Paedophiles, PM’s, Politicians, Princes & Prelates


The Grade 1 class at Dunblane Primary School. Most of the children in this class were killed in the shooting on 13 March 1996.As a result of the political response and societal knee-jerk reaction, those children who survived have been left in a society where death by violent crime, rape and assault is larger than ever, as is always the case when populations are disarmed, the criminal element blossoms. 

Here we mainly catalogue and look at the articles that support the fact that the Dunblane massacre of March 1996, was a staged psy-op for the purpose of a ‘Problem > Reaction > Solution’ scenario.


  • ‘Dunblane enquiry was a cover-up and peers bullied me to keep quiet says Lord Burton, ex-Masons leader’News of the World > December 28th 2003

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(i.e. as a direct result of the shooting)



Written by Hazel W. M. McKinlay


We are inclined to think of child molesters as strange men in dirty macs hanging around street corners looking for unsuspecting prey. This perception is erroneous, since it has been established that the villains are more likely to be the ‘Bastions of Society’ who have an infinite supply of vulnerable victims from children’s homes, who are too afraid to tell. Who would believe them anyway, as the officials in authority they approach for help are usually involved?

In 1996 we witnessed a massacre of sixteen infants and their teacher in the assembly hall at Dunblane Primary School in Stirling. The ‘lone assassin’ Thomas Hamilton, a known paedophile, is alleged to have shot himself. This prompted legislation for a total hand-gun ban in Britain. Nonetheless, Scottish police had a file of complaints against Hamilton for abusing boys during his ‘military-style’ training sessions and summer camps at Loch Lomond.

The Secretary of State for Scotland and MP for Stirling, Michael Forsyth was well aware of the situation, but this did not prevent Hamilton from obtaining a gun licence. This deviant was also acquainted with Dunblane resident George Robertson MP, the Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, whose father and brother were police. Masonic friends in high places who can impede a criminal investigation if need be…

Hamilton had scout clubs in various regions and despite his record, free reign at the Queen Victoria School for the sons of servicemen at Dunblane, formerly for the orphans of Scottish soldiers who died in great numbers in Queen Victoria’s colonial wars. The Scottish Secretary of State automatically becomes the President of QVS, which has a harsh regime and is notorious for bullying, but Hamilton had unlimited access to the shooting range, not to mention… dormitories! Prince Philip is patron of the school and it was often visited by “toffs” and dignitaries in flashy limousines who took boys on outings; Scotland’s elite from the Speculative Society.

This secretive Masonic club which has lurked in the ancient underground vaults of Edinburgh for 250 years, chooses it’s exclusive members from students at Edinburgh university, who always reach the pinnacle of success… Scotland’s rich list. People like Lord Cullen, who was appointed chair of the Dunblane Inquiry or Lord Irvine Laidlaw, Scotland’s second richest man, who was disgraced for engaging in depraved bisexual orgies and now lives as a tax exile in Monaco, like his friend Sir Philip Green who financed Kate and Gerry McCann’s campaign after their daughter disappeared, with his private jet at their disposal, but not his £32 million yacht, the Lionheart.

Lord Laidlaw, also an accomplished sailor, bankrolled the Tory Party and funded Boris Johnson’s Mayoral bid, he boasted how William Hague and Michael Portillo were in his pocket and probably Ian Duncan Smith too. Thus, these perverted VIP’s pull our politicians strings and reward them accordingly for their loyalty. Michael Forsyth was knighted a year after Dunblane for services rendered, while George Robertson became UK Secretary of Defence and was made a life peer. Baron Robertson was then promoted to Secretary General of NATO, the Headquarters of International child sex trafficking.

Lord Cullen would have known during the course of his investigation that Thomas Hamilton was associating with a hierarchy of sadistic paedophiles, guilty of institutional and systematic sexual abuse for at least a century, which went straight to the heart of the Establishment. The Duke of Edinburgh is an Honorary Member of the Speculative Society, which also includes many notables in the Justice System. So, Cullen recommended his report was classified top-secret for another century, under the National Security Act.

Only the Lord Advocate can overturn this ruling, but Elish Angiolini, the top prosecutor is protecting influential people in this same vice ring by covering up the abuse of Hollie Greig, a girl with Down’s Syndrome, who disclosed that she was raped by her father and brother, who passed her on to senior authority figures in Aberdeen, such as a police officer and sheriff. No one has been arrested and people who try to expose this are silenced, or killed.

