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BBC, Saville & Hiding in Plain Sight

Originally posted on Iceni Rising:
The image below show’s the sculpture ‘Prospero & Ariel’ from Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’, created in 1932 by Arthur Eric Rowton Gill. ‘Prospero & Ariel’ was designed, sculpted for, and stands above the main entrance of…

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Terry Wogan, David Icke, Cliff Richard (kitty) and Saville, Nothing to See here.

Sir Terry Wogan has spoken of his hatred of Jimmy Savile and how his crimes were an open secret at the BBC. The 75-year-old broadcaster has told of how he despised Savile and how his horrific legacy of child abuse … Continue reading

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Cliff Richard, Cherie Blair, Melvyn Bragg, Operation Fernbridge, Friends in High Places and the Barbados connection

I wonder if Kitty is in the ‘Killing of Tony Blair’?

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Anas al- Libi, What a Load of Arse.

                                                                     Anas al-Libi. In my present, Keep it simple stupid attitude, though i’ve always adopted it without real eyesing it, due dilligence and deep digging is a must, but after all is said and done, KISS. This  is … Continue reading

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100 years of False Flags & Mainstream Media Madness, ( for the newcomers)

                                                           Keep it simple stupid The sinking of the Lusitania                                                                 Pearl Harbour                                                              JFK The Gulf of Tonkin                                                             Hungerford                     Lockerbie Dunblane                                                                        Diana … Continue reading

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