Jimmy Saville, Death of a Showman

T Stokes – October 31, 2011

The death of Jimmy Saville marks the end of the line for a man who lived a Jekyll and Hyde like existence.

On the one hand Jimmy was the flamboyant pop presenter who appeared regularly on TV and radio and seemed to personify much of the Swinging Sixties. On the other was a far less well known man who inhabited a hidden world where figures from politics and entertainment mixed alongside criminals to gratify their perverted lusts.

In the early seventies a young boy just into his teens was picked up for stealing sweets in a Hampstead supermarket. The boy had already been warned by staff previously so the police collected him and took him to the station where under questioning he disclosed the of names of various men, many in the public eye, who took boys out from the care home where he lived.

The boy had a sexually transmitted disease and the police doctor refused to let the matter drop. Under questioning the boy revealed that others from the home were meeting men on Hampstead Heath for pocket money at a well-known place for homosexual pickups.

He told how one young boy, small for his age with a large mop of curly blonde hair would loiter around public toilets near the Heath, and when a man approached him a group of other boys who had been hiding behind bushes would jump on the man, beat and rob him.

Known as “poof bashing” the boys thought themselves safe from prosecution, as their victims would be unlikely to report the crime to police.

At the time a secret investigation into sexual abuse by priests called Operation Templeman uncovered widespread sexual abuse by the clergy.

It was said that paedophiles thought they had it made if they joined the clergy, although at the time no one thought to ask why the church had drawn such people into its ranks.

However, the abuse wasn’t confined to the Catholic clergy. A well-known IRA man during a deathbed confession sacrament told of kinky parties in Dublin and London, where young boys were brought by a well-known figure in the underworld who, my sources affirm, was East End gangster Ronnie Kray.

Apparently Kray had access to many London care homes and would have boys delivered to parties at DJ Alan ” fluff” Freeman’s large flat over a music shop in East London. There they would meet with show biz types and DJs including Jimmy Saville, Joe Meeks and on occasion Beatles manager Brian Epstein.

Saville was among several men well known to local police, in fact Saville instigated the DJ disco genre solely to gain access to boys, and at that time, many of the DJs wanted access to androgynous scooter riding boys with their make up and Carnaby Street clothes.

The old beat policeman who patrolled the streets around my central London flat told me told me that the whole the eastern region crime squad based at Rigg approach, East London was being disbanded at the time through corruption, homosexuality and funny handshakes.

Now I have worked with many freemasons over the years and most of the lower degrees are fine. However, the higher in degree the more morally questionable they become. Until the very senior Masonic degrees all have an unhealthy interest in the occult and sexual perversion.

The eastern crime squad knew about the Kray gangsters and the sex parties known as ” Pink ballets ” with young lads but let them continue,

I have often wondered why? In much the same way that Fred West held kinky parties over the years often with high flyers. Social workers and the police were well aware of Fred’s activities but looked the other way. Why? Who were they covering for?

The Krays endeared themselves to the British public after the IRA bombed the East London waterworks, when Reg Kray announced that if the IRA bombed once more every Irish pub and club the length of Britain would be destroyed.

Such was the Kray’s fearsome reputation that for some time after there was no more bombings.

There is a saying in intelligence circles that; “only the enemy is in front of you, and every other bugger is behind you”. The Soviets were so successful in recruiting beautiful women to honey trap intelligence operatives, politicians and key personnel working far from home, that they decided to employ homosexuals.

This, they discovered was a big mistake as most homosexuals are very promiscuous. Rothschild’s Cambridge apostles for instance, were almost all of this type and easy to lead astray, blackmail or threaten with exposure. Guy Burgess is on record as saying that single sex boarding schools and universities were a breeding ground for such homosexuals; where bullying or “fagging” the younger boys gave rise to the term “faggot”.

When Guy Burgess himself defected to Russia his hosts were horrified to discover that he had brought with him his collection of Jane Austen books, together with a poke bonnet and a dress from the period for himself.

Indeed the British establishment has had more than its fair share of such characters: some who have been elevated to national heroes while others, like Burgess, have been condemned as traitors.

In the end analysis however, whether heroes or traitors, they both have the same perverted lusts, which have been used as a means to control them by their masters.

Winston Churchill’s original Sandhurst file, for example, described him as an idle layabout and a confirmed sodomite who was a menace to the younger boys.

Meanwhile the young boy caught shoplifting in the Hampstead supermarket disclosed the names of many top people using the boys, but an angry senior detective told me that Sir Anthony Blunt, the Keeper of the Queen’s pictures had the inquiry squashed from the highest levels.

There’s a saying in Intelligence circles: “a socialist will only promote another socialist and a homosexual will only promote another homosexual“ and there is some truth in this. A case in point being Maurice Oldfield: who was installed as intelligence chief on the recommendation of Lord Rothschild. Once Oldfield took the post he in turn promoted other homosexuals in the service, before being sacked by Margaret Thatcher in 1980 as details of visits by young boys to his home reached her.

People ask why all these care home abuse scandals are being hushed up? And what about the missing kids who, some estimates number in the hundreds?

It may be because Tony Blair’s Children’s Minister Margaret Hodge (Oppenheimer)  was said to be totally incompetent; or that Peter Mandelson who is chief Trustee of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Children also seemed to be looking the other way.

Yet their pal Rupert Murdoch was tapping the phones at these homes so if he knew why didn’t they? The whisper in some circles is that they were all in place to keep a lid on rather than expose goings on.

Young persons counselor, Karen Porter, said last night: “many young boys in various care homes can sleep easier in their beds now that Jimmy Saville has gone”

T Stokes London

Jimmy Savile, star of children’s television favourite Jim’ll Fix It, sued the Sun in 2008 over a series of articles linking him to Haut de la Garenne, the Jersey children’s home where human remains were found and children were allegedly tortured and sexually abused. He initially denied ever visiting the home, despite photographic evidence to the contrary. Source

Updated, 14th Feb via Aangirfan.


