Shakespear or Breakspear?

“The philosophic ideals promulgated throughout the Shakespearian plays distinctly demonstrate their author to have been thoroughly familiar with certain doctrines and tenets peculiar to Rosicrucianism; in fact the profundity of the Shakespearian productions stamps their creator as one of the illuminati of the ages.”

“There are in existence but six known examples of Shakspere’s handwriting. All are signatures, and three of them are in his will. The scrawling, uncertain method of their execution stamps Shakspere as unfamiliar with the use of a pen, and it is obvious either that he copied a signature prepared for him or that his hand was guided while he wrote. No autograph manuscripts of the “Shakespearian” plays or sonnets have been discovered”

“The present consideration of the Bacon–Shakspere–Rosicrucian controversy is undertaken not for the vain purpose of digging up dead men’s bones but rather in the hope that a critical analysis will aid in the rediscovery of that knowledge lost to the world since the oracles were silenced.”

Manly P Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages.

Manly Hall also states that it is quite evident that William Shakespeare couldn’t unaided, have produced the writings. For one he didn’t possess the necessary literary knowledge. He states that the town of Stratford didn’t have a school capable of passing on the “higher forms of learning” that are reflected in the writings ascribed to him. His parents were illiterate, in his early life he had a total disregard for study and he never travelled outside of England.

note the shaded ‘A’s of the Hog/Rosicrucians.

All the known autographs of the Stratford actor read “William Shakspere” not “William Shakespeare”

There is no record that Shakspere ever owned a library. (It is argued that even a small library wouldn’t be enough for an author who demonstrate the kind of literary knowledge that span the ages like Shakespeare’s work does.)

There is no mention of any books in his will.

His parents were illiterate.

Shakspere’s daughter Judith was an illiterate. (It is argued that Shakspere wouldn’t permit his own daughter to reach the age of twenty-seven and marry without being able to read one line of the writings that made her father wealthy and locally famous)

From where did William Shakspere secure his knowledge of modern French, Italian, Spanish, and Danish? Not to mention classical Latin and Greek? (Ben Jonson, who knew Shakspere intimately, stated that the Stratford actor understood “small Latin and less Greek”)

No record exists of William Shakspere as having ever played a leading role in the famous dramas he is supposed to have written or in others produced by the company of which he was a member.

None of his heirs were involved in the printing of the First Folio after his death, nor did they benefit financially from it.

Shakspere’s manuscripts and unpublished plays would have been his most valued possessions,  his will mentions no literary productions whatsoever. (It does however mention his second-best bed and his “broad silver gilt bowl”)

What about the Hog (Bacon)

The content in the Shakespearian dramas are politically recognized viewpoints of Sir Francis Bacon (His “enemies” are frequently caricatured in the plays.)

The religious, philosophic, and educational messages all reflect his personal opinions.

Similarities in style and terminology exist in Bacon’s writings and the Shakespearian plays.

Certain historical and philosophical inaccuracies are common to both (such as identical misquotations from Aristotle.)

Sir Francis Bacon possessed the range of general and philosophical knowledge necessary to write the Shakespearian plays.

Sir Francis Bacon was a linguist and a composer. (Necessary to write the sonnets.)

He was a lawyer, an able barrister and a polished courtier and possessed the intimate knowledge of parliamentary law and the etiquette of the royal court revealed in the Shakespearian plays.

Bacon furthermore visited many of the foreign countries forming the background for the plays (Necessary to create the authentic local atmosphere. There is no record of William Shakspere’s ever having travelled outside of England)

Little doubt seems to exist in the minds of impartial investigators that Lord Bacon was the legitimate son of Queen Elizabeth and the Earl of Leicester”

Researching this will, in less than an hour show any who can still think, that Shakespere wrote zip.

Further research will show these writings are cyphers and codes, encrypting knowledge of the ancients, The secret teachings, the all encompassing knowledge of brotherhoods at the higher degrees, in plain english, the us and them barrier utilised by the ‘elites’ to keep the masses dumbed down.

“Hearkens after prophecies and dreams;
And from the cross-row plucks the letter G.”
– Shakespeare, Richard III, I, 1.

The Letter C, located as it is as Position Number 3, combined as it is with the Letter T, which rests at a position of 4, creates the Letter of G. The Letter G, resting as it is at number 7, reveals that 3+4=7. The “G” hides 2 of the Letters to the Sacred Alphabet, the Letter C and the Letter T, as well as their esoteric, or Occult positions (see the Isisian Code matrix at the bottom of this blog).

But why the name Shakespear/shakespere?

Pope Adrian IV; AKA Nicholas Brakespear

Another road leading to Rome?

The Merovingian kings were noted sorcerors in the manner of the Samaritan Magi, and they firmly believed in the hidden powers of the honeycomb. Because a honeycomb is naturally made up of hexagonal prisms, it was considered by philosophers to be the manifestation of divine harmony in nature. Its construction was associated with insight and wisdom – as detailed in Proverbs 24:13-14:  (Pi) “My son, eat thou honey, because it is good… So shall the knowledge of wisdom be unto thy soul…”

To the Merovingians, the bee was a most hallowed creature. A sacred emblem of Egytian royalty, it became a symbol of Wisdom. Some 300 small golden bees were founded stitched to the cloak of Childeric I (son of Meroveus) when his grave was unearthed in 1653. Napoleon had these attached to his own coronation robe in 1804. He claimed this right by virtue of his descent from James de Rohan-Stuardo, the natural son (legitimized in 1667) of Charles II Stuart of Britain by Marguerite, Duchesse de Rohan. The Stuarts in turn were entitled to this distinction because they, and their related Counts of Brittany, were descended from Clodion’s brother Fredemundus – thus (akin to the Merovingians) they were equally in descent from the Fisher Kings through Faramund. The Merovingian bee was adopted by the exiled Stuarts in Europe, and engraved bees are still to be seen on some Jacobite glassware.”

