Mind Wars, Will & Kate’s Baby.

MindWar – the Essence of Setianist Metaphysics
Even the author of MindWar admits to this when he states in the most recent forward,”..it was with some fascination that I saw specific prescriptions applied during the first Gulf War, and recently even more obviously during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. In both cases, extreme PSYOP was directed both against the object of the attack and upon U.S. domestic public perceptin and opionion, in 2003 to the extend of “embedding” journalists with military units to inevitably channel their perspectives and perceptions.”

Will I am was born  on the Summer Solstice 1982, 21/6/1982=29=11

He married Kate on April 29th,  the 119th day of the year, 66 years to the day of Hitler & Brauns wedding, nothing wrong with that, they’re German! Jewish too as it happens.


April the 29th is also the feast of St Catherine and eve of Beltane.

Cate is Pi, she is due to give BR th soon, I’m having a FV er on 7th August…6 6,  it is 119 days to December 3rd,..6 6, the date the pregnancy was announced, and 77 days since the royal arch ceremony that was Woolwich, and when Branson said ‘STRIKE’, as for boy or girl and a name?

I’ll say girl: Suicided like the nurse and mother of two who passed on a phone message!? or signifying a birth?  The Law of Succession has been changed to allow the first born girl to become Queen, New age of Isis?  they need the baby to be healthy if not sane, It’s not slander it’s fact, they’ve been inbreeding, killing each other and going bonkers for ever and a day, You’d get it checked out wouldn’t you, only natural, did the nurse assist in some way with the unborn?


They don’t get the same kinda nurses as the rest of us, check out the belt:

nurseAlso, purely coincidental, Jill Dando’s fiancee Alan Farthing is due to deliver the child

Jill’s fiance, Alan Farthing, came face-to-face with Jill’s killer but conveniently forgot to tell the police.

Alan has since risen through the ranks of the medical profession and is now the doctor responsible for the birth of Kate and William’s new baby.

Was his promotion linked to Jill’s murder?

Jill was killed at 11.32am (7)on her doorstep and close-circuit TV cameras filmed a blue Range Rover careering out of Doneraile Street, opposite Gowan Avenue, at 11.50.(7)


As for a name? …I’m liking Victoria, there’s many occulted Victorias in events of late that tie  the kiddy fiddlers and killers to the ‘elites’ and their minions.

As C/Kate is Pi, so must her child B, Victoria is 693415291…3.14159269…victorious.

If Kate is Isis, then she must also give BR th to Horus, suroh…Sarah?

Ooooh…Victoria Sarah, born 7th August 2013….£5.00….I’m off to the bookies, a once a decade event for me.

Update, Ladbrokes won’t give odds for a date, just a month. August is 7-1, Victoria got me 6-1 and Sarah is 66-1, hindsight hit me a bit late, as always or it wouldn’t be hindsight, 22nd july is worth a pound, 22/7=Pi.

Updated 21/7; An independent bookie gave me 50-1 on the double for Moonday 22nd and Victoria.

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