Oslo Terror and The EUSSR

EUSSR puppet Van Rompuy met the Holy Roman Emperor King Juan Carlos of Spain on the 12th July 2011, The EU originated with the Knights of Malta funded Hitler and has been heading on a one way route via Operation Gladio and similar Deutsche Verteidigungs Deinst , MI6  and Mossad run terror ops.

‘Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the State’ – James Jesus Angleton, Head of CIA Counter Intelligence 1954-1974

Treasonous BBC are reporting today 23rd July that Special Forces and Army units are preparing to patrol cities in Norway to assist police, subliminally the UK corporation and their Jewish run media have planted the same seed in the ‘mind state’ of the dumbed down populus here.

‘Those who would surrender liberty for security deserve neither’

With 16,200 police to be axed by 2015 in the UK , Europol waiting in the wings with Diplomatic immunity and armed to the teeth, above British Jurisdiction whatever that means in todays court de facto Admiralty scam via the Crown Temple of the Knights Templar, a few more of these attacks and the dream of the dark illumni for a one world totalitarian fascist dictatorship could be one step closer.

The smoke of the Murdoch hacks is a perfect diversion from the fact that the Wan…..Bankers have just awarded themselves £14 Billion in bonuses, double that of last year, while cuts are implemented in Education ( if thats what you call common purpose run hived mind building), Policing, Housing, Care of the Elderly, benefits and Billions more are spent on Unlawful and illegal wars for the crusades of the Jesuits and Black nobility bloodline inbreds.

On July 22nd at 3:30pm local time a bomb blast tore into the building killing 7, later a gunman opened fire on Utoeya Island killing at least 84. (7, 12 (3)…7*3=21=3)

                                                      Anders Behring Breivig

The gunman is being described as a Christian Fundementalist, remember one of the main goals of the dark illuminati is to end/demonify christianity and islam, to bring in their talmudic, setianist nightmare of a jew world order, already well under way

The attacks were on 22/7/2011, by the numbers we have three elevens……11.11.11……33 at 3:30pm….wot really!

Go to the belly of the snake 1’s are 6’s on a pair of dice..par..a..dise….the hermetic qaballa uses a pair of dice whereas the Rabbinical uses a single Die, the BBC announced Paradise Island has been turned to hell. We have 666 encoding also in the attacks of Oslo, in the Isisian codes O is at column 15(6), S is at column 3, L is at column 12 (3) and back to O again at column 15 (6), OSLO is  666 and located at the 60th Parallel, the bomb blast was at 3:30 local time (6) 13:30 gmt. (7 is the number of occult perfection)

The Sum of 1:11 = 1+2+3+4+5+6+8+9+10+11 = 66

Hence the “1” and “1” of “snake eyes” as thrown by the “1”s of the dice may reduced to being represented as “11”, and then when summed from 1:11, then reveals the two 6’s that are resting on the table as being “the belly of the serpent”.  In other words, from “two doth come 11” as encoded by Shakespeare,


O monstrous! eleven buckram men grown out of two!

Two 1’s as “two” may also be viewed as an 11.  This “2” of “11”, typically set in a Gemini or Twins or “number II” in Roman numerals all reveal “66”.

When set against the sequence of the Alphabet, we note that the sequence of 11:11 may be reproduced in the A, J, and K, or the Ace, Jack, and King in that the A is the 1st letter, the J is the 10th Letter, and K is the 11’th Letter.

This forms the more prescient code of 11011, which, when ciphered back to the belly of the serpent, reveals 66066, or the mathematical expression of 6*6*10*6*6, or the number 12960, which is the word “LIFE”.

The attacks on Pair o dice island, UTOEYA Norway, using the Isisian codes totals 38…..11

This is another attack on ‘life’ by the aforementioned inbred ‘elite’ via their Soveriegn Military Order of Malta warmongerers, and the numbers made to fit via the treasonous medias to communicate to the top bloodlines that it is their agenda being implemented, The Saturnalian brotherhood hard at work.

