David Icke, Silent About Savile.

icke_jimmyPic from Icke-exposed.

I was told the extraordinary background to Jimmy Savile by insiders in the late 1990s, including his connections into the royal family and the British establishment in general, and it is far worse than even what is coming out now.

From Ickes own pen, well keyboard, Icke worked for the BBC.


Kept it quiet for over a decade Ickey boy? got your number!

Lets quickly look at lizard boy’s past;

Born 29th of April 1952, 60 this year,  I’d like to see the berth certificate, because I see the 119th day of the year with the numbers adding to 92 (11)  coincidence? possibly. After a fairly poor football career he got into radio then telly, so we know he’s always been an ego.

He applied successfully to work for Midlands Today at the BBC’s Pebble Mill studios in Birmingham, and in 1981 moved on to become a sports presenter for the BBC’s national programme, Newsnight. The following year he achieved his ambition when offered a job co-hosting Grandstand, at the time the BBC’s flagship national sports programme.


Frank Bough, bottom left with Icke,

Every Angry Of Surbiton writing to the BBC to tell them their once-impeccable standards have plummeted should read Fern Britton’s autobiography.

Specifically, the description of her first meeting with Frank Bough on BBC’s Breakfast Time. “How long will it be before I’m having an affair with you?” whispered genial Frank.

The same genial Frank who dressed up in women’s lingerie and had cocaine-fuelled sex with hookers. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/falling-standards-of-behaviour-at-the-bbc-what-353778

He appeared on the first edition of British television’s first national breakfast show, the BBC’s Breakfast Time, on 17 January 1983, presenting the sports news for them until 1985.

He continued to work for BBC Sport until 1990, often on Grandstand and snooker programmes, and also at the 1988 Summer Olympics, In 1990 a psychic told him he was a healer who had been placed on Earth for a purpose, and that the spirit world was going to pass messages to him so he could educate others. In March 1991 he held a press conference to announce that he was a “Son of the Godhead” – a phrase he said later the media had misunderstood – and the following month told the BBC’s Terry Wogan show that the world would soon be devastated by tidal waves and earthquakes.

The Observer called him “the Greens’ Tony Blair.”[17] He was regularly seen at high-profile events. He was invited in 1989 to debate animal rights during a televised debate at the Royal Institute of Great Britain, alongside Tom Regan, Mary Warnock and Germaine Greer, and in September 1990 his name appeared on advertisements for a children’s charity along with Audrey Hepburn, Woody Allen and other celebrities. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Icke

High profile events and A childrens charity hey Dave?, like say………… Ester Rantzen ?


Her paternal line was traced back, as far as the 1760s, to an established Jewish neighbourhood in Warsaw. In 1991, Rantzen was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esther_Rantzen

Woody Allen?


Woody Allen (born Allan Stewart Konigsberg) Ashkenazi Jew

Farrow described Allen as being obsessed with Dylan, saying, “He whispered her awake, he caressed her and entwined his body around her as she watched television, as she played on the floor, as she ate, as she slept. He brought her into bed when he was wearing only his underpants. Twice I made him take his thumb out of her mouth.”



  • “It is permitted to have sexual intercourse with a girl three years old and one day” (Sanhedrin 55b,p.376).
  • “…intercourse with a dead woman is apparently permissible”. (Yebamoth 55b, p.371).
  • “Sexual intercourse with a girl less than three is ‘nothing'” (Kethuboth 11b, p.58).
  • “If a man commits sodomy with a boy less than nine years old, they are both guilty of sodomy” (Sanhedrin 54b, 55a, p.371).


Icke appeared on Wogan on his 39th birthday, 29th April (Beltane) 1991 (35), 39+35=74=11

Or;  3+9+2+9+4+1+9+9+1=47=11……

woganHis ‘conspiracy’ career was launched on that date, and he’s now doing very nicely thank you, in fact it’s a family business, ‘Eromenos Media recording artist Gareth Icke played to his biggest audience yet at Wembley arena on Saturday 27th October. He supported his father, David Icke.’ http://www.davidicke.com/headlines/74704-david-ickes-amazing-10-hour-wembley-arena-event-can-be-seen-here-until-november-26th

It is reinforcing the perception of conspiracy theories as lunacy and enforcing ridicule, the hived mind. Played at Wembley!? come on perleeze, He made the papers.

The former goalkeeper spent 11 hours lecturing 6,000 fellow conspiracy theorists at Wembley Arena yesterday. Susie Mesure listened for a while


11 Hours, 6,000 peeps? sIX’s are 9’s and 9’s are sIX’s………… 9/11

Icke is Buddies with We Are Change’s fraudkowski, as WACNorwich, we and  other chapters exposed Lukasz Rudkowski and his masonic control

Here at the end is Actor Charlie Veitch, another  ‘spooky’ BBC stooge and twat extraordinaire, interviewing Fitzgerald, 32 degree mason who controlled the WAC NYC/ORG sites, helped to promote the ‘worship’ of rudkowski, it literally was a cult at the time. They deleted ours and several other chapters globally who exposed this info.

Icke appears on Alex Jones’ info wars network, as have many prominent voices in the UK ‘Truth’ movement,



The truth movement has always been directed and still is, Icke is no different or a threat, just another puppet

For a decade Icke has exhibited signs of serious mental instability. In his web site autobiography he reveals that as early as 1990 he became aware of “a presence around me, like there was always someone in the room when there was not. It got to the point where I sat on the side of the bed in a hotel room in London in early 1990 and said to whoever or whatever: “If you are there will you please contact me because you are driving me up the wall.” A year later, on holiday in Peru, Icke describes hearing voices: “as I looked at the mound, a voice in my head began to say: “Come to me, come to me, come to me…. Suddenly I felt my feet pulled to the ground again like a magnet, the same as in the newspaper shop, but this time far more powerful. My arms then shot above my head, with no decision by me for them to do so…. A flow of powerful energy began to go into the top of my head like a drill, and I could feel the flow going the other way up from the ground through my feet. It was then I heard the third voice in my head, something that has never happened since. It said very clearly: “It will be over when you feel the rain”.9 http://www.publiceye.org/Icke/IckeBackgrounder.htm

Games up Dave, only a matter of time,  What have they got on you?…..!!

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