Alex Jones And Piers Morgan, Same Faeces, Different Recepticle.


“I was brought up a good Catholic boy, but now the Catholics don’t want anything to do with me. I’ve been shunned by my own religion which never asks me to do anything. 
I really am starting to feel at home here and feel like one of the clan.”

“I would love to go to Israel, and to Palestine. I couldn’t rule out making a programme there –
 I hear it’s an absolutely beautiful part of the world.”

Mail on Sunday 21st October 2012:

“The Jimmy Savile scandal grows more horrific by the minute. I never met him…”

Mail on Sunday 15th March 2009:

“An old friend of mine, Stephen Purdew – who owns various top health clubs, including Champneys – had his wedding at Claridge’s hotel…

As I left, Jimmy Savile came up to me. ‘Your TV shows are BRILLIANT!’ he exclaimed.

‘And as I’ve been in the telly business for 50 years, you can take that as an informed view.’

I’ve always loved Jimmy Savile.”

Pier’s career is on the up, he’s sold out because they’ll have something on him,

Piers Morgan, former editor of the The Mirror and TV pundit said: “I have a great deal of respect for Max Clifford, I can tell you that if I was in trouble, he’d be the first person I’d call.”

Max Clifford is associated with many who need dark secrets kept hidden, they hope. Clifford has no morals, no empathy, like most in the Mainstream, Morgan is no different just another egotistical apathetic media whore.

Max Clifford covers up for paedophiles

“The former government minister Alan Clark had sex with children, according to the publicity agent Max Clifford. In a secretly filmed, three-minute interview posted on the internet last night, the publicist said that the Tory MP and diarist had “interfered” with two 14-year-old girls. But he added, during a discussion of his success in suppressing scandals, that the story had never come out.

Last night Mr Clifford, who was unaware his comments were being recorded, strenuously denied that he had told the girls’ family to stay quiet about the allegations.”

Max Clifford has recently been appointed as the PR Ambassador to the BBC charityChildren In Need. Is a man who makes his living running cover for the rich and powerful the right man to steer a children’s charity?

Simon Cowell was/is a client of Max Clifford,
Simon Cowell’s paternal grandparents, Joseph Cowell and Esther Malinsky, were English Jews.One of Cowell’s friends was Jonathan King – jailed in 2001 for sexually assaulting five teenage boys.Cowell later posted bail for him.
 Morgan and Jones' recent facade on 'telly' 
was portrayed in the mainstream as a serious 
debate on gun control,
Morgan played the guns are unnecessary card 
while Jones threw his usual joker sissy fit. 
Any that see through the Infowars veil after 
years of observation know what Jones is about.
Morgans just as transparent.

So if Piers reads this one day, Morgan,
You don't represent the British people,
You represent Englands green and pleasant
land which is antipodean to our laws and customs.
You may be male but you have no right to call
yourself a man, the  zionist strings that quench your
ego and apathy are as visible as your stupidity.


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