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Foreign Troops on Englands Soil!

Keep watching telly and paying your taxes, nothing to see here, Big Brothers got your back. Highlights: Foreign troops drafted in; drug deals in training classroom; ineffective screening processes and detection technology; photographs of sensitive mock-up screening areas taken by … Continue reading

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Ben Lowery’s Wake Up Call?

I came across Ben Lowery when he first came on the ”Freeman” scene a couple of years ago while I was still active with Norwich WAC. I had ‘subscribed’ to his youtube channel and he, mine. He needs to put … Continue reading

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Britains Greatest Queen?!

Not to mention Treason. This Article touches on the reality of Britain today and who’s in the shadows. On the 3rd June 2012 the newspapers are saying Her Majesty is the Greatest Queen ever. But let us look at that, … Continue reading

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NATO, The Crusades March On.

NATO preparing vast disinformation campaign by Thierry Meyssan Member States of NATO and the GCC are preparing a coup d’état and a sectarian genocide in Syria. If you want to prevent these crimes, you should act now: circulate this article on … Continue reading

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Adam Weishaupt = Pi?

In German, Haupt in the broadest sense means something on the top of a hierarchy. Regarding the human body, the usage of Haupt for the head is considered antiquated or poetic, Kopf is being used instead. But Haupt still appears … Continue reading

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Her MaJestys Sun Day Flotilla.

Fire works say 666, 666 DIA MON D Diameter 13 15 14 D……..Diameter of the sun is reletaive to Pi, The Multi Trillionaire and Dame of Malta, Liz Saxo Coberg Gotha will travel up the serpent on Sun day the … Continue reading

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Houla Massacre, Another BBC Lie.

Houla Massacre: Another BBC Lie The above image needs to be clicked on to enlarge it, and then read thoroughly.  The BBC has yet again been caught out pushing propaganda on behalf of the war mongers of the Establishment.  The … Continue reading

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