The Third Way, EU & Common Purpose’ Third Reich in Britain.

Anexposure Report: by Hope

The United Nations has designated 2012 as the International Year of Co-operatives. In short, our crossparty politicians have recently merged to form a totalitarian Co-Operative Party, which defies our British Constitution.


The Conservatives, Liberals Democrats and the Labour Party, are ALL registered and ‘co-operating’ with one giant Co-Operative Movement! Please see (below) their individual company numbers (obtained lawfully from Companies House), along with their own ‘missionstatements’ as evidence.

It means our Politicians not only receive funding directly from taxpayers, but indirectly via the following Co-Operative companies:Banks, Unions, Foundation Trust Hospitals, Internet Services,Co-Operative Trust Schools and Academies, Insurance Firms, Co-op Supermarkets, Building Companies, Housing Associations, and even Funeral Services etc.  The Co-Operative Movement in its entirety is too big to mention here, so I have made a short list of their most relevant companies.

It has been right under our nose all the time, and in every aspect of our daily lives and we have been inadvertently funding their growth. By their own declaration their shared political goal is based on, Mutuality, Co-Operation and Localism.  Indeed Localism is their new word for Globalism, but there is nothing mutual, lawful, or democratic about it.   It is dictatorial Marxism, that presently and bizarrely appears in both Communist and Fascist form. It all amounts to the ‘Third Way’ of the EU and its Common Purpose for a New World Order. Sadly a modern day ‘Third Reich’ is upon us. The details below prove our so-called cross party politicians are both profiteering as a company, and as a single totalitarian party. Their shared, ideology is based on Freudo-Marxism and Gramscian-Marxism.



TheirCompany Number: IP030558

Status: Active – 09 March 2012

Partof their own Mission Statement reads:

The Conservative Co-operative movement (CCM) has been established to promote the co-operative ideal from within the Conservative Party, in order to realise the concept of the Big Society.

CCM will promote cooperative values.

A call by David Cameron for a new centre-right organisation to promote co-ops and the co-operative ethos.

Enabling legislation for public sector workers to form co-ops to deliver public services; for communities to take over municipal and council facilities, and run them as co-ops (very Common Purpose)

Now constituted as a co-op itself, the CCM has started to build up its own membership according to co-operative principles.

If you wish to see their company contributors, then please visit theirweb-link below

Their Website:

1st Source of info:

2nd Company

The Co-operative Party Limited

TheirCompany Number: IP030027

Status: Active – 07 March 2012

Part of their own Company Description reads:

The Co-operative Party is part of the global co-operative movement. Over 800 million people are members of co-operatives worldwide, and the UN estimates that the livelihood of three billion people is made more secure by co-operatives.

Is a centre-left political party. The party does not put up candidatesfor UK elections, instead, Co-operativecandidates stand jointly with the Labour Party as “Labourand Co-operative Party” candidates. Although asister party of the Labour Party, the Co-operative Party is legally a separate political organisation, and members of the Co-operative Party do not have to join the Labour Party although they are not permitted to be members of another political party.

Our manifesto is also about fostering a new 21st century collectivism. From foundation trust hospitals to co-operative trust schools, we arealready seeing the benefits that new mutual organisations are bringing to public services. From, Fair Trade, Global poverty and Protecting future of the planet – etc. etc.

Funding and finance: Most of the party’s incomecomes from grants made by the retail co-operative societies and frommembers’ fees.

If you wish to see their company contributors, then please visit theirweb-link below


1st Source of info:

2nd Source of info:

3rd Company


Their Company Number: NL18417604

Status: Active – 07 March 2012

Company Description:

Similar to previous company but Labour and Co-Operative, who share the same Co-Operative Party website and policies

If you wish to see their company contributors, then please visit their web-link below

their Website:

1st Source of info:

2nd Source of info:

3rd Source of info:

4th Company

Associationof Liberal Democrat Co-operators (ALDCO)

Their Company Number:05908001

Status: Active – 09 March 2012

Part of their own Company Description reads:

ALDCO is an organisation within the Liberal Democrats. Its aims are to promote co-operation and mutualism within the Liberal Democrats, and to promote the Liberal Democrats to co-operatives and mutuals. It also has a keen interest in subjects related to co-operation and mutualism, such as Community Politics and Ethical Fair Trading.

Co-operatives appeal to Liberal Democrats because they are run along democratic lines – it’s one of the co-operative principles. Power-sharing, working together, coalitions, all follow the co-operative principle.

If you wish to see their company contributors, then please visit their web-link below

Their Website:

1st Source of info:

2nd Source of info:

3rd Source of info:



Their Company Number: 07747126

Status: Active – 10 March 2012

Re The Co-operative Academies and Co-operative Trust Schools, collectively – from ‘The Schools Co-Operative Society ‘(SCS) website, which reads:

Leading education through co-operation. The educational co-operative sector is a dynamic countrywide network which aims to transform the curriculum, leadership and governance of schools through co operative values. The development of young people into active global citizens is at the core of our philosophy.

Our philosophy is to provide an alternative way of organising and managing a school, that places it at the centre of its community and gives a voice to all the stakeholders that can make it and its students highly successful.

The Schools Co-operative Society is the apex body of the 100s of independent Co-operative Schools and Educational Co-operatives across the UK that are transforming education.  At SCS we aim to co-ordinate the network and provide advice, guidance and support to our members.

We have a wide variety of schools that are part of SCS. These include:-

infant schools

junior schools

secondary schools

primary schools

special schools

middle schools

Thereis also a variety of different types

single sex schools

faith schools

selective schools

community schools.

clusters of schools

End quote

To quote their Co-Op Academy in Stoke-On-Trent, their conditional staff policy reads: Set high standardsand expectations for personal, pupils’, staff and governors’ behaviours and actions in support the achievement of the Academy’s intended outcomes – Endquote.