From “Bloodline of the Holy Grail” by Laurence Gardner

And they had the masses of the planet playing their tune in the 2010 world cup

Dan Brown , who was behind the best sellers?

Meet Mark Breakspear.

Theres an ancient ritual going back even to the sumerian times called “The breaking of spears.”  the “Spear of Destiny”

Breakspear, when it is translated into Latin, is Lance Rotto/ Lancia Rotta/
Lancia Lotta/ Lancelot. Lancelot is the first Knight to king Arthur.

The monolithic conspiracy is reality, is it the Ptolemaic blood lines controlling the jesuits and jews, who in turn control the Illuminati and free masonry?

The true ruling elite bloodlines of the World are not the puppet inbreds like Rothschild (Bauer), Rockefeller, Windsor (Saxo Coberg Gotha), Are they the the papal bloodlines, the Ptolemaic Farnese, Orsini, Breakspeare, Somaglia and Aldobrandini? Ancient bloodlines of Rome and beyond which practice to this day Zoroastrianism and Mithras.  This is also known as the Arcana Arcanorum Rite of Atlantis. And this group is above the Society of Jesus (Jesuit Order)

ATLANTIS-” the actual plan to bring about a Messiah from the Merovingian line did not begin with these men, (Knights Templar) it can be traced as far back to the ancient Celtic Druids, and far beyond them to a magickal priesthood some label only as Atlantean. ”

Revelation 13:1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a Beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.

Revelation 13:2 And the Beast which I saw was like unto a Leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a Bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a Lion: and the Dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.

I came across the above info some 10 or more years ago, ‘The anti christ and a cup of tea’  yet it appears to be ever relevant, it won’t touch on the Jesuits or the ptolemaic blood but is a piece of the puzzle. author Tim Cohen (Cohenim?) details the British Monarchy’s centuries-long conspiracy to create a New World Order through the world’s most powerful organization – the Order of the Garter. Founded in 1348, the Order’s membership is limited to the Prince of Wales (Charles), the Sovereign (the Queen) and no more than twenty-four Knighted Companion members at any one time. The Order is the absolute core leadership of the Priory of Sion, the Knights Templar, Scottish Rite Freemasonry, the Rosicrucians and the powerful Committee of 300. It is the parent organization over worldwide Freemasonry. When a Mason receives his 33rd Degree, he swears allegiance to the Order of the Garter. This medieval British Order with its ceremonial magic and occult symbolism is a precursor to the coming establishment of the New World Order “Round Table”

A year prior to Will I Am’s birth, his parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana of Wales were married on the date of another solar eclipse, July 29, 1981. Their divorced was announced on December 9, 1992, a Lunar Eclipse and Princess Diana died the day before another Solar Eclipse in the fatal car crash on August 31, 1997.

At precisely 9:03pm, on June 21st, 1982, Grail Princess Diana of Wales gave birth to PRINCE WILLIAM ARTHUR PHILIP LOUIS WINDSOR and England was given its future King. He was born during a Solar Eclipse.

Prince William will turn 30 yrs of age on June 21st, 2012 – the same age as Christ at the beginning of his kingship and ministry.

Diana was killed after her armored car struck the 13th pillar under a Paris bridge, which in ancient times was called Pont de l’Alma, which was used by the Merovingian Kings of France thirteen centuries earlier as a place of human sacrifice and worship to the Roman Goddess Diana.

The Thirteenth Bloodline has been traced as far back and east into Ancient Egypt, Sumeria, and Persia, as well as in Rome. This is important and makes a vital connection to many because their “sacred” symbol, the All-Seeing Eye above the Pyramid, which is originally traced even farther back to Atlantis, was also found throughout much of the ancient world and wherever their ‘secret societies’ went.

People tend to ‘switch off” when religion is involved, brilliant by design, and relevant…….who transcribed the KJV 1611?……….Why the ‘Hog’ of course, Sir Francis Bacon, last year, 2011, was the 400th anniversary of both Shakespears work and the King James Bible, and Holy Wood were on the ball enough to keep the masses dumb with another diversion , Placing the source as the 17th Earl of Oxford, Edward De Vere in the film Anonymous.

‘Legion’? sounds……I dunno……Roman?

Are these ptolemaic families  the saturnalian brotherhood?

The Saturnalian Brotherhood, the Cult of Saturn,


The Saturnalian Brotherhood  The core of the control over Planet Earth’s populance lies in ancient cults. These cults are still in existance to this day. Following the most ancient religions mixed with sexual worship. The main cults are the worship of the Planet Saturn (El), Moon (Isis), Venus (Lucifer) & Sun (Ra). Israel is located on the land formerly known as Canaan. Canaan was the most advanced post-deluvian civilisation on Earth. Outstripping both Egypt and Sumer in all areas. Now the center of trade, Holy land and soon the Divine Dragon’s open ‘Latin Kingdom,’ when the  Vatican moves from Rome to Canaan.

The Vatican owns Jerusalem Jerusalem was handed over back to the Vatican during the Oslo Accords; this also was done on September “13”, 1993. Now, the Temple Mount has also been secured by the Vatican.

Saturn was the father of Ceres, Jupiter, Veritas, Pluto, and Neptune, Juno, among others.

“Pan was a composite creature, the upper part–with the exception of his horns–being human, and the lower part in the form of a goat. (…)The pipes of Pan signify the natural harmony of the spheres, and the god himself is a symbol of Saturn because this planet is enthroned in Capricorn, whose emblem is a goat” -Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages

Grand lodge, Avde Vide Tace?……..Afraid not!


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