Who May You NOT Critisize?


Last week Aangirfan posted;


Where he stated;

”The elite want us to get worked up about liberals, gays, conservatives, blacks, Jews, Moslems

And finished the post with;

So, who are we not allowed to criticise?

You will see if you can be bothered to look, many here in Britain, Europe and indeed globally speak about, youtube, blog against the Military Industrial Complex, the Fascist Marxist agenda, the Frankfurt School. Those prominent voices covering said schools of thought seem to do very well indeed thank you very much, and they certainly don’t get their houses raided by Mossad!

The ‘truth’ movement here is led by mainly The ists, they differ from A the ists by ONE letter; A.

The The ists cannot, will not see the A, if you see the A, you see, simple, and the lies of the Talmudic, judeo christian mind war become CRYSTAL.

Speak against the Military Industrial Complex all you like, the shapeshifting reptilian elite, the fascists, marxists, nazis, Bilderbergers, CFR, Tavistock etc etc.

But who can you NOT critisize?





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