Coincidentally, Hollie’s father and brother, the Mackie’s fled to Portugal on May 8th 2007, the day after Madeleine McCann vanished from Praia da Luz, where cadaver was detected by world renowned sniffer dogs in her parents apartment and car. Team McCann got instant support from Gordon Brown and Scottish tycoon Brian Kennedy; while every police commissioner in the Brotherhood backed the bogus claim that this child had been abducted.

These spaniels, Eddie and Keela were also successful in finding human remains at a care home in Jersey, Haut de la Garenne, where it has been revealed children were subjected to psychological, physical and sexual abuse over many decades. Some were taken on boat trips by wealthy yachtsmen to use at will in the vilest ways. Queen Victoria’s great-grandson and Prince Philip’s uncle, Lord Louis Mountbatten who was linked to the Kincora boys home scandal, was sailing with two teenage boys when he was killed in a bomb attack off the coast of Ireland.

The Kincora story broke in 1980 with accusations of ritual abuse by staff at the home, including William McGrath, a homosexual Loyalist employed by MI5. It is said that children were taken to Birr Castle in the Republic of Ireland where the Hellfire Club was founded by the Parsons family, hereditary Devil worshippers! Very powerful and well known ’pillars of society’ were implicated in the Kincora network, not least Ted Heath, a former Prime Minister and Lord Mountbatten with his predilection for working class boys.

Needless to say, the police were informed of the allegations and as ever, failed to act. At around the same time a similarly sordid tale was emerging in Portugal at a state run home for orphans in Casa Pia, where disadvantaged and mute children were being raped by “carers” and supplied to important individuals abroad. ‘Operation Ore’ later uncovered suspects in the British Labour Government, who were trafficking children from this home and Belgium, prompting Tony Blair to issue a D-Notice, gagging the press. It wasn’t until 2002 that a UN diplomat, a popular TV host and other businessmen were charged with sexual violence. In this case there were convictions, eventually, but this is the tip of the iceberg…

Care homes in Merseyside, Leicestershire, Devon and North Wales have all had identical scandals with hundreds, perhaps thousands of abuse victims over the years. Legions of complaints sent to the Home Office about the mistreatment of children at the Bryn Estyn home in Wrexham were ignored and libel laws prevented the naming of high profile offenders like policemen and ministers. Lord McAlpine escaped prosecution but Sir Peter Morrison was named, both aides to Margaret Thatcher. The Waterhouse Tribunal was the largest ever child abuse inquiry in the UK and heard harrowing accounts from Welsh survivors who needed counselling afterwards. They called their tormentors, “the scum of the earth” which is what they are.

Young girls were disappearing in and around Belgium, without trace, until the known psychopath Marc Dutroux was apprehended with two teenage girls imprisoned in a cramped purpose-built cellar. He had been snatching children to order for the ‘Monster of Belgium’ Michel Nihoul, who cruised around in his car choosing potential victims for rich clients. After the person had been kidnapped and drugged by Dutroux and his accomplice, Nihoul used them as sex slaves at sadomasochistic orgies, to blackmail policemen, lawyers, judges and politicians, or they were sold for snuff movies. A massive cover-up ensued since this paedophile ring lead right to the seat of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Monarchy.

In Nebraska it was Larry King who was throwing lavish sex parties to compromise celebrities and statesmen alike, with children snatched from the streets of Iowa or groomed at Boy’s Town by paedophiles. Paul Bonacci testified to midnight visits at the White House arranged by lobbyist Craig Spence and acts of perversion I’d rather not repeat, but he suffered torture, witnessed murder and participated in human sacrifice. He also claims he was forced to abduct missing paper boy Johnny Gosch. In 1999, Paul Bonacci finally won damages against Larry King in a Civil Court, but that cannot compensate for years of physical, sexual and psychological harm. Many of America’s missing children also meet this fate at Offutt Air Force base, where George Bush spent September 11th 2001 in an underground Strategic Command Centre. ‘Operation Flicker’ which found 5,200 child pornographers in the Department of Defence at the Pentagon has barely scratched the surface.

