Newtown’s Got Talent, (Sandy Hook Actors)

But first;

Oliver Burkeman, a Guardian columnist based in New York, with it seems a very appropriate name, is saying;


”Sandy Hook trutherism is unforgivable”

After reading his article and some of his other comments on gun control, it’s pretty clear he’s your usual presstitute type, low on principals, his ego,career, mortgage and pension will dictate his moral compass if it even exists and he’ll bleet out what he’s told and when, scum like him in the press and political circus… a circus of yellow snake like clowns, devoid of empathy, lie to you regardless of the effect it may have on the individual or nations as a whole, they’ve lied to you about treason and paedophiles in their ranks, false flags galore and lets not forget Israhell. We know all this, it’s old hat nowadays, but when remarks like that are made they sometimes leave me not knowing what to think if only for a few minutes, we expect bullshit, or rather sheep shit from his ilk but is he really that stupid to think Sandy Hook actually happened as per mainstream media? Nobody who’s seen any of the info on my blog and others, on youtube etc, and I mean nobody, can believe the ‘official story’ after taking it on board, it truly is blatantly obvious these are actors even to some I consider hopelessly dumbed down. So it can only be the profile above fits Burkeman, he cannot be that stupid so he just doesn’t care, to write ”Sandy Hook trutherism is unforgivable” is such a massive contradiction in terms it beggars belief, how can looking for the truth about anything, especially such a heinous  act be ”unforgivable”?

A freudian typo? I would wager the truth IS unforgivable and would put pathetic little yes men like him behind bars, the title of Burk man’s  article is ”Sandy Hook ‘truthers’ and the paranoid quest for meaning where there is none” …I’d be paranoid if I were you Berk man, how many people do you think will be fooled, and for how long? ….very paranoid.

And now, check out Scott Walkers youtube channel, or don’t, after all the truth is unforgivable but it’s also painful…if you’re new to it.




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