Ian Tomlinson R.I.P Killed 1st April 2009

ian-tomlinsonIan Tomlinson was killed by police constable Simon Harwood at the G20 protests 4 years ago today, tooled up and masked, Harwood struck Ian Tomlinson from behind on the legs then threw him to the ground causing Ian to land  hard on the pavement, he lay for a short while then walked further away until he collapsed where police and medics tried to revive him,  they failed.

PC Simon Harwood In Court Charged With The Manslaughter Of Ian TomlinsonHarwood has since lost his job yet kept his pension and his liberty.

Police in Britain can and do kill, there has rarely been, if ever, a conviction.

What makes this case worse is it was, as usual, followed by staged media reports but this time also involving another (at the time) ‘prominent voice’ in the uk ‘truth movement’, one Charlie Veitch . He is/was buddies with the usual suspects including the  queens a reptilian shapeshifter Icke, Fraudkowski the masonic puppet of We Are Change NY which was/is run by 32 degree Craig Fitzgerald. Rudkowski can be seen to be on a green screen with Icke, and  miraculously gets into events attended by the likes of Rockefeller, Cheney, Blair etc, funny that as Blair had to stop his book signing due to general protests and activist tactics, especially WAC , Norwich chapter included, there is still a generous reward for attempting a civilians arrest on Blair, you don’t have to succeed, just prove you attempted an arrest, wassup Luke, couldn’t you use the money? you did with the $100.000 + of WAC donations.


Video evidence presented at the case proved that Mr Tomlinson was not a protestor, he had been trying to get to where he was staying at the Lindsey Hotel, but all routes that he attempted to take were blocked by police. He died from blunt force to the abdomen, which caused internal bleeding.
In light of a lot of video evidence, of his attempts to get out of the area previous to his death, CV’s fictitious statement was discarded by the IPCC who investigated.
Also, please note that the reporter says this happened at around 7.20 PM. In Veitch’s “Dummy Interview”, he says it happened around 6.30.
Link Details of the Ian Tomlinson Murder, source Wikipedia.
In this vid, where he is urging anarchy on the streets of London for the Royal wedding, he claims that the Love Police were officially formed on the 29 April 2009, which was just weeks after his “Dummy witness” to the Tomlinson murder, and the day before HBOS got rid of him!
This is the very first vid CV posted on his You Tube channel, it was posted on the 23 January 2007, and it is a black post man being arrested. This was well over 2 years before he supposedly was made redundant from HBOS.
This is the second video he posted on his channel, and it is him megaphone and camera in hand attacking scientologists, posted 30 June 2008, according to him, at this time he was a high flying financier in London, enjoying a playboy jet set drug fuelled life!
On August 30th 2008 he made this vid with Ollie the Octopus in the Scientology centre.
The next day, the 31st August 2008 he posted this further attack on Scientology.
The 30th August 2008 was a Saturday, and the 31st a Sunday, so it is possible that he done this in his spare time while working for HBOS, although according to his own Bio, his weekends at this time were spent womanising and drug taking! Clearly not this weekend though!
November 7, 2008 he posted this vid of him an Ollie gate crashing a Boris Johnston bash in London. It was filmed the previous day THURSDAY 6 November. Remember this was filmed while he claims he was enslaved at HBOS! This was 5 months before his BBC performance as a witness to the Tomlinson murder!
On TUESDAY 30th December 2008, Palestinian supporters staged a demo outside the Israeli Embassy in London. Link
On the 30th Dec 2008 CV posted this footage of himself at the demo. Link
This demo was staged on a Tuesday between 2 and 4 PM, mighty fine of HBOS to give Veitch time off for demos! According to Veitch’s biography he did not buy the camera and megaphone until after he was made redundant from HBOS on May 1, 2009!
On January 3 and 4 (Sat/Sun) he posted footage of the Free Palestine demos from January 3. Guess his playboy drug fuelled partying was on hold that weekend as well!
On WEDNESDAY 28th January 2009 he was again out filming on the streets and taking the piss out of the police.
So, either HBOS were the best bosses in the world and give him time off to pursue his rather odd hobby, or he has lied about ever working there! Link
On May 5 2009, four days after he was allegedly made redundant, he was filming a Tamil protest in London. Link
On May 11, 2009, just 10 days after HBOS supposedly made him redundant he was filming at the US Embassy in London. Between January 2007 and May 2009, when he was supposedly employed by HBOS he posted numerous videos, all but one were vids he filmed himself.
As clearly demonstrated by his own You Tube Channel, during the time he was supposedly working for HBOS, he was out looking for ways to get his gob on You Tube!
 By May 12 2009 he had hi-jacked Danny Shine’s “everything is OK” motto, and had began making vids with Danny. A partnership that Danny was later to regret and back out of.

As far as I know his role as the “Dummy Witness” to Ian Tomlinson’s murder, was his first acting role for the BBC, his second was on an all expenses paid trip to the USA, this time his character is not a City worker, he is playing the role of a “9/11 Truther”.


Sincerest condolences go to the family of Ian Tomlinson, rest assured the psychopaths in the police, the lies of medias and the  likes of Veitch and his ilk will not go unnoticed by even more of us than ever, their ego’s, insanity and lusts will be their undoing every time and dare I say the Police and medias do seem to be cleaning house. One step at a time.

We were disarmed as a result of lies and cover ups regarding Hungerford and Dunblane,  gun crime and Police killings have increased.


The IPCC’s research found that 333 people died in police custody between 1999 and 2009, including 86 who died after being restrained. That figure included 16 of the most controversial cases which were classed as restraint-related.




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