Norway’s support for full Palestinian statehood, set to be voted on at the UN in September, Norway’s decision to reverse its support for the bombardment of Libya and withdraw completely from the NATO operation on August 1, and Norway’s move to freeze a $42 million dollar payment to Greece, an obvious hindrance to recent efforts to prop up the country’s dire debt crisis, are all massive issues that could have caused a fall out between Norway and the Anglo-American establishment.

Reading between the lines deeper……they’re in a panick….humanity is waking…the EU is falling and we will be soon holding these scum to the fire……….what a day that will be.


Today, Jonathan Calvert writing in The Times says Norwegian Intelligence experts credit the psychopathic Templar Fantasist with wishing to create a ‘Da Vinci Code novel’. The expert tells us Breivik has “created a mystery and as long as that mystery is there his message will remain in the public domain.”

Significantly for a Templar Fantasist, the killings took place on June 22nd – the Holy Feast Day of Mary Magdalene – the Patron Saint of the Knights Templar.

But what makes it even more grotesquely pertinent is the fact that English Defence League member, Paul Ray, whose own Templar Manifestos are variously regarded by the press to have inspired Breivik, was a keen Madeleine blogger himself.

Ray created his ‘messenger3’ YouTube account in 2009, shortly after his arrival in Malta. Here he posted videos eagerly supportive of the McCanns.

What is more interesting, however, is the ‘messenger3’ moniker he choose, which bears no small resemblance to the myth of the ‘Third Messenger’ – a concept perfectly in keeping with his own and Breivik’s interest in early Christian esotericism and Gnostic folklore.

The idea of the ‘Third Messenger’ can be viewed in the wider context of Manichaeism and Zoroastrianism (which Breivik addresses several times in his 2083: Manifesto) – itself forming the bedrock of the Templarism Cult. Some popular historians also put Manichaeism – and it’s forebear Zoroastriamism – at the centre of Nazi Occult and the Aryan argument. The number three has a particular resonance in Nazi philosophy and it might also be noted that Madeleine went missing on May 3rd in the run up to one of Catholicism’s major festivals: the 90th Anniversary of the Fatima Miracles – which was due to take place shortly after Madeleine’s 4th birthday on May 12th 2007 (curiuously, Fatima was the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed).

The myth depicts the ‘Third Messenger’ as the great helper and redeemer of Mankind. In Zoroastrianism he is depicted as the divity, Mithra – a judicial figure and guardian of truth.

In Manichaean lore, the female counterpart to the Third Messenger is Mary Magdalene, the incarnation of the ‘Maiden of Light’. They also teach that Magdalene is the “Little Sophia” mentioned in the Gospel of Philip, and the Aeon called “Truth” in Valentinian mythos.

Didn’t Robert Murat call his daughter Sofia? The girl who bore a ‘striking’ resemblance to Madeleine Macann?

Of course all this would mean little if it was not for the fact that a family friend of the McCanns gave Kate a locket with Madeleine’s picture inside, inscribed with the phrase, ‘Tower of Strength’.

Templarists will no doubt know that ‘Tower of Strength’ is the translation of the old Aramaic word for ‘Magdalene’ and Madeleine is itself the French version of the word Magdalene.

So when we cast our mind back to all those trans-international sightings in and near Cathedrals (both at Tongeren and in Liege), Marian shrines like Medugorje in Bosnia and Knock in Ireland, and all those anti-Islamic witness accounts in Morocco, Malta, Spain and France a rather special kind of Conspiracy novel begins to take shape.

A Merovingian Cathedral in Tongeren?

Also to be noted,

Oslo is where Obama picked up his Nobel peace prize 2009, contradiction in terms for a genocidal puppet of the Jesuit order, Don’t forget the light show on the eve of his ‘award’

US Embassy in Oslo, Norway, sent a Top Secret cable to USNORTHCOMstating the following:

Ҧ1. (S) RNoAF response to HAARP/CERN spiral anomaly was limited to 175 km. with testing parameters met within 3degrees of arc access.

