9/11/11 The Sound of Silence

Recently some posts have brought accusations of fearmongery and inaccuracy, although far outweighed by the positive remarks these negative attacks are to be expected, should people like me stop researching and posting articles? I don’t have access to all the details in all cases, who does? all we can do is try to piece the bits together so inaccurate at times I may be, wrong a lot of the time I hope, as for fearmongery? go to  ‘Prominent’ truther voices who make millions from it, Removing the fear and sharing knowledge that all should have access to is the ideal, though the aforementioned  would rather not have the ‘treasures laid at the feet of swine’ and retain the ignorant masses (ignorance not meant to insult) in their …….well ignorance.

More coincidences appear to be coming into fruition.

On Wednesday November 9/11 at 2:00 PM EST the United States will go silent.  The FCC has been ordered by Barack Hussein Obama to shut down all radio and television broadcasts.  So what?  Not affected.  Can live without radio and TV.  What you don’t realize is that FEMA is in charge of this nation wide operation and the operation call for the FCC to shut down the Internet and cellular phone service too.

Claiming this is a test of the emergency response system, FEMA will conduct a complete communications shut down: all TV, radio, internet, and phone systems will be disabled simultaneously at 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.  They are saying it will be shut down for 3 minutes.

Who will be affected by this shut down?  Everyone.  Social Networking, like Facebook and Twitter are completely dependant on the communication network being up, not down.  The same for the Internet.  No store debit transactions can be done during a communication shut down.   Banks security will be severely compromised.  Banks accounts of the people can be wiped or transferred in 3 minutes.  CCTV Security surveillance system will be knocked out too.  A lot can happen in 3 minutes.

Every communication system in the United States will be affected.  Every communication dependent system and business will be affected.  The Air Traffic control system will be affected.  Banks will be affected.  News reporting will be affected.  Even the emergency warning system will be affected.  The nation will come to a halt on November 9/11.

This shut down could actually be a reboot.  Why now?  The United States government might be uploading computer malware or spyware code to the United States’ communication network.   If you’ve ever made a computer upgrade to your computer system by installing a program you would know that in order for the new code to be installed properly a system shut down and reboot is usually required. Once you reboot, whatever was newly installed is activated and just runs silently behind the scenes.

Does it make any sense to you that the United States government would decide to shut down the entire communication network of the United States just to test it?  No country and no sane leader would ever do this as this would severely compromise the security of the nation.  Logically one would test parts of the system separately and definitely not on the same day.

For 3 minutes on November 9/11 the United States will be silenced.  What will happen in those 3 minutes?  Will the United States government use this time to launch another false flag attack  against the United States people?  Will the CIA detonate improvised nuclear devices in a major U.S. city?  Will the Federal Reserve use this time to transfer the wealth of the United States people to themselves or to their European controllers?   It only takes a few minutes to start a nuclear war.  Nuclear Ballistic Missiles, each one carrying 8 or more nuclear warheads, capable of destroying 8 or more individual cities anywhere on earth can reach their targets within 15 to 30 minutes of launch.

On October 27, 2010 the U.S. Air Force lost control of 50 nuclear, inter-continental missiles.  A power failure caused one ninth of the United States’ nuclear arsenal to go off line for three-quarters of an hour.   A Pentagon official said the failure disrupted communications between a control centre and the missiles at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming.  On November 9/11 the United States government will intentionally cause a nationwide disruption of communications.

The UK is also playing with comms on the same day,

The next switchover is: 09 November 2011 – Anglia
Tacolneston transmitter group

TV in the UK is going digital, and the existing analogue TV signal will be switched off transmitter group by transmitter group between now and 2012.

  • Anglia TV region
  • Meridian TV region
  • London TV region
  • Tyne Tees TV region
  • Northern Ireland

All UK political parties are ‘Friends of Israel’,

Israel owned cctv ‘wasn’t working’ during the 7/7/2005(7) attacks in London,

Zionist owned and run corporate medias made  massive blunders during the 9/11 attacks of 2001, BBC reported Building 7 falling almost 30 minutes early to name but one, they certainly didn’t publish the  dancing Israelis. With the awake of the world watching these psychopaths for the inevitable mistakes in their propaganda, shutting it down is the safest option?

some might say

The November 9/11 2:00 PM EST communication shut down is to coincide with an Israeli attack against Iran. The time difference between Washington DC and Israel is 7 hours. At 9:00 PM Israeli time Israel will reportedly launch a nuclear missile against Iran. The United States is imposing a news blackout for this event. To prevent this attack foreign governments have attacked Israeli government websites. Several official sites including that of the Israeli military, the Shin Bet intelligence services and others went down on Sunday. Israel suffered the biggest computer systems crash in its history on Sunday. It was a warning to the Israeli government.

Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavov warned Israel that a military strike on Iran would be a “very serious mistake” with “unpredictable consequences”. Russia made the warning after Israel’s president Shimon Peres said that an attack on Iran was increasingly likely.


