The Esoteric Code of G-d

The Esoteric Code of G-d

Have you ever wondered why Jews would be so intimidated by English that they would blasphemy against the word “GOD” and thus change the inherent design in the name to suit their own mystical purposes? Gematria, Kabballah, and other forms of “mystical Arts” indeed, do, invite fascinating insights into why words and letter structures are as “they are”.

I mean. What is this nonsense of “no self respecting Jew would ever say the word God” when their language and hence their very word for it is “not English”? Why do they change English to suit their purposes? Are Jews intimidated by English so much so that they have to change an esoteric code of “GOD”? Don’t they have their own language and hence their own esoteric construct? What is the real reason for the changing of an English esoteric contstruct to suit a Setian elite? Ever heard of YHVH, or the letters “yud, heh, vav, heh”? This not “mystical enough” for the Setial elitists and their flock?

Do Jews use the term “ALLAH”, or do they change that word too? What do they call “Allah”? LL? Do they remove the “A”‘s so as not to “speak or utter that which is unspeakable”?

Do you see what is being gotten at here? Think rationally regarding this issue, and you will soon come to a realisation that there is a mystical imposition with an irrational explaination being applied to the quite esoterically constructed word of “GOD”, just too as there is a “mystical esoterically constructed” design in the letters YHVH.

“Mystically esoterically constructed” is just a fancy way of saying that there is a wholly rational explaination as to why the Letters are chosen and designed as they are. Such is how the Illuminatus system works.

The formula for YHVH shows that Yud is 10, Heh is 5, Vav is 6, and Heh is 5. This creates the “Jewish” esoteric formula of YHVH = 10+5+6+5 = 26. Yet the word GOD, too, is 7+15+4 = 26, so the word GOD is an “English” esoteric formula showing 7+15+4 = 26, while YHVH is a “Jewish” explained rationalisation for the English letters of YHVH totalling 26. And when we consider that the Letter H is “the Greek Letter Pi”, as it clearly is by design and as a rule in the Isisian Codes, we can remove the H as symbol of the closing of the circle, and then we can show that ALLAH has an “Arabic” esoteric formula of 1+12+12+1 = 26, wherein the H closes the sound and hence the “circle”.

So the Key Number here is the 26.

Yet each of these formulas shows “26” as set against the English alphabet or sounds.

Funny that, that Jews (Setian Illuminatus) would craft a code that removed the “O”, or the “feminine” within “God”, thus creating a defeminized esoteric code of “G-d”, and then leave the world with a silly explanation that makes, when viewed from a tactical gematriatic sense, a complete attempt to cloud and destroy the English esoteric formula, of which GOD is a pure and complete, wherein YHVH is confused and muddled.

After all. When we view the letters YHVH, we arrive at a literal ENGLISH esoteric formula of 25+8+22+8 = 63. Not very esoteric, is it. No matter how contorted and twisted you wish to contort your reason and logic, the summary and arbitrary attempt to assign values to English based on foreign rules is absolutely insane and lacking in precision and depth of comprehension of Qaballa in its purest sense as shown in the Isisian Codes.

The Isisian Codes, being a pure and complete form of Qaballa, reveals and returns all if only we can understand the transposition and channeles upon which numbers are fused to letters and sounds. As such, we can observe the following esoteric computations for the Letters YHVH, but must begin with the rather overt and obvious.

YHVH are all ENGLISH LETTERS. This is SO HARD for most to grasp, begin bred and trained to simply believe in absurdities as truths.


Attributing them to the Hebrew is a form of “transposition”, yet this transposition is obviously arbitrary when the letters are affixed with Hebrew (Setian elite) values, for it is clear that YHVH are and remain English letters. Their placements are what they are, and so Occultists take a huge leap of faith (and in the process a leap into a shadow world of false conclusions brought about by clearly false observations) that what is being seen is different from what is being seen.

The very process equally destroys the Occult channels designed within the words, but that is a deeper concept for more advanced Qaballistic students of the Craft.

Understand and observe clear:

YHVH is YHVH. These Letters do not bow down to a foreign system. A foreign system (Rabbinical Kabballah) has sought to impose the definitions on the Letters even as the Letters stand absolute.

You must contemplate clear what is being intimated.

The Secret Code of G-d is just one such insight into the way in which words and meanings get twisted to deceive with the intent to elevate one system over another. One system does not even acknowledge that another system exists. This is Setian logic: ignore to the end of time with the hope that by burying one’s head in the sand that truth will remain out of sight and out of mind and hence cease to exist.

An Aquarian era cannot be predicated on such lunacies and absurdities.

Transposing YHVH to a Value of 26

The Isisian Codes as show above allows us to observe some basic phonetic/letter equivalencies. The Isisian Codes are as a guide. The Illuminatus System in Setian or Osirian models do not totally adhere to the above, but these serve as a ready analysis tool.

Y as “Yud”, really is the Aryanised, or German, “J” sound, as in “Jah” = “Yah”. It is being given a value of “10” in the Hebrew, but is really deriving its sound from the “soft phonetic of the J sound, which is, quite conveniently, placed at 10”. It is no secret that Jewish Kabballah (Setian Illuminatus) is a system set against the 10, or the “JAH”. Yet, in the Isisian Codes, the Letter Y is “25” as well as “9”, which then creates a transposition of “1”, in that the Letter Y shares the column with the Letter I, which is the Roman number of 1.

