much as I didn’t want my ugly mug on the net, it’s time to walk the walk.
part one
treason and sedition 1
part two
treason and sediton 2

Sedition and Treason UK Update

A quick update from my JAN 4th Blog

we have heard from D.I Britton of Special Branch, nothing ‘special’ though

Also after getting local MP Chloe Smith on camera taking the FCO 30/1048, and her confirming she has been notified of the Hollie Greig case, I had a reply saying she has written to the above D.I.Britton and Scotland Yard.

To keep  Albert Burgess updated I sent him copies, and he replied with a piece of news that made us smile to say the least.

Bent Copper who Ignored Albert Burgess’ Treason Allegations

The above documents regarding Trotman have been forwarded to D.I Britton of Norfolk ‘special’ twig…er sorry… branch,

wonder if they’re gettin nervous yet, they clearly all think more of their pensions, mortgages and superiors’ secret oaths than their oath, honour and patriotism.


Update 31/01/11,

The following are PDF’s of the Independant Police Complaints Commission’s reply to allegations of serious neglect of duty and misprison of treason, telling me to bog off,













Recent contact is showing the crimes of sedition and treason are being increasingly reported to police stations throughout Britain, and police are now starting to take serious notice……we know Norfolk Police are watching……so are we.

For a  more detailed insight copy this link


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