Norwich Traitors and Peadophile Protectors Get Promoted.


In 2010, I recorded handing Chloe Smith evidence of sedition and treason, either committed, compounded by, or complicit in, by every PM, the BBC and ITV since the EU1972 Act.  I also handed her potential evidence of a peadophile network that we all now know goes right to the top. The war criminal and treasonous jewish  conservative, pictured above with his arm around her whilst ogling her cleavage, has since promoted her to the treasury. Her silence has now been completely paid for by another promotion and considerable pay rise to Parliamentary Secretary to the Cabinet Office. Prior to her current posts she worked for Francis Maude, Common Purpose Jew who committed treason with Douglas Hurd via the signing od the Maastricht Treaty, silence is golden hey Chloe?

It also gave it’s vote to bomb Syria into genocidal depleted uranium hell, alongside it’s fellow Norwich MP, Simon Wright.

220px-Simon_Wright_MP_Hinchinbrooke_20101980s Gilbert The Alien


gormley ncabirthday-parties-2

The next Traitor and peado protector is former Chief  Con stable Philip Gormley. He was handed the allegations and evidence in 2010, and further correspondence in 2011 and 12, His then batman, Olby, opened mail sent to the complaints peeps in Norfolk police and responded with his name on it, not the brightest thing to do. We’ve kept it shtum and other stuff for now, no point in showing all your hand.

Howard Olbycontxmas-mr-blobby-590x350

Gormless and his sheep are to be exposed as such over the next few years via internet and flyer/poster campaigns around Norfolk, added to the list are;

  • Misprision of Treason
  • Misconduct in a Public Office
  • Serious Neglect of Duty
  • Fraud

Gormless was given the Queens police medal in the honours list 2012, her maj does like to award her minions

Rolf Harris's Portrait Of The Queen UnveiledsovileCLIFF

Gormless has now been promoted to Deputy General of the National Crime Agency, Britains FBI type thingy where they  prevent (COVER UP) serious crime such as human trafficking and I dunno….peadophile networks and treason?

It appears the £27.000 he received for 3 years on top of his salary as Chief C wasn’t enough.

CHIEF police officers at one force have received a total of £450,000 in extra incentive payments which may have been made without proper legal authority.

These allegations have been passed to all forty-two police forces in England. Eight of the police forces have accepted the allegations and passed them on to the Metropolitan Police. The remaining forces are either ignoring us or misusing the case of: R v Police Commissioner of the Metropolis ex parte Blackburn [1968] 1 AER 763.

A full rebuttal of the police’s argument in using this case can be read HERE.


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