All of these cases have factors in common, the perpetrators always come from the highest echelons of society, Nobility and Royalty, who have a proclivity for Satanism which stems back generations. Princes, Presidents and peers of the realm procure their young victims from the care system; orphans who will not be missed… By the power of their ill-gotten fortunes and through blackmail the ‘Aristocracy of Wealth’ maintain a veil of secrecy over their nefarious activities. This International Network extends from Kincora in Belfast to Boys Town in Nebraska, beyond Belgium and Dunblane to Haut de la Garenne, but what is done in darkness, must one day come to light and this information is so explosive, it would topple governments.

By Mike James in Frankfurt, Germany – 5 March 2003

NATO boss and Blair government insider Lord Robertson has threatened to sue Scotland’s leading independent newspaper over internet allegations that he not only used his influence as a Freemason to procure a gun licence for child killer Thomas Hamilton, but was also a member of a clandestine paedophile ring reportedly set up by Hamilton for the British elite.

On 13 March 1996, Hamilton, armed with four hand-guns, opened fire on a junior school class, killing 16 children and one teacher before turning the gun on himself, shattering forever the idyllic 13th century Scottish town of Dunblane.

The controversy is certain to topple the Blair government, which has already issued a D-Notice to gag the press from revealing the names of known paedophiles within the British executive, including at least two senior ministers; and the case highlights the government’s antipathy toward the Sunday Herald and its brand of independent journalism that has, among other things, exposed the role played by the domestic security agency, MI5, in helping the IRA to carry out terrorist atrocities.

As reported by this journalist last month at Propaganda Matrix and Counter Punch, and by the Sunday Herald’s Home Affairs Editor, Neil Mackay, the British intelligence services are actively engaged in preventing any further child sex revelations that could incite further hostility to an already unpopular Prime Minister and destroy the morale of troops set to invade Iraq. An intelligence officer told Mackay that “a ‘rolling’ Cabinet committee had been set up to work out how to deal with the potentially ruinous fall-out for both Tony Blair and the government if arrests occur.”

Some commentators, mindful that one of Tony Blair’s closest confidante’s is a practising paedophile, are even suggesting that this particular scandal, and not Blair’s repeated lies and fabricated reports in regard to Iraq, may well prove the downfall of a government mired in sleaze and corruption. The Sunday Times is reported to have obtained an FBI list of Labour MPs who have used credit cards to pay for internet child pornography, and Blair has responded by imposing a massive news blackout, failing however to stop the arrest of one of his most important aides, Phillip Lyon.

The latest allegations came to light following a campaign to lift the secrecy on the Dunblane massacre. Large sections of the police report were banned from the public domain under a 100-year secrecy order. Lord Cullen, an establishment insider, also omitted and censored references to the documents in his final report. Parents and teachers were advised to concentrate their efforts on a campaign to outlaw handguns instead of focusing on how the mentally unstable Freemason, already known by the police to be a paedophile, had obtained a firearms licence for six handguns. Hamilton allegedly enjoyed good relations with both local Labour luminary George Robertson and Michael Forsyth, the then Scottish Secretary of State and MP for Stirling. Forsyth congratulated and encouraged Hamilton for running a boy’s club. Hamilton was also found to have exchanged letters with the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth.

The rumours and allegations concerning Lord Robertson’s ties to Hamilton, and the possibility that the American intelligence services may be blackmailing Tony Blair into continued support for a U.S. invasion of Iraq, have been given fire by internet investigator and intelligence expert Michael Keaney:

“An additional, and potentially explosive, aspect of US leverage over Blair is the FBI’s investigation of users of child porn websites which has already claimed a number of high profile scalps. [….] The biggest two fish that come to mind are indeed high profile: firstly there is George Robertson, who today has announced that he will step down as NATO Secretary General after four years and two months in the job. Were he to be fingered the fall out would be spectacular but short-lived — he’s been a long time out of the cabinet and is sufficiently distant from Tony to be regarded as not requiring the presentational finesse of a “rolling” Cabinet committee, whatever that might be. However, our second candidate is most certainly very closely identified with the prime minister, and retains a high profile [and] continues to operate at a very high level indeed, whether in Europe, Japan, or even the Middle East.””Peter Mandelson began political life as a member of the Communist Party, soon “seeing the light” and instead getting involved with the CIA/MI6-financed Socialist International youth wing and the Labour Party, through which he rose in parallel with his experience working at London Weekend Television with other A-list regulars like John Birt and Michael Maclay, now public mouthpiece of Hakluyt, the private sector spook outfit run by a bunch of “ex” MI6 types including the widow of ex-Labour leader John Smith. This sort of background and connections makes Mandelson very useful in the sort of corridors-and-alleyways diplomacy and networking that is the real substance of international relations and intelligence gathering. [….] If Mandelson is indeed the suspect, then the damage this could cause may fatally wound Blair.”

