Free DOM

                                                     How do you see it?

          Is the Freedom/Freeman movement Awake or A WAKE?

Many are Theists,  many are A-Theists,

Many The-ists may suffer cognitive dissonance  consciously or not at the thought of A-Thiesm, many will stand strong in blind belief/faith? unable to assimilate another perception? to ignore or dismiss without critical thought is Stupidity not ignorance, the latter is being unaware, the former is the kind we can ill afford to listen to if we strive for Freedom, whatever your perception of freedom is, Though not letting religious/spiritual beliefs divert away from unity towards the common goal, Freedom from the enslavement of us all and our future generations……………..difficult.

From the cyphers, codes  occulted in the 26 of the Illuminatus , The English Alpha bet, By analysing the word Illuminatus, we can see that the word is rich in “Roman Numberals”.

I, L, L, M, I

By converting these letters back to “1’s and 0’s”, we reveal the following formulation:

I = 1
L = 50
L = 50
M = 1000
I = 1

By adding the (50+50), or the (L+L), we can convert the “50’s” back to 1’s and 0’s as the sum of 50+50=100. This then creates the following number:

I = 1
L+L = 100
MI = 1001

When we set these back against themselves, we create the following:

I(L+L)MI = 11001001 = 11.001001

Why is this a critical number set? Because 11.001001 is equal to Binary Pi.

then we are left with the following “letters/digits”.

UTANUS , wot d’ya see?

It all returns to Pi, always, it is the omnific word, the lost word, coaxed from Ra, irrelevant of our views of secret societies, religions, mine included, this is the simple truth, well maybe not simple, upon first encounter with the Fetch’s work my mind went into overdrive for a few weeks and experienced some of the aforementioned  cognitive dissonance, and although liberating it gets more intense, but  and as A Theist or Athiest in the ‘Freeman/Freedom movement’,  to ignore said knowledge and writings of the Ancients and Ancestors , of the Enlightened that occulted for us with eyes to see,  is truly stupidity.

I am a Freeman, and I strive for Free-dom, Free 4 15 13, free 3.1415…….by chance? pppfff.

If the “waking state” is to “awaken” from sleep, then why is it that “Catholics” attend a “wake” for the deceased?

After all, the soul is said to traverse the heavens in a boat, and what is left behind when a boat travels?

The wake of a ship, of course, is that which remains “behind”, only to dissolve back into the ocean upon which it makes its presence.

The parallels are easy to forge and see.

Yet philosophically, a “wake” too, has the “a” removed, and so equally must represent a state of “a – wakening”.

                       Not forgetting the ‘elites’ that have corrupted this knowledge to enslave us and commit genocide and Treason, and intend to expand on it, as you do, check out the latest moves in India towards their NWO,

Metaphorically speaking of course.

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