Tony Farrell, Another ‘Prominent’ Voice.


But has anyone in the ‘truth’ movement stopped to ask who he actually is? Just like Icke, Ian Crane, and ‘insider’ whistleblowers like  Shayler, Machon  (recently on Jeremy Vines Radio 2 show a week after Jones and Piers Morgan) etc, he is making a living from the UK ‘conspiracy’ arena, not quite the millions that the Infowars network pulls in, yet.   The only thing more dangerous than the truth, is assuming you already have it! and they do, ass u me.

I backed Farrell when he first emerged and was as guilty as most others, he appealed to the hope we all feel inside and showed the chivalry, bravery and honour I thought had died in our Land, but just like the BCGroup, UK Column, the ‘freeman’ movement, We Are Change etc, and i’ve been down all their warrens, once you start to dig…well, you decide, I see the same faeces in a different recepticle.


The only thing more dangerous than the truth, is assuming you already have it!

Wednesday 7-13-2011 – The Alex Jones Show with Tony Farrell

Tony gets onto specifics about 7/7 from about 1:23 onwards

Peter Power – Tick
Patsies most probably shot at Canary Wharf – Tick
Plugging a certain ‘Truth’ documentary – Tick
No mention of J7 or the J7 Inquests Blog – Tick

AJ closed by inviting Tony on as a resident criminologist to help break down and analyse incidents other than 7/7

And away we go…

“Tony Farrell was summoned to a hearing chaired by the Director of Finance a member of the Senior Command Team on 2nd September 2010. He was told that he held beliefs that were ‘incompatible’ with his position. There was no allegation of any misconduct. In dismissing him, the Director of Finance said this: “It is a very sad occasion as you have done some excellent work for South Yorkshire Police and I have never been involved in a situation like today. Your beliefs are very sincere and you may be right, but it is I’m afraid incompatible at the moment with where we are.”
The Director of Finance sacked him? Has this more to do with Farell’s real estate/mortgage company than any truther views?

Farrell is also ‘good friends’ with Belinda Mckenzie, more recently of Hollie Greig fame though you should check out her coloured past, links to MI5 and much wonga. When peeps finally saw Veitch’s  true colours,(though some still don’t) they appear to have had another row of teeth ready to bite into the ‘truth’ movement, would you swim where you know there are sharks, or sit on the surface and watch? I swim sometimes but I know shark body language, get under and face it…it’ll leave you alone.

Coincidence too they all back the Hollie Greig case but not one that I know of will go into Dunblane!!!

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