Observing the Illuminatus, Isisian Codes 2010 pdf uploads.


As per title, I’ve shrunk the images and font to save on your printer ink, there are two that wouldn’t convert to pdf, whethet it be my office with a bug or Dennis’s page I dunno but i’ll post them at the bottom, If anyone has luck converting them i’d be chuffed to hear from you. 2011 and 12 to follow soon but they’re mainly pods n stuff, the Fetch is mainly radio these days but he does still write occasionally. The earlier pdf’s are linked at the bottom too, print them and read at your leisure, It Will rewire your brain…. if you can handle it.


Yet to deal in the reality of reality becomes a bit unsettling, so reality is simply inverted on its head: what is rational and sane is irrational and insane, and what is insane and irrational is seen as perfectly normal and ordinary.

The warning is clear. Do not conciously seek to enter the Matrix if you value your sanity. And yet, who really does not find an allure to the very temptation of precisely doing so?

march 11th 2010, Making Sense of the Sephira Yetzirah, Part 1

march 15th 2010, Pi Day and a Little Play

april 19th 2010 How to Comprehend the Isisian Codes

may 12th 2010 The Avatar as a Qaballistic Construction

may 15th 2010, Demystifying the ‘Book of Lies’

may 24th 2010, Acrophonic nature of Numbers



sept 2nd 2010 Esoteric Constructions in Words

sept 9th 2010 Mercury, The Key To Decoding the Philosophers Stone

sept 11th 2010 Whispers in the WInd

sept 15th 2010 Crowley, Gematria and Qaballa


dec3rd 2010 Illuminating the Darkening Sky

 Dec 4th 2010 7/11 Esoteric Constructions in the Alphabet

dec17th 2010, savior gods





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