Andy Murray, Dunblane, Red Devils and 7


Andy Murray and his elder brother, Jamie, attended the Dunblane Primary School. They were on their way to the school gymnasium and survived by hiding under a desk in the headmaster’s office.

He just won Wimbledon 77 years after the last Brit ish male, on the anniversary on the 7/7 bombings by MI5/6 and Mossad, he broke Djokovic’s serve on the seventh game of each set…777

Coincidence of course….

in Scotland, recreational drug users have been warned to stay clear of a green “ecstasy” tablet, stamped with a Rolex crown. There  have been at least six deaths so far, maybe more. (BBC News) 

2bb85-rolex2                                                                                            Rolex sponsor WImbledon

womble                                                                                                          So did Saville

Alex Ferguson had some words of wisdom for Murray

boosted by “gold dust” advice from Sir Alex Ferguson.

(Below pic added 16th july)

The_Sun_9_7_2013The writing in the top right is not clear, but on the paper for the day it said “7.7 years, 1 Break-up and 2 Dogs”

A boeing 777…flight 214 (7) crashed across the pond       the pilot, while having extensive flying experience, had only 43  (7) hours on the 777.

Lee Hyomin told The Associated Press that Lee Gang-guk was trying to get used to the 777 plane during Saturday’s crash landing. She said the pilot had nearly 10,000 hours flying other planes, but had only 43 hours on the 777.

The co-pilot, Lee Jeong-min, had 3,220 hours (7)of experience flying the 777 and was helping Lee Kang-kook with the landing when disaster struck.

The two girls killed were both 16 (7,7)
Then, seven seconds prior to the crash a crew member of Flight 214 requested the pilot increase speed.

It now appears the 777 crash was another Jewish media lie, a drill, but the message was out the day before Murray’s final, It’s how they communicate, place your bets please………..find out who had Murray to win 3 straight sets, and to break Djokovic’s serve on the 7th game of each set……Alex Ferguson?…Cameron?….Salmond?……GOLD DUST INDEED ANDY

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