Adam Weishaupt = Pi?

In German, Haupt in the broadest sense means something on the top of a hierarchy.

Regarding the human body, the usage of Haupt for the head is considered antiquated or poetic, Kopf is being used instead. But Haupt still appears in figures of speech, as in compounds (Hauptbahnhof, Hauptmann, Hauptschule, Hauptwohnsitz) where its meaning equals the usage of the English main (eg Hauptreaktor = main reactor)

Also, Haupt describes the most important person or element of a group:

  • das Haupt der Familie (“head of family”),
  • das Haupt der Hanse (the city of Lübeck, having led the Hanseatic League).

Derived from Haupt are Häuptling (“chieftain”) and Enthauptung (“beheading”).

We know that Adam and Eve are cyphers for Pi and 666.

M = I V I = V II = VEE PI = EVE ADM = Pi and 666


A D M    W I S E U P………….Leaves A H A T……….1 8 1 20 would be the ordinal code.

Their Isisian codes value would be 1 8 1 4, The 20th (T gave the cypher) number in the Fibonacci sequence is  4181, Every tenth  number in the sequence is divisible by 11, and every  20th number by 15 (6) , you can’t have a 6 without a 9, sIX is IX  is  9.

Also 15 being the O number/ letter having  the right to remain silent, And Pi in itself as it is the Circle.

So we are given 11:11, the master number, and 9


8 layed down is the sign for infinity, leaving the first 3 digits of Pi after the decimal point 3.141, Pi is infinite.

On researching the number 1814, of special  interest;

The remaining H A A T ….H E A R T? also encodes Pi .

Why Solve for the word HEART?

As the mythology of the Illuminatus goes, there was once a word of stupendous power, a word that was removed, and its return and lucid comprehension remains the domain of they who are of the “initiatory class”, and it is they who really control this word and use this word to perfect their own essence so that they may “rise again”, or be “resurrected” from the decay and morass of the lower world, said “lower world” really being a simple code for “mass humanity”.

When we peered into the rabbinical “tree of life” in the article “Deciphering the Tree of Life“, what we learned was that the “Tree of Life” is really not a “Tree of Life” at all; rather, it is best to be understood from an esoteric construction to be that of a cube spinning on a more hidden matrix known as “the Garden of Eden”. In order for the “Tree” to be formed, “Da’ath”, or Ma’at, or “the Feather” had to be removed. Da’ath, or “Ma’at” is but a cipher for Pi, and so we have just another “myth” of “the Omnific Word”, or Pi, being “removed” and thus needing to be “recovered”.

It becomes “recovered” in “the Garden of Eden” as the Zodiacal sign of the Twins, or Gemini, which is but the Greek Letter Pi.

So the “Heart” is really a cipher for “reason”, or the “intellectual faculties” set against moral standards. Afterall, upon the death of the Pharoah, the “heart” is “removed” and it is “weighed” against the Feather, or Ma’at, wherein both the Feather and Ma’at are but ciphers for Pi.

The Letter E is the symbol for Ma’at.  Some might presume such to be the T, and one might not be in error, but the real letter for Ma’at is the letter E.


When we consider the E to be “the Scales of Ma’at” as a pictogram, the Scales of Ma’at are inseparable from the symbol of the FEATHER, wherein the word FEATHER is, itself, a mathematical pictogram for MA’AT, or “Pi” as “13.14”.

Adam Weishaupt was a creation of the Jesuits? used by the truth movement to create fear, hence control and Business by the likes of Jones and Icke et al, the list is endless.

”Of all the means I know to lead men, the most effectual is a concealed mystery” Adam Weishaupt.

”Oh mortal man, is there anything you cannot be made to believe? ” Same

We’re told he founded the Bavarian Illuminati on Beltane, May 1st,  1776,

When you convert music from the standard 440hz to the natural resonance of 432hz, it is a reduction of -1776

The American revolution was 1776

“Oh say can you see, by the dawns early light” is an acrostic puzzle that reads “OCCULT”:

Oh = O
(S)ay = S = 3 = C
(C)an = C = 3 = C
U = U
(S)ee = 3 = L
T = Sun arising on the horizon (dawns early light)

OSCUL(T=Dawn’s Early Light) = OCCULT

Is ADM saying WISE UP?



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