Ben Lowery’s Wake Up Call?

I came across Ben Lowery when he first came on the ”Freeman” scene a couple of years ago while I was still active with Norwich WAC.

I had ‘subscribed’ to his youtube channel and he, mine.

He needs to put his face wherever he can, and makes sure it’s on all the ‘Truth’ and ‘freedom’ type websites.

His interviews over the last couple of years show clearly how little he actually knows regarding the ‘Truth’.

Ben Lowery supports Alex Jones and always ‘tags’ him in his videos, When I questioned his loyalty regarding Jones and his network a couple of years ago, he blocked me, a tactic used by Alex Jones and his  protege Luke Rudkowski when WAC Norwich and other chapters questioned their finances,  and the Masonic control of the New York Chapter of We Are Change, by 32 degree mason Craig Fitzgerald.

Alex Jones is very dangerous and a fearmongerer, Most of the Truth Movement here in the UK Corporation Link to Alex Jones.

Not all WAC are so easily led, Other chapters have shown how Jones edits out links or discussions related to the Knights of Malta and he will never mention the power behind the Jesuit order. Lawful Rebellion here in England reacted similarly to Lowery when I mentioned Jones’ backers and financiers, ” Why, Is he a  vatican assassin?” was their response. A typical reaction as expected.

Jones has ties to The John Birch Society, The Council for National Policy and now it appears he’s been linked to Stratfor.

The Y2K Beta Test
During the Y2K scare of 2000, Alex Jones attempted to whip the American people into a frenzied hysteria and subsequent panic after he repeatedly lied on the air and stated that Russia was planning a preemptive nuclear strike upon the United States (see below). What Jones was engaged in was likely part of a Zionist beta-test to see how the American public would react to a War of the Worldstype of doomsday scenario. The fear is that Jones will repeat his Y2K behavior in the aftermath of a terror attack and bait his gun owning audience into a full-blown attack on police and military based on fraudulent information.

Excerpt of the Alex Jones Show on December 31, 1999 (Y2K):

Jones speaks some truth, as does Lowery and Lawful Rebellion and the rest of the ‘truth movement’, but It’s the ‘Bankers’ or the ‘Police’ or the ‘Government’ who are always the evil NWO and out to ‘get us’, The height of ignorance is thinking the Government run anything, or the ‘Bankers’ are poisoning our food and water but ‘truthers’ like Lowery who claim to be awake, endorse it.

Ben Lowery also thinks Police and Military are ”scum”, listen to his ‘Wake up Call, episode 6-11th June’  at a couple of minutes in.

Jones, Lawful Rebellion and many other ‘truther’ sites bleat on constantly about the Bilderberg Group, The Bankers and The governments, but they will not address the Truth of what lies behind these fronts.

Bilderberg is no secret and indeed was on mainstream tv here 15 or so years ago, If they wanted it secret, it would be, what they want kept secret is what Jones and most others will not dare speak, by design.

At the core of the issue is the failure of these alternative and independent media personalities to professionally and effectively report what are clearly established facts relative to the composition of the Bilderberg Group and its “35 member steering committee“.

According to ““, some 46% of those controlling the Bilderberg Group Steering are either Jewish or have a Jewish spouse, an over representation by over 3000%.  These facts seem to be nowhere reported in the “Occupy Bilderberg” coverage.

Our Police have killed over 300 people in custody in the last decade, They are under Masonic control and follow an agenda.

The latest job cuts for 2012-13 form the second year of a four-year savings plan at Norfolk Police, worth £25m.

Norfolk Police Authority, which sets Norfolk Constabulary’s budget, said 53 jobs were lost last year.

It said it was still on track to reduce officer numbers by between 150 and 250 posts during the savings period.

Chief Constable Gormley wants to increase security in schools while constables lose their jobs, If they’d investigated our Treason allegations two years ago and longer, This may have been avoided, Britains Police are now being dismantled and privatised.

Security of our schools? Are they dangerous? They are like prisons now here in England, There are cctv everywhere and Biometric thumbprints are used for purchasing meals, Data later added to the childs N.I number when leaving ‘school’, Serf Farms. Maybe Gormley should investigate Dunblane if he’s concerned about school safety.

There can be little doubt there are many psychopaths within the Police and as many cowards but they are the minority.

Our military are involved in Illegal and unlawful wars, there are also psychopaths in the forces and some are created during the process of training and service, Apathy evolves. Ignorant and stupid remarks by the likes of Lowery simply alienates and divides, we desperately need the Police and Military on side.

Britain is under attack from within, It’s Political parties are all friends of Israel, All medias are owned and run by The big 5, or is it 6?  Zionist Jewish, It’s a fact, Yet  the truth movement will tell you it’s the Nazis, the bankers or the reptile shapeshifters, Icke by the way is ‘playing’ Wembley this year and for a nice little fee you can go and join the ‘mass awakening’. If he speaks the truth, would he be permitted to fill a stadium?

”Of all the means I know to lead men, the most effectual is a concealed mystery”

”Oh mortal man, is there anything you cannot be made to believe? ” Adam Weishaupt.

At first the police can sometimes be aggressive , as Lowery would be when reading this, Though after this sentence he will not respond aggressively if at all, I know because I’ve met thousands of Lowerys in my life, usually egocentric and always narcissistic which is immediately clear  watching him.

Some police react in this manner because they simply don’t know, For the most part they are good men and women who’s hands are tied, Once a few more with kahunas come forward as Albert Burgess  has, more will follow. The answer is really quite simple, Arrest the Traitors, The war criminals, sever all ties with the EU and return all  troops immediately, Britain would probably need martial law until the dust settles and Law, Common Law is restored, The spooks and Common Purpose removed from the above as well as medias, schools and universities .The likes of Lowery you’d probably find being let through police lines during trouble being caused by his ilk.

Though I doubt he could fight his way out of a paper bag, Violence cannot be condoned but I am not a pacifist, We should always have the right to defend our Nation and ourselves from, Well, Psychopaths, and force is sometimes the only way out, If Lowery steps into a warriors arena, he should expect to be blooded, Maybe one day one of these ”scum” as he called them will do it, if he’s not careful.


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