Sir Jimmy SavileWebsite for this image

The BBC stopped an investigation, by Newsnight, into allegations that BBC TV entertainer Sir Jimmy Savile sexually abused a teenage girl at the BBC’s Television Centre.

BBC shelved Jimmy Savile sex abuse investigation ‘to protect its own reputation’

A woman told Newsnight that Savile molested her when she was 14 or 15.

Newsnight found several women who said that Savile groomed and abused teenagers.

Newsnight was told of claims that two other TV celebrities, still alive, sexually abused girls at Television Centre in the 1970s.

The BBC bosses ordered that the investigation be dropped.

Duncroft School

All of the women making the allegations were former pupils of Duncroft Approved School in Staines, Surrey.

Two claimed that Savile gave them money in return for sex.

Savile was a regular visitor to this school.

Savile was a regular visitor to a number of institutions such as one on the ‘child-abuse island’ of Jersey where children were allegedly tortured and murdered.

In 2007, Surrey Police received a complaint from a woman who said she was sexually assaulted by Savile at Duncroft in the 1970s.

The allegation was investigated but no further action was taken.

Savile had links to top people. Pall bearers from the Royal Marines carry the coffin of Sir Jimmy into Leeds Cathedral for his funeral serviceWebsite for this image

Allegedly Jimmy Saville supplied kids to top people such as prime minister Ted Heath.

Allegedly, UK Prime Minister Edward Heath “would regularly take boys from certain care homes away on his boat for weekends….

“The name ‘Mr. Eddy’ was well known on Hampstead Heath and the boys home nearby in the seventies.”

“ALLEGEDLY… the person bringing children for him to abuse was Sir Jimmy Savile.

“He was seen by the witness, victim, taking young boys onboard Heaths yacht the Morning Cloud when they were at party conference.

“Saville is known for supplying a number of high profile MP’s with children for them to sexually abuse.”

TV star Jimmy Savile – fond of boys.

On 29 October 2011, a West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said:

‘Police were called at 12.10pm today to the discovery of a man’s body at a house in Roundhay, Leeds.

‘The body of a man in his 80s was found at the property…’

The body was that of Sir Jimmy Savile.

Savile was a regular visitor to Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace, and Highgrove.

(Jimmy Savile dead: Presenter dies aged 84)

Jimmy Savile

“In the 50s, when Savile was running dancehalls in the north, he earned himself a reputation as a hard man.

“Savile, the most Jewish Catholic you’ll ever meet, asks me if I’ve been to Israel…

“He talks about the dancehall days. ‘I wouldn’t stand for any nonsense whatsoever. Ever, ever. I never threw anybody out. Tied them up and put them down in the bloody boiler house until I was ready for them’

“The press has dogged him for years, determined to pin some nastiness on him. Savile says they have failed miserably. Is he talking about the paedophile rumours?”

(In bed with Jimmy The Guardian guardian.co.uk)

Child abuse at a childrens’ home in Jersey – “Seems Jimmy Saville, Wilfred Brambles (played the old boy in Steptoe) and at least one ex Tory cabinet minister are implicated.

“Saville has put out a gagging order, he was a regular visitor to the home.

“Very simiar to Kinocra and other similar scandals where masons conspired with top cops and those in high places to escape justice.”

(Masonic child abuse in jersey, Jimmy Saville implicated – Stormfront)

“He … did have some contacts at morgues around the country and he paid them for access to their, shall we say, clients.”

(Jimmy Savile – David Icke’s Official Forums)

Savile and cub scouts

“Savile, the star of children’s television favourite Jim’ll Fix It, decided to start proceedings against the Rupert Murdoch paper after a series of articles linked the former Radio One DJ with Jersey children’s home Haut de la Garenne.

“The police are currently investigating the care home after human remains were found at the residence where children were allegedly tortured and sexually abused.

“On 1 March, Savile’s solicitors said, The Sun carried a photograph of the former Top of the Pops presenter allegedly visiting the Jersey home.

“This was followed with a series of articles. One asserted that Savile was unwilling to assist with the police investigation and another that he admitted having visited the home. The Sun also criticised Savile for being unprepared to ‘go some way to fixing it for the victims’.”

(Jimmy Savile turns to Fox Hayes for action against The Sun News …)

Sir Jimmy Savile and friends

“In the 1960′s ,The former Radio 1 DJ Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman owned a large corner shop on the Lea Bridge Rd in London.

“This shop has recently been reported as a place where ‘Fluff’ held kinky parties ,attended by the likes of confirmed bachelor Sir Jimmy Saville , Jonathen King, the once jailed paedophile broadcaster & former pop star and Brian Epstein, who was at the time the Homosexual manager of the Beatles.

At these parties , young boys , specially brought over from several childrens homes would be plied with drugs and alcohol.

“However these parties were forced to come to an end when Police chiefs got wind that the MP & Ex Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe was attending them along with several other prominent MP’s…

“Edward Heath, Prime Minister of England from 1970-74… was a frequent visitor to the Haute Garrene childrens care home on Jersey.”


Jimmy Savile and friends

In 1988, Jimmy Savile “was named as the head of a new task force charged with turning around Broadmoor, Britain’s most notorious high-security psychiatric hospital, home to Ronnie Kray and Peter Sutcliffe.”

(Rolls of bank notes in his shell suit, he wore oddness as a badge)

Ronnie Kray reportedly ran a pedophile ring for top people (THE KRAY TWINS, BOYS, TOP PEOPLE, SEX IN PRISONS)

Jersey; top people; a cover-up?

Update 5/8/2012



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