¶2. (S) Post recommends activation of 2012 Project ALICE Bunker for POTUS/SECDEF”

This GRU report further explains the numerous terms used in the cable, to include:

1.)    The subject identifier NORWAY: CI/KR RESPONSE FOR USNORTHCOM means this cable is a Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CI/KR) report from the US Embassy in Oslo to the United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM).

2.)    The cables classification of TOP SECRET describes a term authorized for use by President Obama’s Executive Order 13526 that the information it contains means “the unauthorized disclosure of which reasonably could be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security.”

3.)    The line stating NODIS USNORTHCOM Maj. Gen. Thompson refers to the mode of transmission used to send this cable, in this case NASA’s Online Directives Information System (NODIS) and its USNORTHCOM recipient.

4.)    The line stating NSPD 51/HSPD-20: DECL: 03/20/2019 TAG EXDIS, ROGER, DOCKLAMP refers to authority this cable was sent under, which in this case was US National Security Presidential Directive (NSPD 51) and the US Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD-20). The terms EXDIS, ROGER, DOCKLAMP refer to other authorized “channels” this cable could be sent through.

5.)    The reference to RNoAF is the Royal Norwegian Air Force.

Not contained in this report is an explanation as to the meaning of the language “…spiral anomaly was limited to 175 km. with testing parameters met within 3degrees of arc access”, but this mysterious anomalies “association” with both HAARP and CERN is, however, clearly noted.

Most important to note about this cable though is the line stating “Post recommends activation of 2012 Project ALICE Bunker for POTUS/SECDEF”, which this reports says means the President of the United States (POTUS) and Secretary of Defense (SECDEF).

Updated 7th August 2011

The death toll now finalised at 77, no surprise there then, the number of occult perfection and boy do they like their 11’s

go back to the pagan month of Mary  and May the 5th and we have more coincidences,

From May 5, adding 11 days = May 16 – the number of the Lion King / LINCOLN.
Adding 11 more days (22 days) = May 27 – or 3x3x3 = the CUBE
Adding 11 more days (33 days) = June 7, 2010 to 2011 – or the 911th (9-11) year since the First Crusade by the Knights Templar liberated Jerusalem.
The 44th anniversary of the Israeli soldiers entering Jerusalem in the 6 Day War (1967).
June 6, 1944 –
D-Day in 1944, on the eve of June 7. In the 66th year until June 7, 2011.
Adding 11 more days (44 days Sphinx/Lion King/Lincoln/Obama) = June 18, the eve of the Summer Solstice.
Adding 11 more days (55 days) = June 29, with June 30 the eve of Princess Diana’s birthday, Cana-DIAN-a’s birthday.
Adding 11 more days (66 days) = July 10 Prince William and Kate finish their tour of Canada and California.
Adding 11 more days (77 days) 77 dead= July 21 – the eve of the Norway Massacre and self-proclaimed Knights Templar Anders Behring Breivik begins the cleansing of the Muslim community from Europe. Occurring in the 912th year since the First Knights Templar crusade to free Jerusalem of the Muslim Turks. All events pointing to the KNIGHT JOURNEY of MUHAMMAD to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem .
From June 7 to July 21, the eve of the Norway Massacre there were 44 days.
June 7 – D-DAY is exactly 6 months from December 7, the anniversary of the PEARL HARBOUR ATTACK and the sinking of the USS ARIZONA which occurred in 1941, exactly 2 1/2 years before D-DAY.
Adding 11 more days (88 days) = King Abdullah of Saudi Arabias’ birthday and succession to the throne.
Adding 11 more days (99 days) = August 12, 2011 – 1 year before the 2012 Olympics in London are completed.

Coincidence of course…….Let him who would be deceived be…… deceived.


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