Treasonous BBC and new 9/11 Hit Job

The BBC, complicit in Sedition and Treason, assisting in the cover ups of paedophile rings and generally under the control of Common Purpose, spooks and the Masonic elitists are preparing another hit piece of 9/11 truth. Their mission, to use ridicule and edits  scraped from the edit room floor left over from interviews with various researchers to reinforce the mindset of the still sleepy population, that Tim Osman guided his 19 hijackers via a laptop in a cave in Afghanistan, and those who think for themselves, research, test various hypothesis,  and view all perspectives are conspiracy loons. There’s no need to run on here on the various original and contemporary views of the false flag attack of that sad day, I just wanted to post the links for peeps to do their own working out and maybe the odd beeb spook could take some notes too, there are good guys inside these medias desperately wanting to help us, police and military too, lets just see if the elitist materialistic cowards who run the shows manage to cover the whole perspective. I think we know the answer to that.

Mr Gage’s site, I have contacted the British Architects ‘expert’ in demolition, none wish to comment.

Pilots for 911 truth

Dr Judy Wood

Dimitri Khalezov

Russian Granit from the Kursk?

It’s obvious to any with the ability left to think, the only ‘conspiracy theory’ is the official version, here are some points the BBC will NOT cover.

Research ‘Al Yamamah Oil Deal’

And a definate no no for the beeb, ( don’t switch off when ‘religion’ is involved….Pi ; )…)

As with the September 2001 and London 7/7 attacks, Israhell has coincidental links, here’s link just one of many in the anti-zionist camp, remember the Zionist camp pretty much runs ALL mainstream media, and ALL British political parties are friends of Israel, don’t fall for the ‘heroic’ UKIP leader NIgel Farage, if he wanted out of Europe his career, pension, expenses ( lots of wonga)would be gone, he’s just paid to put on a show like the rest, the best money can buy and cowards one and all.

And to finish off, coincidence of course, look who had a camera, and a big one at that inside Fukushima

As the world awakens, the criminal cabal are in ever more danger of being exposed, these families have herded their cattle for millennia, now the herd is turning and about to stampede, lets keep it peaceful. They are like cornered rats and heavily outnumbered, hence very dangerous, and have other tricks up their sleeves. Comet ELE nin is closest to Earth on September 11th this year, sound familiar? ELE-NIN-(NIN ELE) 9-11, as above so below.

Let him who would be deceived, be deceived.


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