Trolls, bless ’em M IVI.

As a rule, 99% of responses to this blog are positive, encouraging and uplifting. We do get attacks and they are usually predictable , writing about Police or common purpose should do the trick, then one will appear, maybe more but what stands out is their lack of perception, some seem, in my contacts with them to miss the point entirely and resort to personal attacks. Now I know this is titled Trolls, and we all know they’re mostly paid to do it, especially the Zionist camp who pay $2,ooo a month for Israelis, ex IDF and other sayanim types to troll and attack those who are awake, GCHQ Cheltenham, Chatham House, the ‘state’ list is endless , and thats without the  disinfo from within the so called ‘truth’ movement.

A Troll usually, in my experience will attack the material, the content, and insult simultaneously, they have an agenda and could well be paid, but attacks that don’t address the material or content, let alone the evidence, used to baffle me.

Why spend days arguing semantics, spelling, making un prevoked insults and yet not touch on the material or the evidence? If they’re not being paid or don’t have an agenda, if they’ve stumbled upon some info or blog and don’t like what they see, why? why spend days wasting time with pointless discussion. If you don’t like a media, a channel or reading material, you turn over or put it down, don’t you? If you meet an offensive, frightening or disturbing personality you move on, don’t you? unless your intrigued that is.

The answer is easy, The evidence is there, How many world leaders, philosophers, writers have openly told us over millennia of the game in play, Artists of all medias have given us hints, the Architecture,  Language, poems and songs, scriptures and ancient teachings, All have at least hinted at, some screamed out loud at the game in play, too numerous by far for this post.

The list of quotes from famous people is endless too, some almost cliche by now, but the couple that nail it for this subject,

“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face
with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”
― — J. Edgar Hoover

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Both quotes define the non professional, no agenda attackers, they’re not all, full of apathy and duplicity, some may one day see partially, if not fully through the hived mindset, so yes M, I will censor posts that detract, insult and mislead, debate me on what is Unequivocal, the Evidence, learn the difference between Legal and Lawful, the Constitution, or don’t, for you are a serf sir, a Mister, not I.

You M, not I am a MR, a Ward of the Court, a Citizen, you have ‘submitted’ your papers and consented to be governed, for you are lost at sea, see, do you  M?  13?  Don’t believe me? niggling pain in your stomach? go on, look up ‘C’estui Que Vie Act 1666’. Dead, lost at sea,  A Vessel, a ship sailing in commerce, do you think they’ll deal with you unless you enter a Dock? by Con sent?

The first veil is seeing that Governments are but puppets placed, beyond that the hole deepens and is obviously not for all. Some are those around  us everyday, some of our family and friends, they kinda know you talk of weird stuff like 9/11 and 7/7, but ridicule and fear are powerful restraints. peer pressure all powerful in many arenas.

Some simply just can’t see it, the truth does piss you off, but do the trolls realize?

The good people i’ve met, talked to and discussed the waking process with, agree that realizing,  real eyes see real lies, can be  painful , cognitive dissonance, emotional rollercoasters,  months of little sleep and 24/7 research, in some it takes months, some years, and some, never.

Do the trolls realize they’re being trolled? do they see ‘It’, the method of control?, they have family, children, parents, grandchildren right? but no , the Eso trolls, from elevated positions bombard the useful idiots of trolldom aswell as the ignorant masses, who are the Eso trolls?

You sit in front of them every day of your life, all around, extremely powerful and wealthy.

Source of pic ; Exposing brilliantly the hidden agenda of Holy wood and the Mainstream Media, the subliminals  and the Gay Agenda.


Some will never see it   Source;

The above few links are not for the faint hearted, but a good starting point for those who can handle the Esoteric, Others simply cannot or will not see it, ever.

Why shoot the messenger? Trolls bless ’em M IVI

In the Letter M, we too see that it is comprised of the Male and the Female.

Divide the Letter M into its constituent glyphs to form

M = I V I

Reorder the glyphs to show

M = I V I = V I I

This then creates the number of VII, or SEVEN. The “II” of the VII is a cipher of the Greek Letter Pi, or 1314. When reversed, it forms 1413, which, when set back against letters reveals:

M = I V I = V I I = “V” and “II”

1413 set against the letters reveals the word ADM, or 1413, or Pi in reverse, which then becomes ADM as male, while the V reversed is phonetically ciphered from

V(ee) = EEV(e)

Hence the Letter M is an acroamatic cipher for the words ADM and EVE, or Male and Female.

M =

V = Female = EVE = 666
II = Male = ADM = 1413 = 3.141 = Pi

Source ;

Let he who would be deceived, be deceived.

For those who don’t like what they read, I invite your leave, and best wishes on your journey, wherever it may lead.

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