Others might say;

Last week’s intelligence revelation that Iran has six nuclear weapons that formerly belonged to the Soviet Union, acquired in 2003, was significant.

The other significant revelation of the week was that Iran and Israel have colluded for a military engagement to close the Straits of Hormuz for a period of time to drive up the price of oil.

The clock is ticking!! Oil futures for the first week in December2011  are selling at $120/barrel,  which is a  $35/barrel increase in price, which means that within three weeks there will be a military action that will at least temporarily close the Straits of Hormuz!

Late last week a confidential source in New York, a British born Israeli operative has confirmed, yes there is an agreement with Iran for a limited attack, but the joke is on Iran. This will not be a limited attack, but an Israeli nuclear strike  on Iranian population centers.

Israel is going for all out war in the Eastern Mediterranean and Persian Gulf. Iran has agreed to allow Israeli jets to violate their airspace expecting a limited attack; Israel will betray Iran thereby forcing Iran to launch at least 2 or maybe 3 of the Nukes they acquired via Ukraine in 2003.

Israel will protest loudly that  the nuclear explosions are a result of the Iranian Nuclear bomb programs detonated by their “pre-emptive strike” to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power.

Iran made the mistake of believing the assurances of the Israeli’s, who never had any intention of limiting the attack. The motto of Mossad is “By way of  deception thou shalt go to war”. If the Mullah’s allow the Israeli’s into their airspace, it will be Nuclear Armageddon for Iran and the entire world.

It is Israel’s plan by attacking Iranian population centers that Iran will retaliate against the US Fleet, which is the only military force in the theater of operations capable of mounting a credible military threat. Israel’s financial sponsors need the USA to make war against Iran, to keep the global financial system afloat.

Israeli intelligence,  anticipates that once they detonate nuclear weapon in Iran, Iran will respond with massive retaliation by attacking both Israel and the US Fleet. Israel also anticipates that the US Fleet is a greater threat to Iran than the Israeli Military. Iran will launch a retaliatory missile strike of 25,000 -40,000 missiles within the first 20-60 minutes. Two or more of those missiles will contain nuclear warheads and will be detonated at an altitude of 2000-2500 feet above sea level in the midst of the US Carrier groups stationed within the area.

A 550 Kiloton Nuclear device detonated 2500 feet above the US Carrier Groups in the area will completely destroy the US Fleet and drag the USA into a long and protracted war with Iran, A war the USA does not want or need.

Israel’s financial sponsors (House of Rothschild, City of London et al.) have already bet the farm on the price of oil futures rising above $120/barrel December 1st from the current spot price of $81-89/barrel; they cannot void those futures contracts, currently there are no buyers at that price. Israel has no choice but to escalate to full scale war to keep their financial sponsors viable during the current global financial meltdown. Once again, America is going to war for Israel, and the bankers like it or not, that is what is about to happen.

Expect the week of Monday November 7, 2011,  to be a very bad week on Wall Street, with major declines across every sector: watch for exceptionally massive buying of shares of in the defense sector and energy sectors. After all the USA is soon going to need to replace the 5th and 6th  Fleets, I would buy stock in shipyards and other military suppliers. We already know where the price of oil and gas is headed.

Others might say

What if certain Cherub types play their HAARP?

Geologists S. Day and S. Ward consider that a megatsunami could be generated during a future eruption involving the Cumbre Vieja on the volcanic ocean island of La Palma, in the Canary Islands, Spain.[15][16]

In 1949, the Cumbre Vieja volcano erupted at its Duraznero, Hoyo Negro and San Juan vents. During this eruption, an earthquake with an epicentre near the village of Jedy occurred. The following day Rubio Bonelli, a local geologist, visited the summit area and discovered that a fissure about 2.5 kilometers (1.6 mi) long had opened on the eastern side of the summit. As a result, the western half of the Cumbre Vieja (which is the volcanically active arm of a triple-armed rift) had slipped about 2 meters (6.6 ft) downwards and 1 meter (3.3 ft) westwards towards the Atlantic Ocean[citation needed].

The Cumbre Vieja volcano is currently in a dormant stage, but will almost certainly erupt again in the future. Day and Ward hypothesize[15][16] that if such an eruption causes the western flank to fail, a megatsunami will be generated.

La Palma is currently the most volcanically active island in the Canary Islands Archipelago. It is likely that several eruptions would be required before failure would occur on Cumbre Vieja.[15][16] However, the western half of the volcano has an approximate volume of 500 cubic kilometres (120 cu mi) and an estimated mass of 1,500,000,000,000 metric tons (1.7×1012 short tons) If it were to catastrophically slide into the ocean, it could generate a wave with an initial height of about 1,000 metres (3,300 ft) at the island, and a likely height of around 50 metres (164 ft) at the Caribbean and the Eastern North American seaboard when it runs ashore eight or more hours later. Tens of millions of lives would be lost as New York, Boston, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Miami, Havana, and many other cities near the Atlantic coast are leveled. The likelihood of this happening is a matter of vigorous debate.[17]

The last Cumbre Vieja eruption occurred in 1971 at the southern end of the sub-aerial section without any movement. The section affected by the 1949 eruption is currently stationary and does not appear to have moved since the initial rupture.[18]

Geologists and volcanologists also disagree about whether an eruption on the Cumbre Vieja would cause a single large gravitational landslide or a series of smaller landslides.

