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When a sheep makes a bolt for freedom, make no mistake the shepherd and his dogs are not at all happy. The sheep is without doubt going to get his arse chewed in the struggle before finally breaking out the pen and the barbed wire, and boy does the shepherd hate to lose one of his flock, big time. The injuries from the dogs may take years to heal properly, but the sheep grows in it’s freedom, learns how to live without the shepherd or fear of the dogs, meets other sheep and occasionally, hearing that it’s possible, another one breaks free from the pen and the field. The Baa slowly but surely gets around and  the shepherd is getting very very worried, he tightens the security of the pen and the field, increases his dogs and some especially scary ones for the perimeter, they’re there to tear off all the wool should the sheep be strong enough and the escape successful. But the sheep has heard through the baa, and past experience that the wool grows back, and when it’s not tampered with by the shepherd the sheep can do as he pleases with it’s wool, shear it and sell it, keep it in storage, grow it long, keep it short anything he pleases.

The shepherd has many of his dogs outside the fence in disguise, but the real, free sheep can spot the costumed from afar, the sovereign sheep knows his power compared to the cowardice of the duplicitous, the sheep knows to run or back down is dangerous, it knows if it keeps eye contact and walks straight at a predator, baa’ing the word as it rises to the confrontation, the shepherds minions will turn and run, truth is truth, right is right and the law is the law. It goes against all it knows to be caught out and  confronted, It will think long and hard about tackling that sheep in the future.

wolf_in_sheeps_clothingOf course, not all in the pen and the field can go the full fling, indeed many don’t even know they’re trapped, it’s all they’ve known and it’s perfectly normal. They hear rumours about the baa and the silly silly sheep who talk of the imaginary world beyond the fence, but they’re just silly sheep just trying to cause a stir, upset the shepherd just because they won’t contribute to the flock, can’t be bothered lazy sheep,  these naive  sheep will die in the pen of old age or disease, especially due to radiation risk from all the increased security around the pen and the field, but either is ok with the shepherd because that keeps his friends the vet and the dogs in business, the silly sheep talk of eating and drinking foods outside the fence that can eliminate the vets nasty pills and needles, but they’re just silly sheep. Some will die in the slaughter houses oblivious, some of which they’ve heard are in a place called the middle east, they’ve heard their wool goes to keep these houses going but the shepherd tells them it’s normal so they don’t mind.


More and more sheep are slowly building courage to do little things that they know will all add up, the lambs especially watching and learning, and the shepherd can do nothing about these little things, a kick at the pen, a chew round a bolt or a nail, they all slowly weaken the pen and the fence. Months and years go by and the little things seem to work,  knowledge and confidence grows in these sheep and one by one they break out the pen, some run around in the field, jumping and baa’ing but never quite getting out the field,  some give up and get dragged back to the pen but some break completely out. Over the years more and more sheep are living free from the shepherd,  his flock is getting weak, laughed at by the free sheep, they’re the silly silly sheep now they laugh. The shepherd knows this and so do his remaining flock, soon they will all die, fade away, and the world will be  roamed freely by jumping and baa’ing sheep, eating clean fresh grass, sharing their wool, trading it, saving it, whatever they wished as long as it harmed no other sheep, for then the wolves were there just in case, but good wolves not the dogs of old, honourable, brave, indefatigable wolves who protected the free, and prevented any bad shepherds form trying to start another flock.

And they all lived happy ever after.

FREE DOM….4 15 13…..3.1415



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