Diana, Keeping it Simple.

dianaDianas_LetterLetter! Car crash!

Sole survivor,  bodyguard Trevor Rees Jones had “no memory of the journey” for years, from the time the merc left the pavement, until waking up in hospital, are his words here;


And from 2008;

“I’m the only person who can tell people for real, and I can’t remember.

“It will be so easy if I do remember. I can tell people and all this c**p will finish.”

He couldn’t put an end to the wild conspiracy theories – the c**p as he put it – during four interviews with the French authorities conducting the official inquiry into the tragedy.

Nor could he do so during the more recent Stevens inquiry in 2004, which concluded: “He [Mr Rees-Jones] had no recollection of what happened on the final journey.”

Close friend David Hughes, a rugby club official who lives in Rees-Jones’s home town of Oswestry in Shropshire, says Mr Rees-Jones is starting to remember a lot more about the incident.

“He believes that the crash was an accident,” he says.

“It was just a car crash in a tunnel.


Another eye witness, now conveniently dead, Solicitor Gary Hunter’s statement ;

“At 12.25am I heard the noise of an almighty crash followed immediately by the sound of skidding tyres and then immediately a further very loud crash.

“I jumped out of bed to the open from where the sound had come. From the same direction, there was the continuing sound of a car horn.”

returning to the window “to see that a small dark vehicle had completed its turn into Rue Jean Goujon immediately followed by a larger white vehicle”.

He went on: “I believe this vehicle to have been a white Mercedes. “It completed its turn immediately behind the smaller dark vehicle. Both vehicles were travelling at inordinate speed.”


“The white vehicle was almost touching the rear bumper of the smaller dark vehicle. I thought the white car was shielding the small black car from behind.

“At the junction with the roundabout with wheels screeching, they turned right and out of my sight.”


Not so wild conspiracy, c**p, as you put it now hey Trev?

Trevor Rees as he’s now known may not have been involved in the assasination, as experience and history show, he’d be conveniently dead by now. His memory loss may  be sincere, if not, I suppose you can’t blame him, it would be signing his death warrant for what would amount to ‘Yeah I think it was a special forces hit your honour, a bright flash from the lead vehicle to disorientate, the white merc behind then employs the chip , it’s a special forces/spook hit called the Boston Brakes your honour”

Speaking of the ‘Boston brakes’ operation which he believed killed Princess Diana, former SAS sergeant, Dave Cornish, exclusively revealed:

“From the minute the decoy car left the Ritz to the moment the tail car closed in … it was obvious what was going down. Anyone who knows what they’re talking about’ll tell you the same.”

And former Royal bodyguard, Mike Grey, added:

“The operation bore all the classic hallmarks of a security service assassination …. I have no doubts whatsoever, given my twenty years experience in various sections of the security industry, that Diana was assassinated. The security service hallmarks are plain to see.”

But it was former SAS officer and world-famous explorer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, who offered perhaps the most telling revelation of all.

The ‘Boston brakes’ method of assassination, Fiennes reveals, has been in use since at least the 1980s, and deploys a microchip transceiver which takes over the target vehicle’s steering and brakes at the critical moment.

The method, he says, was first deployed by the CIA in Boston, hence the name. But it has since been adopted by intelligence and security forces the world over, as well as by private security firms and their hit squads.

Fiennes also confirms that the death by ‘road traffic accident’ of SAS Major Michael Marman in England in 1986 was the result of a Boston brakes operation carried out by a private hit squad known as The Clinic.

Oil and diamonds, land mines, to make way for one of Charles’ lovers,  pregnant by a muslim are all probable reasons to have Diana killed, individually or cumulatively. Mainstream medias are having to admit what the world already had a very good idea of, and the alternative media unequivocally knew since day dot. They may discuss the aforementioned theories for her death, They will however, never ever discuss the hidden in plain sight, icing on the cake house of cards tumbler;

savile_princecharlesjimmy-savile-1-z2272070465Diana was killed at the 13th Pilllar of the Pont D’Alma tunnel, Merovingian built and named Bridge of Souls, a sacrificial site to the goddess Diana.

She was on the inside big stylie, but rare in the bloodline she had empathy, courage and intelligence, was she about to spill the beans?

Rolf Harris's Portrait Of The Queen UnveiledThe Queen liked Rolph.

Knighted in 2006

The 76-year-old artist and entertainer recently painted a portrait of the Queen for her 80th birthday.

TV presenter Esther Rantzen and ballerina Darcey Bussell also become CBEs,



cliff richards

jimmy-savile-peter-sutclifehiopsefphvjopThe Masonic Met and the Jewish owned Mainstream medias will throw you a celeb.

Diana, and we, know it’s deeper, so do the Met and the media. Good guys within, Bloggers, alternative medias and we the people who’s land this is, will have the truth out, the dinosaur, die not soar, that is the msm, must become extinct.

TIE AWARDS Savile/Hagueslide_256827_1641303_freesavblairharold-wilsonbrowndm0905_468x307Savile Pope





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