Treason Campaign Update (Norwich)

On March 19th letters were sent for arrival on the 20th/21st March, the dates were chosen for obvious reasons to those in the know, For the recipitants of said correspondence who may read this one day soon, Norfolk Police, The first date was the illegal wars started in Iraq and Libya, the second being the Eve of Ostara, another popular Pagan date the  Elites like to use, but this is Norfolk Police we’re talking about, not the brightest or bravest in my experience, so far anyway.

The mail is as follows, sent to Chief Inspector  Dennis Lacey, Inspector Lynne Cross, and Inspector Nigel Richards, along with Inspector Mark Haddow who received the allegations in 2010, and bottled it big time, The whole of Norwich police have now been informed of the FCO 30/1048 which shows clear, the conspiracy by the Heath government, Paedophile protecting shitty little propaganda units BBC & ITV, and elements of MI6 by a good ol’ chap named Redaway .

Lacey (click)

cross (click)

Richards  ( yup)

Once the predicted response is received by this writer, They’ll bleat on about no Prima Facie, or Obscelete this ‘n’ that, This Statute repelealed that, We expect it, But  letters are ready to go to every police force in the country, reporting Norfolk Police for serious neglect of  duty and Misprision of Treason.

We intend to find a Constable with the bravery and intelligence to uphold their Oath of Office, when we do, they can be sure of one thing, the support of many, many true patriots who are educated and aware, focused and dedicated.  The cowards, Psychos and conditioned types  however, who so far, have bowed to their masonic superiors and kept  their heads up their arses for fear of losing their jobs, mortgages and pensions, are now going to anyway, with Fabian stealth, Police around the country are being privatized, as said, not the brightest.

The word Psycho is not used lightly, it is a very real and intentional situation. Freemasonry  the same, there are good and evil in both police and brotherhoods of all schools of thought. As only fish and children school due to being sub merged, B low, it is the risen, enlightened who must remain in the shadows to keep the flicker alight in the dark in these brotherhoods, indeed the deaths in police custody and various masonic cover ups would suggest the darker, sub merged school have the upper hand at the present time, some would say Left Hand.

As they are Masonic by and large, it’s quite amusing to an observor that these ‘enlightened’ in places of ‘power’ , don’t have the common sense to see that which is hidden in plain sight, right in front of their eyes, Poetic Justice SPRINGS to mind.

22/3/2012,  Sols T Ice

Update 11th June 2012;

Chief Constable Philip Gormley has been advised as to the present situation, and requested to investigate Blair, Cameron and Clegg, Aswell as the above Policy men and women. Details should soon be up on Alberts site.



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