Syrian False Flag


August 21st 2013 saw a Chemical attack on Damascus, All the MSM are using ‘Chemical Attack’, you’ll notice they are not employing the term ‘WMD’s’ in the propaganda side of what they want you to be lie ve, that would recall Dr David Kelly to most peoples memories, the illegal invasion of Iraq and the genocide of over 1.5 million indigenous people, and we can’t have them thinking now can we, especially as the depleted Uranium will be maming, deforming and killing for hundreds if not thousands of years to come.


Iraq was illegal, Dr David Kelly was murdered by the state, Blair placed a D notice thingy on it, and Dunblane, to try and hide his monstrous footprints, t’internet ain’t gona allow it methinks, the world is waking.


Cameron, Obama and the other western puppets  need to make Assad to look like Hussein or Gaddaffi, same agenda, same feaces, different recepticle. Though to any not under the hypnosis of the jewish mainstream media agenda, it is clear Assad would not benefit in any way whatsoever from using Chemicals on his own people. We, and He knows why the spook run, zionist funded rebels are shelling Damascus.

Libya didn’t have a Jewish/Rothschild Central bank, nor did Iraq, Iran doesn’t, Syria doesn’t, ‘7 countries in 5 years’ remember? Political bit over.

21st August 2013, the day of the attack is 11 6 … sIX’s are 9’s and vice versa, the attack was a 9 11.

3/8 is the 233rd day of the year, 233 days is 33 weeks and 2 days….233-332.

33                         Is Jones a Janus man? he loves the camera, and himself.


Amazingly, to some, as with his recent appearences on BBC, CNN, RT and other mainstreamers, Alex Jones just made Yahoo in regards to the Syrian ‘event’, yep, He ‘leaked’ it, on Jan 30th, here’s a screenshot should it be removed;

US backed plan

Apologies for all the numbers again, the email date of 25/12/2012 is 6 any way you look at it… Dec 25th to Jan 30th, the days from the email to the leak on yahoo is 36 days, or 6*6 the belly of the snake, as 1’s, or snake eyes are hidden below the dice when the 6’s show. Single dice..Die, Pair of dice…par a dise

Jan 30th to Aug 21st, the days between the Yahoo post and the attack is 203 (5)days… 5’s are 6’s as F and V, the word FiVe,  is at column 6 in the codes. 203 days is 29 (11) weeks, it is also 6 months and 22 days…

The first reports of ‘chemical shelling’ and reports of a Weapons Inspection, (where we heard that term before?)  from the lying shysters that are the BBC;


  • 02:45: Opposition posts Facebook report of “chemical shelling” in Ein Tarma area of the Ghouta
  • 02:47: Second opposition report says chemical weapons used in Zamalka area of the Ghouta

We have the date being 11 6(9)… and the timings of 02:45 …11…or 2*9 being 18=9…and 02:47…13..or 2*11 being 22=4 and obviously, the master number 11 11.

9+4=13 is M, is the middle, where truth is to be found, also 11+13=24 is X, which marks the spot and is the glyph of 11 crossed.

I C  911 in the date of the false flag ;

911 911 in the timings reported on BBC;

911 911 in the days between Yahoo and the attack;

And snake eyes/sIX sIX in the email to the leak.

Coincidence theory


Matrix-1999-Neos-Passport-expires-on-September-11-2001bart-911                                          We were told to look, just not all want to see.

falling-man-600x533Tarot12Not to compare 911 with Syria, but as said earlier, Same agenda, same faeces, different recepticle, BBC reporting some 3,600 injured and look which war criminal and traitor has reared his  psychopathic head;

Mr Blair said that, after Iraq and Afghanistan, he understood the “impulse to stay clear of the turmoil” in the Middle East. “But we have, collectively, to understand the consequences of wringing our hands instead of putting them to work,” he writes in The Times today.

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair should, and many believe will one day, stand at the Hague for  war crimes and crimes against humanity covered under The United Nations Charter, The 1998 Rome Statute of The International Criminal Court, The Hague and Geneva Conventions and the Rule of International Law. In the meantime the almost billionaire Knight of Malta is free to influence expanding the genocide of those opposed to Jerusalem, old and new, without fear of arrest, in most places, and the good ‘Residents’ and ‘Citizens’, you, pay for it all, so do your unborn children and granchildren, and on and on. War is a racket and humanity is in the game by  acquiescence, you can say no.

911’s , a false flag, a push to further the agenda (Cui Bono?) Jones making predictions,( lest we forget he claims to have predicted 911 when he didn’t), and the same ugly papal and zionist scum rearing their heads.

All coincidences, of course.

Funny Jones should get one right after all these years.

Xfactor or Infowars, the submerged will watch anything.

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