911 Fancy Dress.

Front page for the Sun Wed 6th Nov 2013.

The_Sun_newspaper_front_page                     6/11/2013= sIX 11 6, pointed out to me by a good friend, (I don’t look at the rags as much as i should)

6 66 6…………11 11, only stupidity to those who only have the half of it, the truth is encoded for ever and the world is waking, no matter how hard they try to de story and ridicule.

With Brand now getting Paxman, good buddies with Princess Diana’s widower, Charles on board. The first EVER interview where Paxman Sub Mits, and Brands’s ex, monarch programmed Katie Perry and Ed Snowden playing their part.


The Revolution is upon us, revolving back again, they hope.

davidickerussellbrand            Ickes site stats are plummeting, as are the Mainstream medias, damage control doesn’t appear to be working, will we evolve, not revolve?

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