WiFi as a Coronary (and Pregnancy) Risk Factor – Dr. Stephen Sinatra


“The mechanism for wireless radiation in causing disease and DNA breakdown and pathology is due to nitric oxide disruption.  That is how wireless works – it causes enormous oxidative stress, endothelial cell dysfunction and nitric oxide depletion.” ~ Dr. Stephen Sinatra

In this short excerpt, Dr. Sinatra states that there are numerous, potent mitochondrial toxins in our environment today – mercury, insecticides, pesticides, chemicals such as phthalates, pharmaceutical medications and electromagnetic & RF/wireless pollution itself.  He describes RF radiation as the “newest” mitochondrial toxin.

“All these [environmental toxins] contribute to inflammation, mitochondrial distress … Cellular departure from synchronistic vibration occurs and we get chaotic activity within the cell and pathology.”

He also discusses the risks of exposure to artificial electromagnetic frequencies to pregnant women and their unborn children:

“I borrowed this slide from [Dr] Kerry Crofton. In her book “Wireless Radiation”, she shows a pregnant woman who is talking on a cordless phone and using a computer, and what’s happening is that the toxic vibrations which are going in the ear and coming through the computer are literally going into the womb.  It’s no accident that there’s been an enormous increase in premature births [and] an enormous increase in sterility in both male and female counterparts.”

Owing to the brevity of the clip, we do not know if Dr. Sinatra goes on further to explain other known bio-effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure, such as those within the brain.  One of the most concerning is the opening of the blood-brain barrier – and in respect of environmental toxins, this breaching of the blood-brain-barrier allows toxins including organochlorines and other pollutants to enter in the brain where they can cause various neuro-degenerative diseases.

The clip finishes with an anecdote:

“I saw the movie “Children of Men” a couple of weeks ago… a futuristic movie of what it’s going to be like in 2027… and the theme of the movie was no women in the movie were getting pregnant on the planet… and there was a brief discussion about why this was happening, and one of the actors says “well, it’s probably a combination of all the toxins in our environment and radio frequency” – I almost fell out of my chair.”

If you haven’t yet seen the dystopian “Children of Men” which Dr. Sinatra mentions, it is recommended viewing.  As sheer coincidence would have it, the main character (played by actor Clive Owen) works for the Ministry of Energy.

Dr. Kerry Crofton’s book can be found here http://radiationrescue.org


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