Autumn; For Any Red Pill Taking Youth, Hopefully

G represents the Sun as it crosses the equator. The C is the sphere of the Earth while the T is equator line. This day again is located on the 22 day of March, while G is the 7th letter, revealing what?

The fraction 22/7 = 3.1428571 = Recipricol 7 Pi = The Word.

6 weeks after the Spring Equinox is May Day, or Beltaine. 6 Letters after G is:


The Letter sequence MNO, or 131415, or Pi.

Take this formula to other side of the year, and 6 weeks after the Fall Equinox is the holiday of Holloween, which is then again the letters MNO = 131415.

Now you can solve for the Esoteric Code of AUTUMN – if you use Temurah, Notaricon, and Gematria.


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