Maddy, Missing Links

This has some info re-garding Maddy from the Blackwatch, Sargeants inn blog which has been removed, I’ve reposted for that reason, more links at the end, follow the dead and the money.
From ‘The Grand Priory of Knights Templar’ of England and Wales.
This parcel was left outside the church at Rothley for the McCann family

The emblem of the Grand Priory of Knights Templar of England and Wales
(notice the second red cross under the main cross)

The Red Cross of Constantine

This cross, called the Chi Rho (Greek PX -as seen in The Book of Kells), once the symbol of Irish Gallican christian monasteries, is now being used by the Royal York  Rite FreeMasons. The Red Cross of Constantine can also be of silver or of no colour.

The cross of Constantine in the middle of the first row of  ‘Leading Wine Families’ is surrounded with a circle of letters which read: Symington Family.

This is another Red Cross of Constantine tha is not ‘red’ at all.
(It has an unusual design in the background that could be a fox’s head?
Or maybe a cup? Ot maybe an inverted triangle?)
Fox head stand for Jews infiltrated into the Roman Catholic church?  I think!

Another Red Cross of Constantine found on the official site of the Grand Priory of Knights Templar.
Didn’t the McCanns decide to organise pilgrimages?  To Medjugoria? Fatima?

The Logo of  The Sargeant’s Inn.
Did Blackwatch guess the Masonic/Knights Templar (miltary wing) involvement right from the beginning?

The original Sargeant’s Inn logo with a haraldic stem to the left.   Blackwatch’s family crest?  Or a Masonic ‘apron’ upside down?

Flag of the Templars – by Antonio Martins

Arian-christian banner.
It appears to be a Christian ‘front‘ for Jewish rites.  The site also mentions ‘The Poor soldiers of Christ and Knights Templar.
Just found this confirmation that Arius was a Jew:

“Arianism was condemned and Arius, a Jew, was excommunicated at the St. Bernard was of the Merovingian line of Champagne, which funded the Cistercians. …” cache

So there is no doubt that the Knights Templar are Jewish controlled.
The Portugese Knights Templar Cross – Order of Christ.
It is the insignia of the Portuguese Air Force.
This Logo was used as the ‘Avatar’ of a Portugese Moderator (Mafia Boss) on the 3 Arguidos forum.  He went by the nick-name of Luz.  Update 
Flag of the Island of Madeira
The Symington family are the biggest producers of Madeira wine on the Island.   They are also part owners of ‘The Ocean Club’ resort in Praia da Luz from which Maddie McCann was kidnapped.
 The coat of Arms of Madeira
The poster called ‘Luz’ on the 3A forum who was the main ‘opinion former’ claimed to be from Lisbon but may well have been from Madeira.
Madeira was occupied by the British during the Napolionic wars and remained a British property for some time.
The ‘Tengen‘ is the Logo of Inu Yasha (Olegario di Sousa ?) on his blogsite about Maddie and other missing children.  The Black cross is the emblem of the Teutonic Knights Templar, known as ‘Knights of the Black Cross.
City of Tengen in Baden Wurttemburg

PS.  There is also a ‘Tengen’ that is a Japanese board game played with black and white Stones or Jacks.

see:       Tengen 2 Unicornio


Kate McCann is indicating the black cross on a yellow background.    Does it mean that the ‘Teutons’ (the German  Secret Service DVD? or German royals?) have the ‘game’ in hand?
Isn’t that what Michael Shrimpton and Christopher Story said?  That the DVD have got her and are refusing to give her back?

This is also a Teuton Black Cross of Costantine (inscripton: ‘In this Sign Conquer’), with a Red slanting cross + a white ring + a red rose.  It is the ring of the Grand Master of the Royal Arch, York Rite Freemasons 33°

On a positive note, this could lead to those within with morals reopening the Dunblane massacre and piecing the puzzle, it simply cannot be that all on the so called side of the law, are bad, masonic types.

16 October 2009

Prince Charles Had a Boat in Portugal in May 2007

Update and new photos at bottom of page
from: Tony Winter’s blog –

Title: Who the fools on the Hate the McCann forums say was Involved in the little missing Girl Mccann’s Disappearance.
Date: Oct. 15. 2009
“Prince And Future King To The United Kingdom
His Royal Highness Prince Charles.
A Boat Registered To HRH Left Portugal
In May 2007…”
“So He Must Be Guilty”
Hounding the McCanns
—–end of quote—-
Did prince Charles have a boat in Portugal on the 3 May 2007? What was the name of the boat? Which port was it in? How come the Press have not reported the information? I would love to hear from anyone who can fill in the details on this.
Was the Naomi Corlett hired out? Was there a connection between Sergei Malinka’s car being bombed out and the possible rental of his boat?
No one else has reported this story except Rosiepops
However, she did not name the boat and did not respond to my question about the name and circumstances of the boat.Info on Rosiepops:She also runs a forum, called http://justiceformaccanfam.forumotion/where she banned Minnea (of “Madeleine is STILL missing” blog), for pointing out that Martin Grimes could not have brought his dogs to Portugal to do their sniffing without the knowledge and consent of Gordon Brown.

She runs another very seedy site for dating called ‘Sweet Harmony’ and is registered as Shona at Palermo.
Update 06.03.2011
The above article on Prince Charles’ boat in Portugal has now been removed from Tony Winter’s blog. The above article is now the only one that can be found on google search engine.
It is also of note that Prince Andrew, brother of Charles, is now under suspicion of paedophilia. Or at least, of keeping company with a convicted paedophile whose name is Jeffrey Epstein. While David Icke claims that Balmoral and Sandringham are sites of Satanic rituals.

This looks like a very old photo of Andrew dating back to his bachelor days in London. The girl in this Daily Mail photo was just 17 at the time. Andrew must have known Epstein for more than the claimed ‘five years’. The photo could have been taken at a house in London.
Prince Andrew with another very youg girl. This photo looks like it is taken at one of those Masonic sex parties and reminds me of the film ‘Eyes Wide Shut’.

we just try to share the knowledge and get some hope for justice, and never intend to claim other articles are ours. Respect to the Whistler, keep it coming.


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