So that is an open declaration that they intend to police and manipulate children’s behaviour, in order to achieve a certain set of outcomes. It is political, repressive and very dangerous!

If you wish to see their company contributors, then please visit their web-link below

The Schools Co-Operative Society (SCS) website:

The Co-Op Academy in Stoke-On-Trent website:

1st Source of info:

6th Company


Their Company Number: IP17107R

Status: Active – 10 March 2012

Part of their Social Housing Company / Landlord Description reads:

CDS Co-operatives’ registered name is ‘TheCo-operative Development Society Ltd’.  But that’s too long,so we use CDS Co-operatives as our trading name. We are registered as a co-operative society under The Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965 with the Financial Services Authority.

We are also a registered social landlord with the Tenant ServicesAuthority (formerly the Housing Corporation) under the provisions ofsection 1 of the Housing Act 1996, registration number LH0170. TheTenant Services Authority is the government agency that regulates registered social landlords. As a registered social landlord we are eligible for social housing grants from the Homes and Communities Agency to develop new homes and are subject to Tenant Services Authority regulation.  We are also a member of the Housing Ombudsman Service.

We provide the comprehensive range of services that our tenants, leaseholders and client co-operatives’ members may require and the support co-operatives need to control their homes. Our services include:

Housing development and project administration

Rent accounting and arrears control

Bookkeeping and accountancy

Financial planning and financial management, including the preparation of budgets, management accounts, annual accounts and business plans

Routine repairs administration

Planned maintenance and cyclical repairs administration

Member education and training

Tenancy and leasehold management

Lettings and void management

General housing and property management

Co-operative administration

Co-operative governance support and best practice advice

End quote.

Their present coverage is recorded as all of London suburbia and peripheral counties.

If you wish to see their company contributors, then please visit their web-link below

Their Website:

1st Source of info:

7th Company


Their Company Number:IP030572

Status: Active – 10 March 2012

Partof their Company Description reads:

The Co-operative Gateway East of England (CGEE) is a consortium of four co-operative development bodies in the East of England (Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk). It was formed in 2009 by several co-operative development bodies (CDB’s) to promote and support co-operative development across the Eastern Region.

Working with our partnership organisations we are able to offer start-up co-operatives and social enterprises the support they may need to make their ideas a reality. This advice and support will often be at modest cost and in many cases free to the fledgling organisation.(Common Purpose?)

We are part of The Co-operative Enterprise hub – which reads:

So many of the challenges faced by local communities throughout the UK could benefit from a co-operative solution.

When we say co-operative solution, we mean putting co-operative values and principles at the heart of your approach.  Those values are self-help, self-responsibility, equality and solidarity.  The principles that help us bring those values to life are voluntary and open membership, democratic member control, member economic participation, autonomy and independence, education, training and information, co-operation among co-operatives and concern for the community.


My own additional notes re their Gateway Project.

Whilst the above Co-Op Gateway project refers to East of England, it is also a national project, with each region registered separately.  Sometimes they are simply called ‘Gateway Cos’ (Cos = Co-operativeSociety?), or Gateway. So just search, “Gateway Railway UK” and a list of their recent developments will appear, each providing confirmation of their involvement.  But why would they want such large office buildings at the entrance of every railway station? It doesn’t feel right to me.

If you wish to see their company contributors, then please visit their web-link below

Their Website:

1st Source of info:

2nd Source of info:

8th Company


Their Company Number: IP29379R

Status: Active – 10 March 2012


Their Company Number: 00990937

Status: Active – 10 March 2012

Brief Description

A Co-Operative National Bank, which offers the usual insurmountable debt options, both on our Hight Streets and the internet.  Plus,Stocks and Shares ISA, Unit Trusts, Investment Bonds, Pensions, Home Insurance, Car Insurance, Life Insurance, Contents Insurance etc.

If you wish to see their company contributors, then please visit theirweb-link below

Their Website:,CFSweb/Page/Bank

1st Source of info:

9th Company


Their Company Number: IP030856

Status: Active – 10 March 2012

Brief Description:

The Co-operative Pharmacy website is owned and run by Co-operative Group Healthcare Limited.

Their Website:

1st Source of info:

10th Company


Their Company Number: IP26715R

Status: Active – 10 March 2012


Their Company Number: 00261096

Status: Active – 10 March 2012

Brief Description:

These are your local Co-Op Supermarkets, selling everything from food, clothes, shoes, flowers, toiletries to petrol and more! So everytime we buy a pint of milk, or fill up with their petrol, we are indirectly funding the Co-Operative Movement as a whole!

1st Source of info:

11th Company


Their Company Number: 01691293

Status: Active – 10 March 2012

Yes, they even bury us for a hefty fee!  It all comes courtesy of your local (globalist) none-caring, none sharing, very political co-optivemovement.

1st Source of info:

So that is the short list, indicating what the ‘Co-Operative Movement’ is about.  They are huge and taking over our country via harnessing OUR LIFE NEEDS, from the cradle to the grave, literally!  They have directly and indirectly through their affiliates, squeezed out our small shops, capped our farms and fisheries, taken funding from other Supermarkets, Unions and some Lords.  They have merged our political parties and infiltrated our schools, councils, internet and social housing etc.   Who would have thought it?  I certainly didn’t before this research.

2012 s indeed the year of the Co-Operatives and the public, do need to be made aware of the threat those TRAITORS in parliament now pose!  They have overuled our democracy and imposed a dictatorship.

So what can we do about this folks?

Kind regards to you all

From Hope,       Source;

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