Sandy Hook, Soham, The Red Devils and Celebs.


On the 10th December 2012, 4 days prior to the ‘shootings’, the above page clearly showed it’s post on ‘Talking with your child about the Sandy Hook Tragedy’, now scrubbed from their archives, an extensive archive of anomalies re Sandy Hook can be found at the bottom of this post.

On the 12/12/12, two days prior to Sandy Hook, Paul McCartney among others played a concert in Madison Square Garden, MacCartney as the frontman for Nirvana at the bequest of Dave Grohl.



On the 11th of December 2012… this blog blogged;

April 29th to December 3rd is 218 days – 11

December 3rd to December 21st is 18 days – 9


Tomorrow is 12/12/2012 -11,  sIX days after the 3rd, and 9 days until the 21st, another 9/11 ,watch the press, they won’t be able to resist a little, or god forbid a big message.

McCartney’s gig for SuperSTORM sandy was on the 12/12/2012 – 11 , 9 days after the announcement of Will I am and Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, Sandy Hook was 11 days after the announcement.

Super Storm Sandy…SSS…333 in the cypher , Look at the soon to be infamous photoshop of the parker family, not only the legless torso of Emily’s sister, look at the adults fingers and one child..3333 and the two ‘children’ showing the sigil for lucifer,  one up one down, as above so below.


This is from ; Sandy began as a tropical wave in the Caribbean on Oct. 19. It quickly developed, becoming a tropical depression and then a tropical storm in just six hours. Tropical Storm Sandy was the 18th named storm of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season. It was upgraded to a hurricane on Oct. 24 when its maximum sustained winds reached 74 mph (119 kph)….

I see Oct 19…911 or 11…the 18th storm…9,  and the obvious 74mph is 11 and 119kph…Wikipedias dates differ slightly but the message is the same, so as not to digress further check out their numbers here;

Hang on I hear you ask, are you saying they control the weather? Absolutely and old hat now, it is well documented and now unequivocal the weather and climate is being geoengineered, a STORM is easily begun and directed by HAARP and other technologies now up and running by the military industrial complex who coincidentally, now trade and profit from such tragedy. After reading this and when you get time, if you havn’t already, watch ‘What in the world are they spraying’ and its sequel ‘ Why in the world are they spraying’.

The sols T ice was obviously 21/12/2012   again…11 , and 7 days after SH, 7*11= 7/7…Shh.

7 days after the Solstice the good ol’ Mail announces;

DNA of Sandy Hook killer Adam Lanza to be examined for ‘evil’ gene in first study of its kind ever conducted on a mass murderer

If you can see where that may lead, you have a police state of nightmarish potential, pre crime interrogation and or arrest? They’ve already done that here before the ‘royal’ wedding, (although one did involve paid shit stirrer Charles  Veitch) and would that be the whole nation as in MP’s and Police and ‘royalty’ aswell? or just the dna harvested by Police and NHS! and processed by IBM who happen to ‘OWN’ police forces here. Mr Hockley, who married here in Norwich in 93 works for IBM, the jesuit data collection agency, look up the history of IBM and a certain Jesuit, who collected data for the so called “Nazi” war machine?

The spook in chief wants to install black box technology in every street here in England


red devil 4

155px-SohamchapmanandwellsAfter Huntley was convicted, it was revealed that he had been investigated in the past for sexual offences, but had still been allowed to work at Soham School  – as none of these investigations had resulted in a conviction.huntleyThe key figure in this case is a former social worker and Labour Councillor on Humberside called Colin Inglis (below). When a 29 year old care home social worker in the 1980s, Inglis was accused of sexually assaulting a teenage boy. It never came to anything, but then in 1997, Inglis’s physical advances towards a teenage boy in the Spring Cottage care home were the subject of a further investigation. No charges were preferred.

Then on 4th December 2005, he was charged on 14 counts of indecent assault in relation to allegations of child abuse from his social worker period. And the trial was to say the least controversial – not least because, by now, Colin Inglis had managed to get himself elected as  a Labour Councillor…having along the way somehow become the Chairman of Humberside police authority.

