Victoria Porteous, Dunblane Messenger.


Third Row:

Rachel Halley, Charlotte Dunn, Emily Morton, Joanna Ross, Emma Crozier,Victoria Porteous (injured)

The only surviving child who played dead was Victoria Porteous.

VICTORIA PORTEOUS: The little girl witnessed the slaughter of her friends in the gym. She was shot in the leg, but was allowed home after treatment. Her GP dad, Dr Robert Porteous, made an emotional plea for a ban on all handguns after the Cullen Report.

Tut tut Rob, you should’ve got Vitoria Elizabeth to write a letter herself to the PM, maybe a photo shoot, missed out there Doc, never mind.

The Porteous family is an ancient family.

The early meaning of the name Porteuse (from the French) was indeed possibly of ‘courier’ or ‘messenger’.

A  David Porteous  was in the OBE’s with Andy Murray, also a survivor of Dunblane but not in class 1/13, which it appears if you look, to have always been the target for the 13/3 psyop.

Allan Buchan a GP at Stirling University, and was convicted in 2001 of sexually molesting young male patients (some as young as 17), by taking down their trousers and fondling them after they consulted him for problems as varied as flu and dermatitis. He was sentenced to two and a half years in prison, which he quietly served, never once trying to appeal against his conviction (although his wife did).

A month after Buchan was jailed for sexually molesting three male patients, a gay sex ring at Stirling University was exposed. Buchan was identified as part of this ring in 1994 when the university’s security team called in police to probe complaints that homosexuals were using toilets in the MacRobert Centre for gay sex.

Fortunately for Buchan, his five-year-old daughter Kirsten just happened to be in the other Primary One class at Dunblane Primary School, despite having been at pre-school nursery with many of the children in the doomed class 1/13 who were gunned down on 13/3. Apparently Buchan requested that she be put in a different class to the other children because she was a disruptive influence on them. Really? Five years old, female, and disruptive?

We always hear Dunblane, very few times do we hear ‘Victoria School Dunblane’

Victoria Elizabeth, the only survivor of  the class targeted at Victoria school who happens to be from one of Scotlands oldest (invading) families, who’s name is ‘messenger’

The Soham girls went missing and were found around dates relating to Victoria and of course Victorious oto of Sandy Hook fame.

At least Adam (Pi) Lanza (Lancer) didn’t shoot himself twice in the head like Thomas Hamilton, but Ryan, sorry Adam was  a boy with an excellent rate of fire and accuracy, all the while carrying  multiple weapons and bodyarmour (to stop the kids firing back before he killed himself)  during his assault, not to mention his ability to morph and time travel…amazing training for a boy but he couldn’t match Hamilton for real kahunas, twice in the head, what a guy.

We were disarmed (if you consent) by a Fabian/Gladio type psyop and a masonic paedophile ring cover up!

Any Police found their balls here in Norwich yet?  just below your stomach if you can find that!

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