Facebook, A tribute to Our Friends.

As origianally We Are Change Norwich, (there is another Norwich Chapter, who doesn’t want to talk to us, funny that, we are Icenirising on Myspace).

We are less active due the Masonic control and our deletion from Rudkowski’s & Fitzgeralds ‘Chapter’ for exposing as much and his $100.000+ shennanigans. ( Dan Wallace R.I.P founded We are change, not fraudowski). Not to mention the probable spooks in the UK chapters.


We have amassed 5000 Friends are have been up to the limit for some months. Knowing the Whole Infowars/WAC movement is a controlled opposition is why we refuse to leave, a thorn in their side if you will, many other Chapters share our views.

This is just a quick tribute to our friends who’ve stuck with us. How much can be said with a picture is amazing, and although many are saying close your facebook account, I would beg to differ……….Why?

The above ‘family’ are behind Occupy, and much much more, Nuff said.

Thank you to all our friends, some of these are not for children as for the ones that are………maybe………post round Schools and colleges?………Libraries?……..door to door? you don’t  have to write or Blog, just post pics.

Just one visit on one day, Brilliant.


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