H as Heh has a value of 5. However, Heh is, in reality, Pi. Study its shape. The sum of 1:5 is 15, which is the Letter O, which is the pictographic representation of Pi. It, the Letter “0”, also happens to be the shape of the Number 5 in Arabic

However, the Letter H shares column 8 with the Roman numeral “X”, which has a value of “10”.

Vav, as 6 in Hebrew, can be seen to essentially be encoding the ENGLISH ESOTERIC system of the Isisian Codes, for at column number 6 are the letters F and V, or the phonetics of “fav”, wherein the “f” and “v” are the labials as “vav” too encodes clear at position number 6. However, as is the way of the “joker”, things are still not as they appear, for V too is number 5 in Roman system.

Now, and ONLY NOW, can you sanely and RATIONALLY transpose the formula of YHVH = 26, but you HAVE TO UNDERSTAND the basis of the transposition.

Y is I is 1
H is X is 10
V is V is 5
H is X is 10

YHVH is “code” for IXVX = 1+10+5+10 = 26. This is the ONLY CONDITION under which the letters YHVH = 26. What is Hebrew is Hebrew is Hebrew. What is English is English.

The two systems are not directly interchangeable on a 1:1 basis, and here is where the false linking of Jewish “kabballah” to English as has been done by the later schools as Thelema and rabbinicised Masonry can be shred from a rational perspective as to the Gematria in play.

The Story of Pinocchio

Everything here is CRYSTAL clear.

Crystal we break out into the following letters:


See our wise tale.


There are two gods in play: Osiris as the Letter A, who is the real “eye of the pyramid” who is pictured to the left, and there is his brother Seth, who is the Letter I, yet appears as the “eye of the pyramid”, who is shown here on the right.

There was a boy. His name was PINOCCHIO. When he lied, his nose grew long. Then one day he turned into a donkey.


When Pinocchio lies, his nose grows.

See Seth’s long nose? Seth is the god that lies.

In the original tale, the Setian “god” and hence with it, the Setian Illuminatus, “lies” and is hence “bad”. Pinocchio, aside from the long nose of Seth, too turns into a “donkey”: Ass In the cults of Asia Minor a symbol of Set, Typhon, Satan, Jehovah, or Saturn. Jesus rides into Jerusalem “upon an ass, and a colt the foal of an ass,” in accordance with the prophecy in Zechariah (9:9). If the ass is Saturn, and its foal the earth (whose physical globe is governed by the genius of Saturn in connection with the moon), this is an apt symbol of the descent of the Christos into the lower worlds. Plutarch relates that Typhon or Set fled on an ass into Palestine and there founded Hierosolymus and Judaeus (De Iside et Osiride, ch 30).

Note clear the shape of the letter I to the shape of “the ass”.

Everything here is CRYSTAL clear.


The Secret Code of G-d

Now. Do you really think that the formulation for “G-d” is precisely what is publically pronounced when everything about Setian “metaphysics” is based on lies and deceptions? Pinocchio. Pi…

The Secret Code of G-d is just one such example, and here is how the code works.

Everything about the higher levels of the Construct is based around the Sun. It is the giver of life and without such, all life ceases to exist. It precedes all things (nouns). Hence English places the word THE before all nouns.

T = 4 = 10
H = 8 = 36
E = 5 = 5

(T*H)+E = (10*36)+5 = 360+5 = 365 = SUN

There are two primary marking points: the Solstices and the Equinoxes.

The word SOLSTICES encodes the aspect of the Winter and Summer Solstices.

T = Noon Zenith measurement of Sun (noon reading)

Within this word are tales regarding Osiris and the totality of the word SOLSTICE is clear. CRYSTAL clear.

So what is the word or letter code that encodes the Equinoxes? The equinox is the cardinal energy to the Solstice. Cardinal is the color of red. Red is the color of Seth/Jehovah/Typhon. It has its own code:


That is right. G-d is a CODE FOR THE EQUINOXES.

T is the Winter Solstice. It is the start. It is the WINTER = WINNER = ONE.

52 weeks. Each quarter is 13 weeks.

T is the Start. The Winter Solstice. O. The Start Point.


The Letter G is 13 weeks after T. The mark of the Spring Equinox.

Now spin G 180 degrees on center, as 6 to 9. What letter do you reveal?

The Hebrew Letter Pei. This is the phonetic of P, so the proper transposition for G spun 180 degrees on center is “p” when viewed in the Hebrew, but this must be returned to the English, so it must be spun back 180 degrees.

P spun 180 degrees on center as 6 to 9 reveals “d”.

Hence the rational observation is that T is indeed the Solstice, wherein Solstice encodes both points, the Winter as ICE and the Summer as SOL’s. So it should come as no surprise that the Illuminatus had configured a word to reveal the Equinoxes.

This code must be clear. CRYSTAL CLEAR.

G is indeed the Spring Equinox.

Spin the Letter G on its center 180 degrees to reveal the Hebrew Letter Pei. The esoteric significance of the Letter Pei is that of Speech. It too clearly encodes the word PI.

Pi linked to Speech.

Imagine that. You just had to go to two different linked codes to get the knowledge, but if told such was so, surely it is not so difficult.

Spin the Hebrew phonetic of “p” 180 degrees back to English “d”.

You have the Illuminatus Code of G-d.

It is “cardinal” or at 90 degrees to the Solstices.

Happy “fall” equinox. Happy “G-d”.


From the Illuminatus Observor Blogspot, for some reason the only article that will not save as a pdf, so reposted so as to assist in the, well, unveiling.


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