Stella Rimmington on the One Show (BBC)

As much as it pains me to admit it, I just watched the one show on BBC, Alarm bells started ringing when I heard the name Stella Rimmington, ex MI5 and 6 from research I did a few years ago, links to Maddy, mind control, Royal Arch Freemasonry the whole shebang.
Checking my memory banks which have to work cos my feckin pc keeps getting fiddled with…wankers, I dug up these blogs from MI5/6 whistleblowers from a while back.
You often hear the ‘truth’ movement talk about the rabbit hole, well Alice in WOnderland is deep in mind control and used by the spooks, especially the royal arch degree who consider themselves ‘illumni’ we consider them satanic psycopaths and murderers, but hey, you decide
Stella Rimington

Stella Rimington: the ‘unofficial’ biography.

(By an ex-spook who worked for both MI5 and MI6 between 1979-2003.)

India: Rimington was recruited by MI5 as a colonial wife. After mind control programming, she went completely crazy. Rimington was given a cocktail of prescriptive drugs by the resident doctor at the High Commission, in order to keep a lid on her ‘hallucinatory delusions’.

Later in life, Rimington was to keep a supply of Seconal in her handbag, to counter the psychotic episodes brought on by her increasing dependence upon cocaine. In short, she began to ‘self-medicate’.

London – MI5 HQ: The early days. Rimington was hired as a secretary, even though she couldn’t type. Her main job was to attend discreet parties and seduce various influential male figures.

Rimington began to drink too much in order to cope with this life of prostitution, whilst maintaining the semblance of a wife and mother of two young girls. To remedy this, she became bulimic, making herself throw up after the parties in order to get rid of the excess alcohol and to maintain her figure.

When Rimington had finally learnt how to type and was useful in the office, her boss (later to become Director-General of MI5) had a curious pecadillo: he requested that she type in the nude. Rimington often complained that she had to keep a bar-fire on during the winter months. Apart from that, her boss allegedly, never touched her. A voyeur, primarily and a family man.

Middle-aged and in Middle-Management

Rimington was chosen to be trained up by MI6 as an agent-runner. She was taught how to use and abuse new recruits by the implementation of the MI6 mind control programme: ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

Not content with being ‘privileged’ to know the secrets of this MI6 mind control programme, Rimington decided to use one of her own agents (in 1989) to steal the MI6 mind control code book. With this knowledge (which included her own codes) she managed to not only break out of the system but also to potentially control it from the outside.


This was easy in view of the above. Rimington had become a meglomanic and control freak. She wasn’t particularly intelligent but what she knew, she could put to good use, in terms of her own career. She acted in a Machiavellian way, using realpolitik to get rid of her rivals in the Service and was soon on the way to the top…

Director-General of MI5

Once in charge of MI5, those near Vauxhalll Bridge had very good reason to be afraid. Rimington began to ‘knock off’ MI6 agents abroad, for a variety of ill-defined reasons. A flippant remark at a social gathering could ensure an officer or agent’s early retirement, sacking or ‘disappearance’.

Rimington had become a full-blown psychotic at this point and her downfall came when she ordered the ‘crash’ of a military helicopter containing MI6 and MI5 Northern Ireland officers, over the Mull of Kintyre.

MI6 finally got wind of what she was up to and devised a ‘sting’ operation.

It was successful.

Rimington retired, somewhat ungracefully, in 1996.


Rimington continued to use the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ mind control programme outside of the auspices of British Intelligence Security Services. She collaborated with former officers, agents and the SAS. She has been involved in child-trafficking and the prostitution trade, ever since.


Rimington is an S/M lesbian who is well-known on the London club circuit.

She has published two novels (ghost-written by her editor) and a ‘book of lies’ i.e. her autobiography.

She once attacked a waitress with a fork in a Soho restaurant during one of her psychotic episodes.

Her favourite pop song is ‘Super Trouper’ – the only one she will dance to at Lesbian clubs.

She sacked Andrew Marr from the general INSET graduate trainee course (1980) because he dared to ask her ‘girlfriend’ (new recruit on course) to dance. Marr never graduated to become an officer like his comrade-in-arms, Richard Tomlinson. He has been used and run as an MI5 agent, ever since.

For the ‘offical version’ of Stella Rimington’s career, please read:


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