“An interesting development that may, or may not, be related to this, is the publication of an article in last Sunday’s Observer by David Aaronovitch. He and Mandelson are longtime friends, having been together in the Communist Party and at London Weekend TV. Aaronovitch was, until recently, a leading political commentator for the Independent, on whose “international advisory board” (the standard vanity collection of august persons put together for the ego of newspaper proprietors like Tony O’Reilly and Conrad Black) sits Peter Mandelson.”

“Since switching to the Guardian Media Group at the beginning of this year or thereabouts, Aaronovitch authored an article on child abuse in which he pleads for common sense to prevail, rather than the lynch mob: ‘Strangely I trust the police to act sensibly (because, like the analysts, they’ve seen it all): it’s the rest of us I worry about.'”

“That much depends upon the behaviour of the US Justice Department, which ultimately has responsibility for the investigation, must be a worry for Blair. One need only imagine how this must colour the views of John Ashcroft regarding the moral fibre of British cabinet ministers and the laxity of the prime minister who chose them in the first place. How easy would it be for the suspect to be named in a story that miraculously surfaced outside of the UK (thereby circumventing the D Notice and leading potentially to a re-run of the Spycatcher fiasco of 1987)?

“Whoever is on the suspects’ list, we can see that already this ‘rolling’ cabinet committee is busy leaking stories that serve at least to delay the shock of the inevitable, eventual revelation, buying valuable time if nothing else. Thus you can depend on the Guardian to save the day for Tony, and here’s some helpful tip-offs courtesy of MI6 that help to distract from what’s really going on, whilst bolstering the reputation for integrity and financial propriety that has marked Blair’s dealings with businesspeople like Bernie Ecclestone, Richard Desmond, Lakshmi Mittal, etc.”

“I have come to the considered conclusion,” says a correspondent of Keaney, William Palfreman, “that the events surrounding the Dunblane massacre, and the subsequent submissions to the Cullen enquiry that have been put under to 100 years of secrecy, far out weigh in political significance issues such as our opposition to the EU [and] what it entails. It is inconceivable that T Blair, Jack Straw [and] Gordon Brown can survive in office as this matter becomes known. It totally undermines the Labour government, and could easily be a case of the Queen feeling she has to use reserve powers to call an emergency general election, such would be the loss of confidence.”

“This scandal is far more important that anything that has happened here in living memory, in fact I can think of no parallel for it. It certainly pisses all over anything that happened to Kennedy or was done by Nixon. I am surprised, given the gravity of this matter, that [an] attempt has yet to be made on his life, for surely we are dealing with desperate people here. It also explains a few strange things, such as just why T Blair & co. were so keen to ban all handguns, and why such obviously talentless nobodies like George Robertson have risen from being backbench nobodies a couple of years ago to Defence Secretary, and now Secretary-General of Nato.”

“[….] Now where in this is there a national security risk so great, that documents part of the public enquiry are now state secrets to be held for 100 years? Funny kind of public enquiry. Why, when Thomas Hamilton’s application for a gun licence was turned down, due to him being regarded as a man of unsound character [and] him being the object of several paedophilia investigations, did his MP, our friend George Robertson (now Lord Robertson, Secretary-General of NATO), write him a glowing character reference, and personally see to it that his application was successful, when he knew the grounds for the original refusal were because he was suspected of procuring boys for sexual services?”

