5/5/5 Olympic Drills.


HMS Ocean, An 800 troop strong Amphibious assault  ship, with attack helicopter support is in town for Sum drills, Oh goody.

Ocean……9,3,5,1,14…….3.14159, Today is the 5th of May 2012……..5/5/5.

5+5+5=15. The O Letter/Number, and as the circle is also Pi.

The Sum of 1-5 is 15 is 1+5 is 6.

Sum Sol Diers have left Sum Missiles ‘n’ stuff unattended in same Town……….gone of for a bit………as you do……in Drills.


5 is E,U in the Isisian Codes

War criminal and Middle East peace envoy, Blair……… I know, who lives in Israel would love a comeback to Brit Ish Politics.

Blair has been out of Office for 5 years almost to the day,  and earned approximately £20 million since leaving Number 10.


He was PM from 2nd May 1997, 15 years ago, until 27th June 2007.

Tomorrow, 6th May is his Birthday.

5’s are 6’s and vice versa, at column 6 in the Isisian codes we find F &V,  FiVe, 5.

Blair was PM during 9/11 and 7/7, Their were Drills running during both attacks.


As for security? have a guess if you don’t already know.





He has placed a 70 year D notice on the death of Dr David Kelly, The Police Operation was named Mason, and commenced…..somewhat early, and a 100 years smacked on Dunblane, Really Tony? nope…..you’re being exposed……in a slow but sure way, almost Fabian in it’s tenacity.  Ironic or Poetic Justice?……… the world is waking.

Beltane appears to be biting  Anthony Charles Lynton Blair back, this letter is from 2003, but posted May 1st 2012,


Blair is linked to Paedophile rings with the same names appearing, Hollie Greig, Liz Docherty, Dunblane, Jersey, Belgium, Maddy.

The indefatigable pursuit of Blair and his ilk is paying off.

Blair is a Traitor to Britain, a Psychopath and a Zionist, he kisses the hand of the Pope.

Whether his return Is 2 B or Not 2 B, The powers that B that lurk in the shadows, They that pull the strings of Pathetic animals like Blair, appear, and are rumoured to be planning Sum thing.

Gareth Williams, The Spi in the Bag, apparently foiled an attack on England by Israel or her friends, to B blamed on you know who.


Nothing new    http://aangirfan.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/murdered-spies.html

Drills or Not, Blair or not, for the Puppeteers are  the same today as in Blairs ‘day’,

5/5/5 or 6/5/5 ? 5’s are 6’s and 6′ are 5’s, May the 6th is 82 days (10 =5+5) until the start of the XXX Olympiad, Today, May the 5th is 83 days, 11.

Lets hope the  men and women involved in the drills, in all services, keep an eye out for the clever Terrorists.

Bomb blast on 7/7, by a ‘rucksack’.

Just observations.

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