Colin Inglis

Colin Inglis

The  girls went missing on 4/8/ 2002,  also  the 102nd (3) birthday of the Queen mother who died 30/3/ 2002.  The burnt bodies of Holly and Jessy were found just next to RAF Lakenheath 13 days later  on the 17/8/2002.(11)
The 17th August 1786 was the birth date of a Mary Louise Victoria Saxo Coburg Saalfield,  Mary  was the mother of Queen Victoria.
The girls disappear on the birthday of the mother of Queen Liz II and are found beside the grounds of a Royal Air force base on the birthday of the mother of Queen Vic.
The 4th August is also the date Albert Pike’s first world war broke out and the birth date of one Barry Soweto/Soetero,  most know him as  Barak Obama, Prince William was christened  at Buckingham palace on 4/8/1982.

McCartney was knighted 11/3/1997…obviously, heavily influenced as are many other ‘artists’ by the self named beast, Crowley, who is to be seen on SGT Peppers cover.


Crowley believed in human sacrifice and said “A made child of perfect innocence” is the most suitable victim.



Mccartney is not telling the devil to run, he’s redded himself up nicely, he’s telling himself and his ilk, he’s ready to run
It’s old hat that many ‘musicians’ are into the occult and I see nothing wrong with looking for what is hidden, knowing now the construct and not the usage is what draws the eye of the intended recipients , these so called Satan/Devil worshippers are dellusional and far from illumined as they like to portray. As are the majority of the so called truth movement who scream ‘satan worshippers’ or shape shifting llizards are behind the global elite. The Mccartneys of the world are no different to say a high paid footballer with a spice girl for a wife, they are puppets to their core and care for  nothing but their own wealth, fame and ego.
There is little doubt there are powerfull and dark people guiding all this, and they do use satanic/devil worship as a veil, what better cause for ridicule by the masses than ‘truthers’ who claim the governemnt is ‘satanic’ or ‘shape shifting reptiods’, the majority of these prominant voices being christian, after all it’s worked for the elites for millennia, why change a winning format? though at times  I still find it beggars belief that so many still fall for it all.
What is clear, is they are using the same symbolism to communicate their intents and it’s an underlying theme. Sandy Hook was done by evil people, for evil people and covered up by the same for the same, Look at the smile breaking out from behind this cunt of a female as she feigns sadness for the psyop, forgive the c word but it fits, how low can one go and I said female because thats all she is and will ever be, never a woman or a lady, god forbid these scum ever breed….Greenbergs I believe
carleeyoumusthaveremberedsometig1They want what mccartney and other celebs have, and they’ll stoop to anything to get it, they are nearly all actors, FACT.
No… I’m not saying pretty boy Beckham knows anything or is involved, he may be, but he is definately being used as part of the message


Tribute: Actor Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais: ‘RIP Jimmy Saville My first guest on my first TV Show A proper British eccentric.’

Radio presenter Nicky Campbell: ‘Sir Jimmy Savile – a man so unique,a character so extraordinary, a personality so fascinating yet impenetrable. You could not have made him up.’

DJ Tony Blackburn: ‘He was a one-off – that’s the way he’ll be remembered, really – but in particular all that money he raised for charity.’

Stuart Hall, broadcaster: ‘He had lots of imitators, the one and only Jimmy Savile.’

Radio presenter David Hamilton: ‘I remember him as just a totally flamboyant, over the top, larger than life character and as he was on the air, he was just the same off.’

Lord Alan Sugar: Sad news on the death of Jimmy Savile very funny man and did loads of work for charity RIP.’

Katherine Jenkins: ‘Sad news Jimmy Saville has passed away.My sis & I always wanted a Jim’ll Fix it Badge/Medal. Loved that show.Great memories #RIPJimmySaville.’

Carol Vorderman: ‘RIP Jimmy Saville …. Leeds has lost a much loved son … and we have lost a ray of sunshine …. #happymemories x


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