New Police Powers, UK Internet & Phone Kill-Switch, Water Cannons, Rubber Bullets: A Dictators Paradise

by Antony Pudney

No riot, no unrest, no incident what-so-ever, will ever, justify a police-state.

David Cameron has made a speech today on the unrest and rioting we have been witnessing in the country. The speech has some very worrying new tactics and powers which are to be utilised to put down mass gatherings of people.

Riots and criminality were the official reasons cameron stated, but keep reading and I shall try explain why that statement is pure lies and anyone with a brain can research this for themselves.

Abuse Of Law Is Inevitable Among The Ignorant Who Don’t Understand Their Actions Carried Out Today, Set Precedents For Tomorrow.

The new powers and tactics authorised can and at some point will be used against protesters who have genuine causes to protest and have their voice heard. Laws being abused is nothing new, it happens in almost all aspects of law, below are a few examples from anti-terror law abuses.

Under section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000, we have seen anti-terror laws atrociously abused, “Police stop and search 180,000 people, but only 255 arrested”. In 2000-01, 3,583 people were stopped under Section 44. Of these, only one was arrested for terrorism offences. But in 2006-07, a staggering 37,197 were stopped and searched by officers.[1]

  • In 2005 police used Section 44 against 86 year old peace campaigner Walter Wolfgang when he made an anti-war protest during the Labour Party conference. Walter was physically ejected from the building. When outside he, “attempted to re-enter the conference, he found his way barred. He was detained by a police officer, who told him he was stopping him under the Terrorism Act.”[2]
  • Two Met officers who stopped and searched a six-year-old girl using anti-terrorism powers are to be investigated by the police watchdog. The officers are also accused of searching an 11-year-old girl and her father who were with the six-year-old after stopping them as they walked towards a bus station in south London.[3]
  • In July 2008 anti-terror police held a 12-year-old autistic boy with cerebral palsy and his parents whilst travelling on the Eurotunnel Shuttle rail service under Section 7 of the Terrorism Act. The child’s mother was taken to an interrogation room and questioned on suspicion of child trafficking and released without charge. Kent Police later apologised for the incident.[4]
  • In October 2005 Sally Cameron was held for four hours after being arrested under the act for walking on a cycle path in a controlled port area in Dundee owned by Forth Ports. While cyclists were free to pass through the port zone, she was arrested and detained because she was a pedestrian and under suspicion of being a terrorist.[5]

These stories are the very few to have made it into the mainstream news because of the extremity of the cases. Think of the thousands of others young and old, citizen journalists, protesters and non-protester, all these who are searched and/or detained under anti-terror laws have no voice, when they speak out they are ignored.

Collective punishment builds up resentment of the police, the thousands of people who are harassed under these tyrannical laws will lose any respect and trust they had for the police.

Constant harassment leads to people back-lashing against what they see rightly as injustice.

This spirals into riots when cries for help and information are ignored.

“Following a march to Tottenham police station by 120 family and friends they held peaceful vigil there which escalated into violence after a 16 year old girl was charged by police officers who beat her with batons and riot shields.[6] After 5 hours without answers from the Police, who refused to answer the families questions, riots ensued.”[7]

The police and government know talking to the public in times like these is essential, that is why we have family liaison officers to inform families of any information to give them reassurance of support.

Reassurance wasn’t offered this time and people lashed out, other evidence has emerged that police let the media report that there was a fire-fight between officers and Mark Duggan thus justifying the killing.

In reality there was no fire-fight. Ballistics tests on a bullet, found lodged in a police radio worn by an officer suggested it was police issue and therefore had not been fired by Duggan.”[8]

New Dictatorial Powers and Tactics

The police are now authorised to:

  • Use baton rounds, rubber bullets. Contrary to their name and news reports these bullets do kill and often.[9] List of People Killed by ‘Rubber’ and ‘Plastic’ Bullets[16]
  • Use water cannons.
  • Remove face coverings under any circumstances.[10] How long till veils start being ripped from womens faces? we will know the cause of that riot when it happens.
  • Stop people communicating websites and phone services[10] a.k.a UK Internet & Phone Kill-Switch

Rubber bullets, water cannons, curfews, cutting the internet and phones are a dictatorships essential freedom repellent.

UK Internet & Phone Kill-Switch

‘All mobile operators in Egypt have been instructed to suspend services in selected areas,’ read a statement from Vodafone Egypt. ‘Under Egyptian legislation the authorities have the right to issue such an order and we are obliged to comply with it.’ According to the BBC, internet and mobile phone services have been unavailable in Cairo since early Friday, in an attempt by the government to quell protests calling for the removal of president Hosni Mubarak.[11]

Internet and phone services – both mobile and land line – have been severely disrupted, although protesters are using proxies to work around the restrictions. [12]

The UK is not alone in this drive for powers to shut down the internet and communications.[13]

The U.S has gone on a different route to the UK’s simply cracking down on rioters line, with a fear-mongering campaign of cyber security threats the U.S. has pushed through congress the cyber security bill the now infamous Internet Kill Switch.[14]

China has completely shut down Internet service in the autonomous region of Xinjiang after ethnic riots left at least 140 people dead and hundreds more injured. Twitter also appears to be blocked throughout the country.[15]

Now China has the power to shut down the internet and our media has no quarrels in outing China for offing their internet after riots, yet when it is our governments in the free west it is an important part in stopping criminals and terrorists.

I know this is a article in cyber-space, but you must be able to smell the hypocrisy.

Never let a crisis go to waste.

Still think the UK government wants the power to off the internet and phones to stop rioting?, think again. As we have seen the depression advancing, the societal destruction has also advanced. We are now more likely to see an explosion in protests and challenges to the government and police.

The corporate-government will do anything to keep the masses quite about the real issues.

Poverty, oppression, illegal wars, corruption, genocidal financial system, these are the real reasons these new tactics and powers have been pushed through now, as the famous quote says, ‘never let a crisis go to waste’ and this government in collusion with the media, have not let this crisis go without exploitation for even more oppression, which incidentally caused the riots in the first place.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

We must oppose these dictatorial powers and tactics, the media are pushing us of a cliff. We must oppose this blatant freedom crack-down with every last breath.

We have heard the media, police and government say nothing justifies the rioting and nothing caused it but criminal opportunism, that is disgustingly ignorant.

Social injustice, the depression, poverty, oppression, lies and a growing disenfranchisement to police, government and society in general, these are all factors in the rioting, yet the media continues to parrot the governmental line that everyone is just a criminal, no changes in legislation needs to happen.


These draconian powers and tactics are being put forward to keep you silent, so the government can continue to tax you into poverty, oppress you into apathy, allow the banks and corporations to pillage and plunder you into debt slavery, to keep you working full-time with extra taxes and higher prices.

These are the things we should be angry about not the rioting, which is caused by the above.

Instead of addressing the causes of the rioting, the government has denied anyone other reason and pushed MORE oppression which will cause MORE riots, that is how much they disrespect the masses, enough to beat you to the ground, then shit on you, then, then, tell you it’s for your own good.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. Benjamin Franklin

I will say it again, no riot, no unrest, no incident what-so-ever, will ever, justify a police-state.






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