Saville and Friends, If a Picture Paints a Thousand Words!

Conservative Prime Minister Edward Heath, a yachting enthusiast, was also a visitor at Kincora Boy’s Home and it’s claimed that Savile supplied him with victims from Haute de la Garenne in Jersey to misuse aboard his boat. Another of Savile’s close friends, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, often played host to him at Chequers and her successors, Major, Blair and Brown were all “fans” deaf to the ‘open secret’ which everyone knew. Prince Charles and Prince Andrew, friend of the billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, sent Christmas cards to Savile right up until he died and Charles led the tributes after his death in 2011 saying, how “saddened” he was… the Prince has not issued a statement about his sadness over the allegations…[…] 

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There are 4 Known perverts in the above pic………….. The others didn’t know?!……or didn’t care??!!

Closet gay Simon Cowell did, he put up £50.000 of his own money to help bail paedophile Simon King back in 2000.

Brothers in arms , ALL the above Ministers are High degree Freemasons and Bilderberg attendees  .“It was made clear to me by the Guildford Police not to even think of raising the name Savile at the time or there would be consequences. A Crown Prosecution Service officer Mr. S also told me the same,” said lawyer Giovanni Di Stefano.

Lord McAlpine has asked those who linked him to child abuse allegations to apologise formally and pay a ‘sensible and modest amount’, which he plans to donate to BBC Children in Need.

McAlpine’s advice on dealing with the media? Spread false defeat to gain public sympathy; or false accusation and then arrange for it to be exposed as such – so the accuser will forever be treated with suspicion.

Sound like Hegelian dialect to you?….Problem…Reaction…Solution.

The new PR manager for Children in need is none other than Max Clifford, buddy and PR for Simon Cowell , here he is on camera putting his disgusting foot in it.

“The only slightly serious side of it was that he(Alan Clark) actually interfered with those girls from the age of 14…”

This whole shindig is designed to ‘normalise’ paedophillia in the populace, by the totalitarian tiptoe  over several generations, but short term will just seal up the deeper part of the warren, protecting the higher elites, at least they hope that to be the case, not if the Blogosphere and T’internet turn up the heat methinks.

What will happen when this dude, gay lover of a catholic priest, Friend of Bliar, the Krays and saville, dies?

If a picture paints a thousand words

The top should tell you, Hidden in Plain Sight.


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