Dr. Day says: “If the volcano collapsed in one block of almost 20 cubic kilometres of rock, weighing 500 billion tonnes – twice the size of the Isle of Wight – it would fall into water almost 4 miles deep and create an undersea wave 2000 feet tall. Within five minutes of the landslide, a dome of water about a mile high would form and then collapse, before the Mega Tsunami fanned out in every direction, travelling at speeds of up to 500 mph. A 330ft wave would strike the western Sahara in less than an hour.”
Europe would be protected from the fiercest force by the position of the other Canary Islands, but the tsunami would still bring 33ft waves to Lisbon and La Coruña within three hours.
After six hours it would reach Britain, where waves up to 40 ft high would hit southwest England at 500 miles per hour, travel a mile inland and obliterate almost everything in its path. Even Britain’s more sheltered shores, in the North Sea and Irish Sea, will be struck by smaller but still significant swells, causing widespread flooding in major coastal cities.
see the Numbers? …….330ft…….33ft……..couple of 9’s….really Dr Day?

The region is certainly active now without Globalists implementing their Scalar weaponry,


And look who’s on the Eastern seaboard at the mo

Vigilant Shield Tests Homeland Defense Processes

Washington – Navy ships, Army ground-based radar and missile systems and Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard aircraft have descended on Key West, Fla., for the field training portion of U.S. Northern Command’s annual homeland defense exercise that kicked off this week.

Northcom’s Vigilant Shield 12 exercise launched Nov. 1 and continues through Nov. 10, combining field and command post exercises to train Northcom and North American Aerospace Defense Command staffs in homeland defense and homeland security processes, Lt. Alain Blondin of the Canadian navy, a command spokesman, told American Forces Press Service.

Related Research on ASDReports.com:
Top 20 Defense Contractor Assessments

“The scenario for the exercise is based on potential military threats to the United States and Canada that require extensive military planning to provide a range of military options to our national leadership,” said Army Gen. Charles H. Jacoby Jr., Northcom and NORAD commander, in a blog announcing the exercise.

Northcom’s operations center at Peterson Air Force Base, Colo., working in coordination with a joint deployable integrated air and missile defense system and elements of a logistics support facility dispatched to Naval Air Station Key West, are testing their capabilities against simulated enemy attacks, Blondin said.

Although most of the scenarios are classified, Blondin said, they will involve “the full spectrum of threats,” including simulated terrorist attacks.

“It’s an old Army truth that you have to train like you fight, and the exercise scenario will undoubtedly put us through our paces,” Jacoby said. This exercise will not only train us for that worst-case situation, but it will also aid our planners in preparing for it.”

“Homeland defense is our most important mission, and it’s a sacred trust we share with the citizens of the United States and Canada,” he said. “VS 12 will make us better and, most importantly, make our countries safer in the long run.”

To increase the realism of the scenarios and test the ability of federal, state and international partners to provide a synchronized response to homeland threats, Vigilant Shield planners have piggybacked on other training exercises.

For example, routine training flights under way across the Washington, D.C., region are testing Northcom’s and NORAD’s ability to coordinate with the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Aviation Administration, among other federal agencies.

This year’s Vigilant Shield is being linked to two other concurrent exercises: Vigilant Guard Arizona and Determined Dragon. Vigilant Guard Arizona, a joint regional exercise sponsored by Northcom and the National Guard Bureau, is designed to improve military processes, procedures and coordination with state and local responders, officials said. Canada Command is conducting Determined Dragon to test the readiness of Canadian forces at the national level.

Jacoby emphasized the importance of a strong exercise program to maintain readiness, noting Winston Churchill’s famous quote, “Everywhere men pray for peace, but prepare for war.”

“I firmly believe that quote accurately reflects how the men and women of these commands go at their business each and every day, and that’s why it’s important as we look at a decreasing military budget to maintain and sustain critical training exercises like Vigilant Shield,” he said. “Every time you exercise, you learn something new.”

Surf could  be up, Albert Pikes 3rd world war could be on the way, but should we stop researching and sharing this information? if it scares you then would my apologies suffice? What is more frightening is the world our children face if we don’t share our research and fight against these warmongering  psychopaths even if just be by the pen……..wait isn’t it mightier than the sword?….what about the Flaming Sword and Cherub?
Just because it appears gloomy doesn’t mean the Sun isn’t out, it’s just obscured
They’d hate for you to uncover the Robes of Isis, the world would see who the real Swine are.
If we stop, succumb to the threats and intimidation, how loud would the sound of silence be?

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