J.D Wetherspoon, Boss Hog’s Biometrics

Our Chairman, Tim Martin, set up J D Wetherspoon in 1979. Why ‘J D Wetherspoon’? Because ‘J D’ form the initials of Sheriff JD Hogg, from ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ TV series

Appropriate choice, Wetherspoons profits are up big stylie, for those that have read  here before, you’ll understand the significance of numbers in portraying an esoteric message, Timmy’s figures up to 29/July  this year are no different, (I’ll do the green bracket thingy)

Source: http://www.movehut.co.uk/news/jd-wetherspoon-records-impressive-sales-despite-rise-in-taxes/

1st paragraph;

From 24 July(6+7=13=M=Pi&666) 2011 – 29 July 2012 (11/7)revenue in commercial properties equated to £1,197.1 million in revenue, which was up 11.7 (9)per cent, when compared to the 2010/11. Like-for-like sales were up by 3.2 per cent and free cash flow increased by 16.1 (3+2+1+6+1=13 again)per cent to £91.5 million.

If we add the figures in red : 1.197.1 + 91.5=92.9671=34 , And/or: 1+1+9+7+1+9+1+5=34 again.

3+4=7, G is the 7th letter ,

Hence, as the Isisian Codes show, the Letter C at 3 plus the Letter T at 4 creates the formula of:

7 = 3+4 = C+T = G

In this way, the Letter G accurately reflects the dual components to the Philosopher’s Stone, as well as provides further insights into the phonetic structure of the esoteric code within the language.


2nd paragraph;

After exceptional items that were removed from the equation, operating profit was up by 4.9(13 again) per cent to £107.3(11) million and earnings per share increased by 17(8) per cent to 41.3(3.14=Pi) pence.

In the first paragraph, we have two 13’s, one 11, one 9  and two 7’s ,add these figures to get 33


I we add the numbers in the second paragraph to the first, excluding the Pi at the end, we’re given 47…….. do i need to? (11)

Adding 33 to 11 gives us 44=8, H & X are positioned at 8 placing a HeX or laying down the 8 gives us the symbol for infinity, again appropriate as Pi is infinite, yet the construct is built on the first 33 digits, Tim Knows it, he’s on the square, and possibly a good guy, but he’s being played if he is, Do you play the Flute Tim? tis a simple instrument to play.

If we do not encode the second 11.7 to a 9 in the first paragraph, and leave it as numbers in the sequence, we would read two 13’s , two 11’s and three 7’s , this would still sum 29 (11)

J D Wetherspoon plc was founded by Tim Martin who opened the first J D Wetherspoon plc in 1979. He based his model for a pub on a 1946 essay by George Orwell which refered to an imaginary pbu called “Moon under Water”


It is apparent George Orwell is influential in the Wetherspoon empire, he certainly employs the Orwellian biometrics methods now being indoctrinated onto our children in schools, and most parents didn’t even have a clue, no letters sent home asking permission to database your child, because it’s not your child, the state, the UK Corporation owns it and woe betide any who interfere with their future capital. Sure some do school at  home, take their children out the system but most can’t be bothered even when made aware, they trust the state like good little serfs.

George Orwell, if you were unaware, wrote 1984, your living it now,

George Orwell, (real name Eric Blair), was educated at Eton College, a well known illuminati education center – it has produced 19 British Prime Ministers including David Cameron. While at Eton, Orwell was taught French by Aldous Huxley, it was here they became life long friends.  Huxley, who was also the author of another interesting book, ‘Brave New World’, introduced Orwell to the Fabian society. The Fabian society is a secret society at its core, although anyone can join, like all of these societies there are many levels of initiation (such as with the Freemasons), meaning the majority of people involved in the organisation have no idea of the true agenda and carry out their roles creating a front for the fraud at the heart of the organisation. The Fabian Society has been instrumental in the global fascist agenda. It was the force behind the creation of the Labour Party in Britain but operates both officially and unofficially across the globe


“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”


Wetherspoon employees Log in with their biometric signature, brought in by a Bruce Eggleston:

Project Manager (Contract)

JD Wetherspoon

Privately Held; 10,001+ employees; Food & Beverages industry

July 2010December 2011 (1 year 6 months)

A high profile role to plan and implement, from supplier selection stage, a business critical Time and Attendance solution (RedPrairie WFM) across the JD Wetherspoon estate (825 pubs). This included full budget (£2.4m) and resourcing responsibility. The system is used for calculating weekly working hours by using electronic Rota’s linked into biometric clock in/out devices which provides the basis for pay for over 20,000 employees in the UK. This involved taking RedPrairies ‘off the shelf’ product and developing it to meet JDW business needs including the design and development for integrating the solution with existing finance and personnel systems. The solution was hosted by JD Wetherspoon so a full technical design and implementation at JDW head-office was completed as part of the project. Proactively managing 3rd party suppliers and the ability to influence key decisions from stakeholders (Director Level) right through to End Users played a key role in successfully delivering this project into a change resistant environment.


Well done Tim, you’re assistance in bringing britain into the indoctrinated sleepy masses the elites have been planning for centuries, is worthy of reward from your string pullers, what a proud and rich man you must be. Your definition of rich is antipodean to mine.



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