Kabballah (Single Die) and Qaballa (Pair of Dice)

There are two systems. A Hermetic Qaballa based on two dice, and a Rabbinical Kabballah based on a single die. Each of the systems will utilize the variations of numerous mathematical ciphers to try to prove it’s “preeminence” and “truths”. The former has been given a 1000 year head start, the latter is just being revealed to mass human consciousness.



If “the Jews” have the half, then they cannot have “the whole”. This is such a simplistic and self evident statement that it belies logic as to why anyone gives a pass on the craft of “kabballah” and does not call into question the very individuals who are teaching the system in a manner that oft comes across as demanding blind obedience.

The half is not the whole. Ever. We can oft surmise the hidden half if we have the visible half, but one can never be so certain unless the other half is exposed completely.

Kabballists as Ka’abists

The Kabballists are “ka’ab”ists. They worship the Cube in the Hexagonal form. It is no secret that the word “to put a Hex” on someone is seen as a form of evil. If you want to estimate the power of their crafting, witness the power of the Ka’aba, a signature of their Occult operatives.


b&q         Mr B and Mr Q left the firm in the 70’s and 80’s but they kept the logo Q B …QB …cube.


All the characters are named after prisons:

When they open the hatch, they are met by a bright white light (which is the only exit and entrance of the Cube). Worth decides to stay over Leaven’s objections, saying there is nothing outside for him but “boundless human stupidity”, but Leaven responds with “I can live with that.”. Suddenly, bloodied Quentin appears and fatally stabs first Leaven, then Worth with a door handle, before going after Kazan. With the last of his strength, Worth grabs Quentin’s leg, holding him long enough for Quentin to be ripped apart in the passageway as the bridge shifts. Worth then dies of his wounds, with a smile on his face. Kazan, now free, slowly walks into a bright light.


Symbol for NatWest Bank designed in 1970, whilst at HSAG Design.

Apparently, when Royal Bank of Scotland bought NatWest in 2000, the three-arrowhead identity commanded a remarkable 90% recognition.

The symbol was updated to its current version by The Partners who coloured it red and gave it a 3-dimensional look.

In fact, the symbol was originally designed as a 3-dimensional symbol, of three interlocking cubes, to represent the merger of the three banks who formed NatWest.

paradise7 Are Coldplay telling you to look, can you say ‘Elephant in the room’?


Signs and Symbols rule this world, not words nor laws. ~ Confucius


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