Lee Rigby’s Funeral, Middleton, 7’s + 11’s


Lee Rigby’s funeral was 12/7/2013-(7), he was 25 (7)

It was held a couple of miles from his home town of Middleton at 11.00 GMT, if you Suck in the mainstream press that is. A search on a map and a call to a friend who lives there, we see that Bury parish church, situated on The Rock,  is 7.4 (11) miles from his home town of Middleton (Kate’s due to drop anytime), along the M66…Snake eyes…11. The Rock, not Kate.

He was killed 52 days from the date of his funeral (7) on 22/5/2013…6 6…snake eyes.

Adebolejo 28, and Adebowale 22  are to have their plea and case management hearing on September 27. (9 9 = 6 6 snake eyes) and are due to stand trial at the Old Bailey on November 18. do I need to?……11 9

01SRlogo                             9/11     I’ll bet they Hope In God, or at least their doubles will.

They nearly met him too if the ‘police’ that ‘shot’ him hadn’t then given  him first aid,



Pity they didn’t with Jean Charles de Menezes,
On the scene, undercover officer hotel 3  in his statement ‘heard 2 armed officers fire 11 shots over a 30 second period at 3 second intervals,  no shit sherlock, they may as well have worn masonic aprons over their Regiment blacks, rumours abound over the SAS in this, but there is evidence of an ex SBS


The masses will suck it all in…….suckers……..Succoss last for 7 days…  2013:   September 18 (at sundown) – 25

Succoss lasts for 7 days, 9/11, or 11/9 if your English, is 7 days prior to the commencement of Succoss for 2013

Branson, on the same day as the ‘be heading’ , said ‘Strike’

waterThe difference between Bono and God, is God doesn’t walk the streets of Ireland thinking he’s Bono. These are pathetic ‘stars’, some billionaires, most millionaires, and they couldn’t give a feck for any of it, never mind any of their own cash, as long as their ego’s and offshore accounts are fed, they’ll say or do anything.


Rebecca Rigby, his widow

rebeca rigby‘I was handed £1.10, two 50p coins and a 10p piece, that had been handed over by somebody at the Tower of London,’ she said…….

pricks                                If you seek the Terrorists, These traitorous, peado protecting half wits work for them, It’s the same across the pond. The day they appear at the Rock, The call for the new temple echoes from the Dome of the Rock, after you Bury, another must rise?

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