Flase Flag Foresight?


People are slowly but surely waking up and that is a big, big worry to the scum you vote for and the inbreds that pull the strings. You don’t realise it yet but YOU have all the power, they are merely  servants,  carving up the world with your tax pounds and your consent, committing the most heinous of crimes and lying to your face day after day. Their mistake is thinking you are stupid… dumbed down and ignorant yes, easily overcome if the will is there but stupid?…No.

As said in  the Sandy Hook Psyop post and countless times before we must learn to look at the subliminals, the symbology and numerology to try and identify future false flags. There is no doubt the puppet governments of the west at least and there propaganda machines are in damage control making them even more dangerous than usual.


A few heads up posts lately have caught my eye and are worth at least keeping tags on, they may well be nothing  that’s for time to decide, as with the Olympics I and thousands of others were watching like hawks, though all the signs were there nothing went bang but the ceremonies were littered with esoteric messages, here’s just one.

shholympicsSHukSHusaSHhorusThe above images are from http://truthseeker444.blogspot.co.uk/ , Some really clever research on the blog though I would not concur with all her work and I’m sure it would be the same for her and this blog and thousands of others, if we all had it nailed the problems would be solved, the secret teachings would be mainstream from childhood, the paedophile heirarchy, traitors and war criminals would be in prison, wars would be no more, all troops would return home effective immediately to defend and only defend our nation, usury would be ‘Unlawful’ AND ‘Illegal’ and we would all be armed, free sovereign nations and peoples standing under Common Law away from the see of Rome.

Anyhoo take a peak…


Selina Kyle: There’s a storm coming.
Bruce Wayne: You sound like you’re looking forward to it.
Selina Kyle: I’m adaptable.
~ The Dark Knight Rises, 2012
M: Orphans make the best recruits.
Bond: There’s a storm coming.
Skyfall, 2012
The slogan for the new nonfiction series Vikings is “The Storm is Coming 3.3.13.”
One for the superbowl;
Again I don’t go for the religious usage, the Satanic  does have an element in all this but satan is 3141(5), evil is just live and devil is lived, Jesus was quetzlcoatl all over and jews, muslims and christians all have the same God, look both ways and you’ll see the truth is in the middle.
Teach that in our schools Cameron you inbred oxygen stealing crusty botch of nature.
I don’t do fearmongering just observations and I do believe we can make a difference even if all you do is a blog, I shared this a couple of years ago.

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