“Or take a certain boat seized on Loch Ness [Loch Lomond] by the Strathclyde Police. It is a very rare thing for assets to be seized in the UK, as [there] are no asset-forfeiture laws. When it does happen, there is normally a trial at least, with things only being seized if they are proven to be bought with money proven to be consequence of a proven crime. Even then, they are sold by public auction. How come, then, was this very valuable boat sold for the tiny sum of £5000, without an auction, to none other than our friend Thomas Hamilton, a man of no financial means whatsoever, nor a sailor, nor lived anywhere near any open water. Why did not the boats owners complain about having their property stolen from them in this manner? I can only conclude because it was being used for some very serious criminal activity, and those on board were merely glad to escape prosecution. Also, it seems rather odd in such circumstances that not only were the owners happy to avoid prosecution enough to lose a valuable boat, but that the Strathclyde Police were not willing to prosecute. And yet, after these improbable events, it wound up in none other than our friend Hamilton’s hands. Could he have been a blackmailer as well as a paedophile?”

“But the main thing is what might explain sections of the public enquiry are now under the hundred year rule. There are only three levels of secrecy in the UK for state secrets, the 30 year rule, the 80 year rule and the 100 year rule. Normal secrets, like Cabinet discussions, government papers, espionage, all that, are under the 30 year rule. Only a very small number of things ever reached the 80 year rule, particularly events in the Sudan with Kitchener in 1902, where it seems that an act of genocide was committed, and some things that happened 1914-18, as well as things like potential peace negotiations in 1941, and just about everything to do with the IRA (after all, people are still alive after 30 years) come under the 80 year rule. Of them, the darkest of state secrets, when the events of ’02 were getting a bit close to their limit for comfort, a further class of secrets was created to last a hundred years, and tiny number of things were put in it – e.g. Kitchener in ’02, some World War I things.”

But none of these things can be said to apply to Dunblane. That was a case of a common criminal [and] sexual pervert committing some fairly ordinary murders, of a kind that happen from time to time. Even if a backbench Labour MP was implicated, or may have been involved in a large paedophile ring in Scotland, that is not a matter of vital national importance. You have a prosecution, there is a bit of a scandal, everyone is disgusted and one MP goes to prison. Big deal: such things happen. You certainly would not make such information a state secret just to save one unnamed backbench nobody’s miserable neck. Governments simply don’t go to such extreme lengths to save nobodies – power broking just doesn’t work like that. There must be issues of profound national importance working here, and I put it to you that anything that involves certain events in Scotland is more likely to be someone of cabinet level than anything else.

If the physiologically flawed [although Thomas Hamilton was these were the words of Tony Blair when speaking of Gordon Brown] Thomas Hamilton was the centre of a paedophile ring in Scotland that procured boys to people of the amongst the highest rank, and Tony Blair [and] Jack Straw covered this up by the Official Secrets Act (They would do the covering, as both the Prime Minister’s [and] Home Secretary’s permission is needed to put some something under the 100 year rule.) it is hard to see how they or their close colleges could possibly remain in office, even if they were never inclined to such flawed behaviour themselves. The government would fall.”


That prospect seems to be energising a government now considered to be fighting for its political life, even to the extent of killing the review process by which some of the banned sections of the Cullen Report would be made public, arguing that freedom of information would somehow harm other abused children in Dunblane.

In a recent interview with the Guardian newspaper, Michael Matheson, the Scottish National Party’s shadow deputy justice minister, said: “There are more documents covered by the 100-year rule than this police report. Some of them have nothing whatsoever to do with children. We need to look at why such a lengthy ban has been imposed on them. I have been contacted by a number of families affected by the tragedy who are anxious to ensure this information becomes public. And so far we have no guarantee that it will. We only have a review.”

“It is important we make available, if it is at all possible, any information that is available about people in the public eye,” said the Scottish first minister, Jack McConnell.

When Tony Blair took office following a landslide victory in 1997, few commentators would have suggested that this man would be willing to drag his country into a war of unjustified aggression against a people that have done no harm to the British public. Nor would anyone have surmised that a Labour government would hitch its political fortunes to a shabby cabal of fanatical neoconservative Zionists working to make real their much-touted biblical Armageddon. And no one could have predicted that Blair’s nominally “Christian” administration would transform itself into a licentious club of flamboyant homosexual cruisers and out-of-control paedophiles.

But it is now becoming shockingly clear that the slavish adherence of Tony Blair and Jack Straw to the Bush line on Iraq may have less to do with principled arguments, and much more to do with the fear of CIA and FBI revelations that would make them two of the most hated politicians in modern British political history.

Michael James is a British freelance journalist and translator, resident in Germany for almost 11 years.


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