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BBC, Saville & Hiding in Plain Sight

The image below show’s the sculpture ‘Prospero & Ariel’ from Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’, created in 1932 by Arthur Eric Rowton Gill. ‘Prospero & Ariel’ was designed, sculpted for, and stands above the main entrance of the BBC’s office and studios … Continue reading

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Tom Watson MP, Powerful Paedophile Network in Parliament & No:10

Investigate Dunblane, Jersey, Kincora, Operation ore, McCanns.

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7/7 Bombings Conspiracy Road Trip: REBUKED

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J.D Wetherspoon, Boss Hog’s Biometrics

Our Chairman, Tim Martin, set up J D Wetherspoon in 1979. Why ‘J D Wetherspoon’? Because ‘J D’ form the initials of Sheriff JD Hogg, from ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ TV series Appropriate choice, Wetherspoons profits are up big stylie, … Continue reading

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