Do you want to be European ? NO is the answer

A few good reasons why we should not be in the EU.



We need to be self governing responsible for our own fate, we believe in our rights and freedoms as our forefathers left them to us. The EU does not!

We have an ancient and very good constitution. Europe does not!

Our constitution protects us. Europe does not!

Some important constitutional laws are Magna Charta 1215, the Habeas Corpus Act 1695, and the Bill of Rights 1689 these three constitutional laws protect us from oppressive government whether from King or Parliament. Please take the time to look them up?

Since joining the EEC/EU our fishing industry has been destroyed by EU regulations, our farming industry is being strangled by EU regulations, our manufacturing industry has been decimated by EU regulations and foreign buy outs and then closure.

You are paying for European regional authorities you have no say over, you don’t vote them in and you can’t vote them out.

How much of your rates are being wasted on common purpose training for your local council staff with no benefit to you? How much of your hard earned money goes to enforcing European regulation to the detriment of local businesses? Don’t Know Ask the Council in a freedom of information request.

We are paying billions into Europe every day, yet we have to sack police officers, teachers, civil servants, our armed forces are being over stretched and are badly equipped, our soldiers are having to buy their own boots because those issued are no good. Our soldiers are dieing because they are using un armoured vehicles. Is this what you want? We bail out Europe at the expense of our boys lives. We bail out Europe by sacking our own people in front line services, placing us and those we love at grave risk.

Is this what we want really want? Our own people suffering whilst Europe squanders our money?

Of course it is not we want to rule ourselves, we want to take back our fishing grounds and get rid of every European law and regulation that is strangling us. We want to rebuild our industry, rebuild our armed forces with only the very best equipment.

You can help us to do all these things, join us in the fight back, check out these websites and learn how you can take a little bit of the fight back for the United Kingdom, you can own a little bit of pride in seeing the United Kingdom returned to the control of the people who were born, live, and will die here. People who where ever they came from love these sacred islands as they love their families.


The British Patriots Society

Common purpose exposed

Written by Albert Burgess, from the above site

About Duncan:

reclaim your Sovereignty,
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